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Friday, April 19, 2013

God bless You

This song is very meaningful. If i able to sing it, i would sing it to my love one. Dont understand how he sings it. I have tried many times, this is so freaking mission impossible. I very love this song because thats the right way to sing this song. Thats it. Pump it up. The impact. The high key. The insane. Thats the way i like it. Thats y the professional says i may know what is a good song but it doesnt means i can sing it. This song is very inspiring. U gotta understand this song to deliver the message.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Art of Speaking

Saturday reading was filled with inspiration. "It touches my heart everytime i read about this" according to Father Simon. I was so amazed when i know this name "Simon" is such a powerful name with inspiring story. Jesus asked Simon Peter (the son of john) for 3 times: Do u love me? I like the way how Jesus chose Simon. In our real life if we want to being chose we have to perform, sell our strength, act hardworking, talk interesting story with bosses, that is how we will being chose.

I like the way Jesus didnt twist & turn the questions. Only repeatedly asking the same questions for 3 times "do you love me?". Although the questions are the same but each question deliver a different feelings. Thats the transformation behind. Just like:

1st question he has already look into your eye.
2nd question he has already melted your stone heart.
3rd question he has accepted you.

I got so much imaginations for this scene, just like a million peoples around u but what u can only see & hear were Jesus's word. The situation just everything is stoned.

As u know He is the light. Let there be light. As long as we willing to stay under the light we wont lost with no direction. some peoples refused to stay in the light because they found more benefits in the dark. But anyway the light is always there for you & it will never put off.

We cant run out of this topic "vote".

I heard from radio. A 65 years old man is a fresh voter for this election. He said: I know I was a bit late but if i dont vote this time i will regret for my life time. Just like I havent accomplish a mission in my life or I dint take part for my country.

This is a very moment for all the malaysian. We all are grown men & women. We should know what is right to choose. The god has given you the freedom & discernment. Hope everyone dont just live for today. Dont just because of your current job makes u no choice, there are so many opportunities out there. They want you to be handicapped. They want you to rely on them so they will forever your boss. Think of your future & your next generation. U should clearly know what culture we are practicing now. Dont tell me U got no choice this is just the excuses to being extremely selfish. We need to be united. We have to win the darkness. We are living & practicing in the dark now. What we going to do now is "Let there be light". Many peoples are living in the comfort zone now but do remember to spread the love.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Freedom 2013

As we all know what is freedom. The freedom is given to us whether we want to live our life happy, miserably, ego or humble. Everyone's freedom is different. I think I love freedom more than any of my friends because i still haven't commit in any relationship yet, the love spell is very heavy. But time & tide wait for no man, im not young anymore. I have to make a decision because the dateline is closer than i think. That's y the priest said i need direction & vision. This word has been rolling in my mind for 4 months. He really like a prophet. He said a word is deep enough for me to find out what is the meaning behind. We have the freedom to choose about our life but we have to make a decision at the 1st step.

The men with status keeps delivering the message money is the freedom so that they can stay different level from the poor. The world keeps telling u having a lot of cash is a freedom for you to have many luxurious goods. The entertainment world keeps telling u having a lot of money is a fame & u will have a lot of pretty girls around u. Some may say this is a must when you're rich. some may say no. I don't think u are free when u re doing things accordingly to the world, u are just like under the spell or programmed. Some poor peoples may say charity leave it to the rich peoples to do. I wonder where is the freedom??? actually whoever rich or poor can do the charity because charity start at home & it dont cost a cent but afford will be needed in deep just like what mother Teresa did.

Some peoples say when u are drunk u will have the inspiration to write a better song or a better blog, I used to agree it but when I think over & over again. We should have the freedom to write a good thing anytime or anywhere, we cannot practice it this way it is so wrong. They said when u are drunk u can sing better but the truth is always out of tune terribly due to cant hear our own voice clearly. The talent is given in our brain is not in the drugs or drinks. Drinks is just helping me to collapse earlier like what i always did.. Or help me to get more fine tickets from the police checking.

