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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Red Blessing//Chinese New Year 2014 Horse year

Time passes so fast, We have fulfilled the Chinese New Year beautifully. It is a very big festival for chinese & our lovely country as well. I saw someone researched on "why we need to clean up for Chinese New Year, I saw it from my "blog statistic". Is kind of hilarious to research this on internet, but it's good at least you try to find out the answer. My chinese culture not very strong but we are still practicing the very good teaching from chinese. The reason why we need to clean up the house is because we want to make our house feels brand new, we have to wash the dirt away from our house so that the good luck will come to our house, this is the preparation to welcome a new year, everyone will be very exciting included me, of course u wont be bringing the dust & dirt along with u to enter the brand new year right. I thought i wont have the nervous & excitement before CNY but still the feelings strike me every year, for me i will feel a bit nervous is because i would like to conclude everything properly before we enter to a brand new year. I think every race will wear new clothes for new year right, to make that day special on the other hand is to throw away the bad old thing. Why normally dress code is red & yellow, it is because it brings luck & wealth.

Every year i would like to make sure that i have visited all my favourite friends before we proceed to CNY, just to make sure everyone is doing fine, make an appearance to friends & relatives are very important, just to keep the a good relationship going on. Before Chinese new year was really freaking busy, minor part was about settling the work, major part was about meeting with friends, as you know, CNY is all about gathering because the actual day of CNY everyone will spend with the family. Everyone will go home thats where the heart belongs. The week before CNY you will feel that everyone is off from the work, even you call to other office they will not entertain you. Make money is very very important, take few days leave to spend with family & close friends will be unforgettable, meaningful & happy. I personally feel that make an appearance to people not just respect, it also brings blessing to people, thats why we speak only good word in the CNY time.

I have spent my CNY holiday at my hometown. Life is just like driving in a slow lane when you are in a small town. Life is just like driving in a fast lane when u are living in the big city. Fast life makes people very tense & frustrated but this can tells how good is your patience. The thing which can trigger u, it will also sharpen you. We dont call it love if there is no sacrifice. There will be no breakthru without any struggle. The disadvantage about fast life would be just like u are eating a fast food, it is fast & it can fill up your hunger, but it doesnt have much vitamin in it. Now lets talk about live in a slow lane, i felt like i have more time when im living in a slow lane, when u are in a slow lane it strengthen your observation It gives u enough time to observe what is beautiful & ugly, It gives u enough time to tell what is good & bad. You even can stop by just to adore a very beautiful palm tree or some quiet stars, I can even take this time to look into the place where i grew up with my kindly perusal. Anywhere, god bless our country & bless the 1 who needed to be bless.

I just opened my "Ang Pao"(red pack) today. I was so touched. My best friend specially give me an big Ang Pao which is out of my expectation. Its not just about the amount, it really a big blessing for me, it is so sincere. I know some of u financial is very tight but u guys still insist to give me the best blessing. U have to understand... sometimes when a poor guy can give u 2 dollar which is already bigger than the sky, it is better than a rich man gives u 100 dollar which does not mean anything for them. My colleague purposely bring me a special ang pao as well, really can feel the kindness from them, sometime people try to avoid giving ang pao because their mind set giving is spending money, i think it is so wrong, ang pow doesnt have to be big but the blessing must be delivered in this kind of CNY moment which is also a kick start of a new year, the blessing from the starting point plays a very important role before we go out to fight for a living. I dont know what to say when u open the ang pao ordinary income people gives the same amount like the rich people's ang pow. I was feeling a bit guilty, but maybe it is what i deserve. My parents are retired, they insisted to give me ang pow as a blessing. Big thanks for staying faith in me. I was so impressed & touched. Feel thankful for everyone. One of my best friend brought back some gifts from over sea, I really appreciate the though & effort to give me something. I promise i will be a better man for u guys so look up on me.