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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Concert To Remember/Andrea Bocelli/KL

At 1st I was so afraid the ticket will sold out due to it is "Andrea Bocelli". The only singer can make me feel so panic about the ticket. Finally the day has come, I have watched "The most beloved Tenor" in the world Mr Andrea Bocelli. The show was perfect. I was so blessed i have the chance to watch him live on the stage with the orchestral team. I feel very joyful, deeply impressed, amazed. Never have a concert makes me feel so right. I think this is the best concert that i ever attended. Of cos going to those pop singer concert is fun as well. This is an orchestral concert so seems like everyone is so well dressed up. This is kind of high end concert due to the price is super pricey, Andrea was well dressed up whole night. I cant forget the way he plays piano while singing, he is very stunning & very man. Until the next morning his voice still playing in my head. He is so blessed to have this vocal of cos Andrea works very hard as well. I like the feelings he delivers, feel comfortable & peace. At the beginning was all kind of classic songs, is interesting as well. When he sang love song was really incredible. Every song was a surprise. He always end the song beautifully. I was so afraid to come to an end because i was so anticipated to listen more. Andrea Bocelli needs to rest as well after so many impact songs. No matter who u are u will love him if u heard him. Suddenly i felt like no point singing anymore after listening to his songs cos he is above the best. Really a gift from god. 1st time i attended this kind of concert, I like it honestly. Not try to be special or high end but I personally very love it. I wish I can have chance to see his performance again in the future. Andrea dint speak anything but the smile & he performed for 2 hours plus was deeply appreciated.

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