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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Spirit of 8th May 2013//Black 505 Kelana Stadium

Our General Election had just over. I heard many peoples cried about the result. I personally very devastated & heart broken when i knew we didnt make it for this 5 years 1 time election. Very disappointed our place is filled with lies. Air is so polluted with the sin of cheating. Is so hard for us to see the clean & clear blue sky due to it is blocked with this kind of dirty haze. All the sacrifices & hard works were so wasted.

When they announce 8th May 2013 will be a gathering at Kelana Jaya, I feel that I need to go due to i have a kind of unsolved mystery in my heart because i dont understand how & why we lost this battle. Many of the rumors are spreading unnecessary news like: dont go, it will be very dangerous. It is illegal. Some peoples really no gut. They donno what is the justice. They dont know what is fight for your right. Some peoples may said its already the fate nothing much we can do, so is this a give up or what? I will not obey with these kind of lies because it is so wrong & misleading. Damn the lies. Damn the corruption. If your money is almighty u better go to bribe the god in the end of time.

Last night the experience was really awesome, you will never ever see this huge number of peoples in a stadium even whatever mega actor or singer is there, cos no 1 can beat our Malaysia's heroes, I was so glad to see them. I love their contribution, their never give up spirit, their passion, their fight, their confident, their impact, their sacrifice to society really touched peoples heart, their positive thought is so convinced. They are really my super stars i even go to like all their facebook pages. I personally like Anwar, Nurul & Lim, when they appeared everyone goes crazy. Their speech was really full of force, their really fit to become a captain, They have gone thru many hard days to serve the society.

I was so happy & so touched when i knew Lim & Anwar took a motorbike here due to 1 whole malaysia is going to the same Kelana Stadium, both of them contribute until they old really respect & salute. I saw Lim's hand was wrapped with clothes maybe he got some minor injured but thanks god he still got the spirit & urge to visit us. Along the way was really stuck until cant move anymore. The rain dint stop anyone. I really can feel the passion & the spirit. It really delivers a very strong message to us: dont give up. The peoples keep coming just to support even no one will get a single sen, this is what we want. Everyone supported so much, just to be there even though rumors said it will be dangerous.

They end the night with our national anthem. 1st time in life sang negara ku with 200 000++ Malaysians, really unforgettable. Suddenly all the crowd stop moving but singing. Everyone seems respect to the country. Do it for the country we love. Do it for the Rakyat.

Eventually we dint win the battle. But with what i saw last night, we all already have the answer in our heart. Our fight is undefeated. All the peoples will getting stronger & stronger. YES !!! Keep the spirit going on.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Concert To Remember/Andrea Bocelli/KL

At 1st I was so afraid the ticket will sold out due to it is "Andrea Bocelli". The only singer can make me feel so panic about the ticket. Finally the day has come, I have watched "The most beloved Tenor" in the world Mr Andrea Bocelli. The show was perfect. I was so blessed i have the chance to watch him live on the stage with the orchestral team. I feel very joyful, deeply impressed, amazed. Never have a concert makes me feel so right. I think this is the best concert that i ever attended. Of cos going to those pop singer concert is fun as well. This is an orchestral concert so seems like everyone is so well dressed up. This is kind of high end concert due to the price is super pricey, Andrea was well dressed up whole night. I cant forget the way he plays piano while singing, he is very stunning & very man. Until the next morning his voice still playing in my head. He is so blessed to have this vocal of cos Andrea works very hard as well. I like the feelings he delivers, feel comfortable & peace. At the beginning was all kind of classic songs, is interesting as well. When he sang love song was really incredible. Every song was a surprise. He always end the song beautifully. I was so afraid to come to an end because i was so anticipated to listen more. Andrea Bocelli needs to rest as well after so many impact songs. No matter who u are u will love him if u heard him. Suddenly i felt like no point singing anymore after listening to his songs cos he is above the best. Really a gift from god. 1st time i attended this kind of concert, I like it honestly. Not try to be special or high end but I personally very love it. I wish I can have chance to see his performance again in the future. Andrea dint speak anything but the smile & he performed for 2 hours plus was deeply appreciated.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Nowadays the social network is flood with politic stories. Thats great, thats mean everyone is very concerning about their own country's future. We've been talking about politics day & night night & day is like non stop hit due to just 4 days left. Everyone is traveling home to rescue their hometown just like some kind of super hero with true justice in their hand. I very love & appreciated this kind of moment. The urge. The fight. The impact. The speed. The rush. The tears. I was very very touched by Anwar, Lim Guan Eng & Lim Kit Siang effort, of cos there are some politician i follow on facebook. They did something very impact & hard works. They run state by state just to give the speech to the citizen, to gain support, to give their point of views. They go everywhere just to speak the truth. U may still hearing the old tactic ways by saying who who who is very racist. This is such an outdated lies. Acting & lying just the waste of your life. Everyday the banknote that we are using is still the same agong head & we are not racist. We need someone who is positive n can really unite everyone. To help them is to set them free from corruption. A man told me, we do not hate them, we just hate the action they did. Dont be scared to tell the truth, if u know the truth dont keep it to yourself but share it with your friends. Last week gospel Jesus asked us: go & love 1 & another just like i loved u. So its the time to love 1 & another. Of cos we dont have Jesus kind of love & forgiving heart. We can always learn to love just for a simple reason. I think some peoples have lost the spirit of competition. Win the battle with glory. let the opponent lose with satisfaction in their heart. Who win or lose we will still have our life, we will still have our job, we still have to survive. What we wanna stop was the dirty corruption which will ruin our country badly. The wrong practice have to be killed immediately. Support & pray for this election. May the force be with us always. It is time & ini kali lah.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Man's Best Friend//A Pet With Love 2013

They said man's best friend is dog. Unfortunately my favorite dog had just passed away last Saturday. This dog was with us for 13 years since Y2K. He is browny sibling but he lives 1 year longer than browny. I know these days he is very ill due to he is old. His body swelled because of some sickness. I knew he is leaving soon but it still very hard for me to except the truth. Last Sat i was still very happy attending A free buffet karaoke which is a friend's friend birthday party. When my mom message me the bad news in that party, i was suddenly a bit moody, i suddenly cannot predict my emotion & i was 100% sober that time. I suddenly dont know how should i feel at that moment by staring the dead corpse of my pet. I still able to talk to my friend for a while. After that i feel like quiet for a while although the situation is very happening. Eventually when i slow down myself i started to cry like unstoppable. Hope i dint embarrass anyone because the other peoples dont know what had happened to me. I know i scared my friend, she knew what was happened. She said crying means that u still a real human. After that i chose to go out to the staircase if not i will be the spotlight of that night. The most pity thing is face the wall to release your tears & no tissue to wipe. The staffs over there thought im crazy. I felt my dog is very loyal to me. He is with me no matter we are poor or rich. happy or sad. Dog is very faithful. Plus this is the most handsome dog that i ever had. Sure he got some status in my heart. I cant accept this happened but i still have to. Felt glad & blessed that i have such a good memories with him. Jogging outside with family. Help them to create their name. Help them to bath. Feed them daily. Miss that stunning eye he used to stare at me. Is a very noisy dog which my father always scolded him but now i can only hear that barking noise in my heart. Is not about how branded is this dog but is about the contribution he ever gave till the end. My precious pet & memories. A pet with love.