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Saturday, April 6, 2013

He's the 1.

I have to say Oh My God. How come got such a beautiful vocal in this world. I have heard some of his song years ago which gave me a very good impression but i never know his name. I never know him until my sister brought me to see his concert movie. I got many A list singers in my heart but suddenly he has beyond them just because the love at 1st heard. David foster said his voice can melt your heard & he's the greatest singer in the world. I never know his music will give me such a good impact. His voice let me know this is what i've been searching for. The feeling that it gave makes me want to stay because i feel kind of peace. The romance that he sang really filled the air with passion. It really left me a lot of imaginations. I think he really one in a million. A very gifted & talented. He is the one because he could be the 1. Never have such a singer impress me so much, the feeling is deep to say. Andrea Bocelli is coming to KL on May, It will be a regret if i missed the concert. Its very pricey for the ticket due to is a "world most beloved tenor". Hope i can watch this very important show, not much chances to have this kind of singer performs in our country.

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