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Sunday, April 29, 2012


A girl asked my friend in Station Pasar Seni, what are u here for? My friend answered Im here to "Gotong Royong", he said in our real life we also need to gotong royong once a while. Im kinda like the answer, the answer is very deep enough for u to find out. we not here because of the trend, we are here to fight for a clean election & stop lynas. Actually they got few points for this rally but i was there to fight the right.

Dont really like the radio, media or TV news always giving the false information. Dont really like the radio still asking people: "do u think MU or MC will win? who care? which team won also wont change the history of Malaysia. They are so hypocrite & i hope they will stop practice escaping their real life & stop this kind of false info culture.

I asked many of my friends, are u going to Bersih3.0 this Saturday? They like er... not sure, but actually they have decided to go in their heart. I was the same when the question come to me i also stumble to say Yes or No, Actually also a yes in my heart cos i cant find any excuses, this is our country this is our Malaysia I dont want to escape anymore i want to show sincere & support. I was so touched when i know many of my friends went there too. Some even went there the day before, very proud to have this kind of friends.

1 of the most touching thing is when I'm in the line i can feel the spirit of we are really united. I donno what is her or what is his purpose to be here, but at that hour we all only have 1 motive, 1 direction, 1 queue, 1 heart, 1 word: Bersih.

My heart feel sour & sad cos some peoples were knocked by the police car due to closing time was too mess up. The reason is because some of the fake bersih members throw the red cons to the front screen of the police car, i know it is an accident but who the hell to create this kind of shit people shit fake members. The innocent victim have to hand broke or leg broke because of your fault. I know some of the peoples are throwing stone to the police car while they are moving but i think they are speeding inside the crowd. Not here to said whose right or wrong, just hope everybody is safe for this rally. We want a peace 1.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It Is Time To Feel The Heat

Please let me put on my clothes 1st before i catch a cold. It's been a while i haven't write anything serious here because sometimes i need to lose myself so that i won't go crazy haha. I can't believe last Sat i gave my kindly advices until 5am really sorry for that. i know im very harsh & mad but u know while the fire is burning that is where the urge will on immediately without hesitation, i know i suddenly pushing until no more room to breathe is not really good. i donno this is god's intention or mine, i feel that it is time to start a fight. Im still remember once upon a time i was really very poor in financial, i just dont want to tell my mom or siblings for help because i want to let myself die 1 time, i want to give myself a lesson, that was crazy challenge. I almost no money to eat but when u leave all this money behind u will get to see everything crystal clear. I ask my friend to buy me dinner. He asked me isnt no more money i replied yeah. He even asked me: do u want me to lend u more. When i got no transport to go home i asked 1 of my friend purposely come n send me home. When we're rich we are mighty with the money, when im very poor i'm mighty with my own naked mouth n hand which really makes me proud. Sometimes we need to fall into danger zone then we will realise a lot of people still very caring. We need to fall into risk then we will know how to ask for help. We need to get burned 1 time then we will know what is pain. Really something to learn.

Last Sun the priest was saying about innocent. When we was a kid we are very innocent. Innocent it doesnt mean is stupid. After i got my nephew then i realised innocent kid is wiser than an adult. Kid are born with pure & kind.
That is something alot to learn from the kid, when a kid want to sing he will sing it without bothering the listener. The way they delivered message is so strong which they no need to speak fluent english or mandarin. Whenever they want to dance they will dance. When they want to love they wont see who to love. when they want to tell they tell the truth. They know how to simplify things to the best. Nowadays we are already an adult, we should do better than a kid & bare in mind the word of "innocent". This is what i learn from last Sun. I always tell myself to back for good, not im going back to my hometown for good, reason is we are already good since we were born so what we gotta do now is back for good. Sometimes we gotta promise ourself we gonna achieve the goal or promise yourself we will become better, once we have promised sure is very stress & struggle, this is a deal between no 1 but ourself, once we break the promises ourself value will drop, thats y never escape or lie to yourself so that u will feel that u are a person with value.

Like I mentioned before. We need some drinks to break the rules, what i meant was not crash the red light or steal the diamonds, we need to break our own rules like: tonight i gonna sing in a public, tonight i gonna dance like MJ, tonight i gonna breakthru myself just like no one else in this room. We have so much pride & restriction, we need to find solution to break ourself. The biggest enemy is ourself.

Coming Saturday is another "Clean Election rally". I hope that everyone got the discernment to judge what is right or wrong. Some people dont want to judge because they dont want to be judgmental isnt funny or silly? Then why are still so many peoples watching Simon Cowell show, just ask him dont be judgmental n eat pop corn while the contestant is singing. Some peoples even worst, no comment or no point of view, these are the empty shell people. If everyone got no comments & no 1 judge who gonna fight for the right? Finally I think its really time for everyone to stand up no matter who u are.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can you handle me

I'm very demanding hope my friends dint offended by me, or maybe they have knew it very early, they knew im a dick.