Lately I have lost a lot of freedom. I used to go to the most expensive hairdresser but i was forced to down grade. When I gave this fresh hairdresser to cut my hair then i realized she wasn't that experienced. But if i don't give chance for her to practice how she gonna improve??? How she gonna earn some money from the customers? I really feel bad sometimes for not giving chances for the new peoples.

Some peoples may say drinking everyday is a freedom & that's life, for sure i agree it as well cos i like to drink too. But when u cant live without it u are under a spell as well, the freedom is gone. But i was being force to drink less because god has gave me a special spell as well... Don't know I should thanks god or blame god hahaha..

I know i have been abused my freedom all the while because my freedom only god can control it. I don't know why god has to do this to me. My freedom is being locked now. Last time i wondered why the peoples have to eat cheap meal when there is better meal to eat, now i understand is not everyone got the strong financial. I think i have to learn many things from the basic before i become a very wise man because there is no shortcut in life except i'm born with a golden key in my mouth. My uncle told me is not everyone understand about the word "poor", this is so deep. U have to experience it & feel it then u will know what is poor. Very blessed i was not born in Africa.

Eventually this kind of life is very very suffer for me, i don't know why i have to go thru this kind of special training. Some say if u no debt u are very good in managing your financial. In my dictionary teaching was if u never get into debt u wont have the ideas of how to make more moneys. I don't know this kind of lifestyle will last until when. My quote nowadays is: wont said tired until i overcame. What i need now is chances. Everytime i pray to god i will say "I do" i willing to do & contribute more. This is a fight. I may not win with my own power. God please help me with it. I have to go thru this difficult way until i can touch his heart.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

He's the 1.

I have to say Oh My God. How come got such a beautiful vocal in this world. I have heard some of his song years ago which gave me a very good impression but i never know his name. I never know him until my sister brought me to see his concert movie. I got many A list singers in my heart but suddenly he has beyond them just because the love at 1st heard. David foster said his voice can melt your heard & he's the greatest singer in the world. I never know his music will give me such a good impact. His voice let me know this is what i've been searching for. The feeling that it gave makes me want to stay because i feel kind of peace. The romance that he sang really filled the air with passion. It really left me a lot of imaginations. I think he really one in a million. A very gifted & talented. He is the one because he could be the 1. Never have such a singer impress me so much, the feeling is deep to say. Andrea Bocelli is coming to KL on May, It will be a regret if i missed the concert. Its very pricey for the ticket due to is a "world most beloved tenor". Hope i can watch this very important show, not much chances to have this kind of singer performs in our country.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Regret that I do not know how to repair a car. My car's engine makes a sound but i dont know what is wrong. My friend who is a workshop foreman & he is back to hometown. He is the guy i trust in repairing a car. Now he is not around is like end of my world. I dont feel like giving other people to check because we dont have the trust. That is why, when u are committed to one you wont like other strangers. Trust is build by days, Trust is without doubt. Even though u dint do it well for 1 or 2 times it wont break my trust, because i have reserved the chances for u. Actually my dad knows how to fix a car but he is at the east side. Actually i feel that repairing a car is a very macho work for a man. The world is interesting because we wont be knowing in doing everything, this how we need to rely, this how we need to stay connected with the community, these make us communicate with the friends, this is what a relationship build of. Some peoples may say they needed to be independent or scared to trouble people but asking for help a kind of wise wisdom, Is a must because we wont be knowing everything like god. This is how the god forms the direction except u choose to go the hard way. Is hard to make it big if you very scared to ask for help from the one u needed to. When this car problem comes to me I was thinking why I dont know how to fix a car, but when I change a point of view. Knowing everything is very lonely, we dont need to ask, we dont needed help from other anymore, we dont need friends anymore. we also dont even need to pray.

Last Sunday I have choreographed a "billie jean" performance in my mind.

Next post I would like to talk about Freedom.