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Monday, December 17, 2018

It is time to rejoice.

3rd week of Advent is all about rejoice. I went to Sunday mass at 10am. When the Father came in and straight away he wanted us to ask the people which were next to us "what is your rejoice of today?" The woman next to me was so scared to talk and look at me, I didn't know why. Father went around the congregation to ask for answers. The 1st man said: "I feel rejoice because today is my wife's birthday and thanks her for being there for me always." Another man said: "I feel rejoice because my wife is expecting. A small girl said: "I feel rejoice because I can come to church with my family and pray together. The last man said: "I feel rejoice because I can eat Nasi Briyani after the mass." Father replied him with hope you feel rejoice with the mass as well beside the Nasi Briyani. Some people walk to the dark alley that is why it is very hard for them to feel the light of joy, he said. He continued, we have to feel rejoice no matter it is a good time or bad time, some people find joy through sorrows and sadness. I remember Father S.L's sharing "you have to have the wisdom to feel the joy."  Eventually try your best to feel the joy in every situation until your Heavenly Father says you are my child of Joy. Amen.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Live Singing: Life Is A Roller Coaster

Boyzone Ronan Keating has been my singing mentor since I was a teenager. I always replay his songs to learn his songs. To sing like him is one of my dream because I find that he got the voice which makes people feel comfortable. A cheerful song to perform and life has up and down, fast and slow, life is really a roller coaster. We just have to fasten our safety belt and let the adventure begin.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Questions That You Hate The Most

One of a humid afternoon. I was walking to my car, 2 young ladies came to approach me. 1 was a Caucasian and another 1 was a Chinese. I thought they were some students who were doing some charity and asking for donation. The truth was they were coming to me was because they wanted to sell me their religion which was a modern Christianity. According to them, after new testament, they have a modern prophet who formed their church, the prophet was from U.S. Actually I have heard of this religion when I was a very very small boy. These 2 ladies came from U.S. 1 of them was 19 and another 1 was 20. They will stay here for 1 and half year just to share about their religion as a volunteer. Sometime I would quite avoid this kind of people because if they are too aggressive and stubborn it will trigger my 'fire alarm(temper).' Now lets talk about the 1st question that they asked me. She asked: "Are you a christian?" instead of giving a superficial answer, I said: "Yes, I'm a Catholic. Sometime you need to be brave to say that you are a Catholic because whatever you do will be representing the image of your church. Sometime we bring shameful thing to our church which is really making us very sad and guilty. I always tell them it is me unable to obey my God's will and teaching, nothing is wrong with my church's teaching. The conversation continued. I asked the Chinese girl why are you a Chinese but named with Caucasian's name and surname? She told me that she was a China girl and adopted by a U.S couple. I said: "Oh, your step parents crossed half of the world just to adopt you from China, you are so lucky and blessed. Yes, because I am worth it, she said. I was kind of straight forward and without any consideration, I asked: "Do you still meet with your real parents like once in a year?" She said:" No, because I was abandoned and I don't even know who are my real parents." It was quite sad to hear that and I shared some stories to her. I said: "I have a piano student, she is a adopted kid as well, but when she was adopted she has the chance to study in an international school, learn piano and violin, she travels 3 times a year. I believe everyone has their own blessing; maybe you are longing for the answer of who is your real parents, but for the thing that we don't know or understand just leave it to God, the uncertainty in our heart is a room for our God to stay there,uncertainty is a thing which makes us humble. Eventually that Caucasian threw out a challenging question to me, which is what is your purpose in life? I was like oh dear, the answer that I answer will be representing my personality. Give me 5 sec, I said. At first I was thinking to tell them, find a partner and get married and make as many baby as you can, that's our life purpose, those ideas are inspired by my friends and families. I closed my eyes for a sec to think and straight away Pope Francis came into my mind, I answered them: "The purpose of our lives is to serve, we have to serve the society, we have to serve the people around us. Work is 1 of the way to serve. Although we will be paid when we serve the customers in our company, those services are counted as serve as well. You have to serve yourself as well, but try to balance serving yourself and serving others. A serving heart makes you a humble person." Everybody quieted for few second. Eventually, she gave me her name-card and asked: "Are you interested to visit our church. I said: "Sorry, I'm very focus on my Catholic's way and thank you for sharing and showing me your bible. Have a nice day and God bless you guys.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Feelings Of Rainy Day 2018

One of a breezy holiday. I was on the way to pick up somebody. I called the passenger when I was about to arrive, he answered the phone and told me that I had overshot his intended location with a deep voice which made me thought that he was an old man. I turned for 2 rounds then I managed to pick him up due to he didn't turn up on time. I talked to him a lot along the way to his home. I asked him: "Are you working?"  He said: "No, Im studying here, studying IG." I have no idea what is IG. When I asked him about his age then I knew that he was a teenager. His fore head was wounded and covered with a plaster which reminded me I cycled and crashed into the drain and burst my head into blood when I was a teenager. Out of the sudden the sky was raining cats and dogs. As I reached his residential area, I saw many beautiful big houses. I said: "Which big house belongs to you?" He said: "No, my house is not that big." As I reached his house, I asked him to open the gate of his house so that I could drop off him under the shelter. He opened the gate with his remote control then we realized the shelter was already occupied by his father's car Honda-Accord. This teenager's father quickly ran into the house and get an umbrella and ran out to receive his beloved son. I was sitting inside my car to wait for this boy to pay the fare. From what I saw from my car side mirror, his father hand was wrapped with bandage. I told the boy: "I can tell, your father loves you so much, he ran out from the house even his shirt was not buttoned at all; your father wants to open the door even his hand was hurt and feeling in pain." The teenager just smiled and didn't know how to respond to my sentimental words. His father closed my car door by saying thank you gratefully. I turned my head back to the front view and my mind told me that his father a bit looked like Tom Cruise. His son was not that handsome and his voice was very unpleasant to listen. That scene told me, no matter they are good looking or not or their voice are pleasant or not, they will still always be the precious of their fathers and mothers. Suddenly I had turned into grey color because nobody will come out to cover me if it is raining cats and dogs. suddenly I felt so cold and lonely just like I was standing in the rain by looking at the grey raining sky outside. Good family value plays the most important part in every family. This kind of warm loving scene will really break your heart into pieces if you have an absent father or mother. Eventually, everybody comes from a family, there is no perfect family in this world but there's family who is die trying to be better.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Singing Competition

Live singing is never an easy job because I don't have the backup singers at the back, I have to sing every single word with my own breath. I just have the time to examine my own singing. I realize there is a part I was out of breath due to I didn't pause long enough for myself to breath in. Some parts I didn't go in on time. I was too shy to put in some of my dance steps. All these happened were because I was too nervous and afraid. This performance was not the best of me but anyway I do feel that it is a pass for my own requirement. I felt very grateful that my friends took the initiative to come over to support me without taking their dinner it gave me so much hopes and strengths to work harder. This competition was a great challenge and it motivated me a lot. It gave me the dream and direction of striving number one although I didn't win anything but it gained some life experiences. I was so driven by the spirit of the competition, I loved the feeling and it made me so committed. Eventually, lets continue to dream big and dare to dream.

大城小爱 Acoustic // Wedding Banquet

17 Aug of 2015. 2 years ago when I was jobless. The wedding bride asked me to perform a song in her wedding.

Saturday, July 8, 2017