I'll check did u wear your clothes tidily
I'll check did u wax your hair well today
I'll check did u eye contact with me while im talking to u
I'll check what are u wearing today
I'll check are u nicely groomed
I'll figure out what perfume u are using
I'll observe the way u talk to check how true u are
I very choosy for the place for eating
I very choosy for the choice of music
I'll complaint the room service manager
I'll scold the waitor if i was feeling unpretty
I gave stress vibes to my friend when he's not coming for my party
I keep order when my friends want to go home

Anyway Im a Scorpio, are these the symptoms of Scorpio ???

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What He/She Wants.

I just heard this from the radio on Tuesday.
What a lady wants:

A guy can cook, it's a sexy things for them.
(I quite agree)
A guy who has a kind hearted for pet like cat or dog.
(Er. no comment)
A guy who is a rock star or celeb.
(Is impossible HAHA)
A guy can drawing or singing. an artistic guy who is very observant.
(I 100% agree)
A guy who is romantic.
(For sure)
A guy who looks like hot daddy.
(Yes for some of the girls)
A guy who can fix a car.
(No more worry for car breakdown in the middle of the road)
A guy who is handsome.
(I think this happened before christ, its an instinct)
A guy who is good in sport
A bad boy
(This is the no.1 of the list thru the radio)
but isn't it a bit outdated? I thought this is only for the 90's or teenager girls from small town. I not really sure about this.

What a man wants:

A girl who is predictable & also unpredictable
(U can predict what she wants & unpredictable what she will give)
A girl who is a good girl
(Good girl who is not a smoker or alcoholic)
A girl who is sexy enough to make u proud
(A girl who makes u feel windy when u walking with her HAHA)
A girl who can cook & can social when it needed to
(No headache where to eat every night & she blends in with your friends well)
A girl who can take care of the family
(Everyone agrees)
A girl who got decisions.
(She can propose something when you ask her to)
A girl who do not stick with you 24 hours
(Men like freedom)
A girl who is silly
(So that we don't need to create new excuses everytime)
A girl who is independent
(Yes. Miss independent got her own things)
A girl who is a model
(This is same as girls who love bad boys, guys love model but doesn't last long eventually.

Above is just some researches it might be false. Most important we gotta have our point of view & know what we want.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I would like to talk about love if u wouldn't mind

All the while i have been listening to the song "How deep is your love". This song is very friendly, comfortable n relaxing, beat is in moderately speed, the key is not too high. Yes, we know this is a romantic song from bee gees then from Take That in the 90's. Actually the lyrics that is written got nothing special but the melody make the song brilliant.

For me "How deep is your love" is a kind of challenge. Some peoples know about love some people don't. If u ask me what is love? Is hard for me to explain, love is a feeling & it needs to be positive & accurate, it also needed time to be developed. An "i love u" will never strong enough for the 1st time, but after getting thru all the ups & downs together the "i love u" will be firmed n invincible, just like she said i'd loved u for thousand years which really touched your heart so deep. Everyone got love in their heart, some peoples maybe very swallow , some peoples maybe very deep, the reason why is because if u never been loved your love wont be deep enough to share. If u've already been loved well sure u will got the clue to deliver the love. We just need some wisdom to love somebody. Love peoples with the right kind of ways, not just give them drugs when they dying to want it or give them money when they wanted to bribe, these is loving people with no kind of ways.

I felt that "How deep is your love" is a big challenge, cos sometimes we may not happy in our live or work, we may feel fear, insecure, stress or being threaten, all these are out of our control, but if our love is deep enough those thing cant really knock us down. Eventually if u got the faith & love in your heart, u will be the 1 to create miracle.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It wont be drunk before drink

i just need some drinks to write a blog with emotion.
i just need some drinks to sing a song loud.
i just need some drinks to boost my mood up.
i just need some drinks to all cry out.
i just need some drinks to make my dance smooth.
i just need some drinks abuse to get thru all these stress.
i just need some drinks to slow myself down.
i just need some drinks to let out the real me.
i just need some drinks to dare myself.
i just need some drinks to cheers.
i just need some drinks to chill.
i just need some drinks to start a fight.
i just need some drinks to break the rules.
i just need some drinks to have some honest moment.
i just need some drinks to create some beautiful excuses.
i just need some drinks to drive under influence.
i just need some drinks to vomit my lung out.
i just need some drinks to drink before i drunk.
Eventually i just need some love to overcome the drinks.