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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Left Brain Says

My best friend is already in Melbourne, My another friend is packing her bags to Melbourne now but I've decided to stay because this is where i grow up. This is where we fight.

My friend is getting divorce because their relationship is over no matter they're going to try or not but they never put themself into their small kid's shoes. A kid is innocent n doing nothing wrong but he has to bare with this kind of consequences. He had suddenly became a victim. U & your spouse may feel that the love is gone but actually the love is in the air.

I always ask god dont give me love but just giving me money thats enough, but he always dont listen to me, he still give me what i really need.

My friend is driving a super car n smoking cigar plus drinking moet with many pretty young things. It may looks like the trade mark a traditional rich men. I dont want to be a follower like what they show of the TV. I want to become a leader.

My friend always thought she is the world most pity, she has given too much contribution but get nothing back. That is y she always so frustrated with her fuck up life. But she never think of what that guy get back after he die on the cross.

Life with a lot of commitments make us almost die but life without any commitments are totally smooth way to die.

The world make us so blind, It keeps telling us plastic surgery is the real beauty, Use design brands are the upper class peoples, Keep persuading us K pop & U.S hip hop music is the best. Did u forget u have a pair of eye & a pair of ear, dont tell yourself "dont judge" But be a good judge. Dont let people decide what is beautiful for u because they are not the master of your body. Dont let people tell u what sounds nice because your ear is not attached on peoples head.

Some peoples always say he/she loves who, this & that but the question is do u love yourself. Loving ourself is the 1st priority, if u think this is selfish u are totally wrong concept. Just Imagine if u are full of wound can u take care of another persons. If our sport athlete dont take care of his own body how he gonna fight for our country?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Role

Suddenly a people came to ask u. What do u think i am. What is my role. what is this role for u??? This question came from your mom. What would u say??? Anyone got some good comments???

Friday, August 10, 2012

Anger is stupid

Have u ever watch a movie till your tears drop, isnt the movie very touching or very romantic or very meaningful or u like it too much. The answer is hell no... nothing related at all. It is because the character in this movie reflects the one u hated. The face look a like with the one u hated. The character done a lot of mistakes but that character is being forgave n that character is so innocent maybe that character dint mean it. Sometimes i hurt myself because i hate someone too much when that movie reflect a similar face it will make u awake "y are u so angry"? This people wasnt that bad.. this people may have some good side. This people dint mean to hurt you. Maybe they will help u when u in need of help. Eventually hate someone is just the same u hating yourself why dont we just give our heart a lot of break so u can focus on our own future not just blinded by the stupid things which we can live n live without. This happened when i watch Step Up Revolution, I may staring at the screen but my mind was somewhere else. Its not a very moral educated film but strange it give me some kind of message.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic Badminton 2012

Our Malaysia Champion says sorry for losing the fight. My eyes wet & it really breaks our heart when the truth is our country has lost, The point is just close like no distance. Our Dato Lee represent Malaysia to fight for the glory. Some peoples may say that he do it for the money. Some peoples are waiting for the public holiday if he won. Some peoples are silly, said that is not fair just only rewarding Lee only, the fate is if we dont reward him who else should we reward because he's the only one who can fight until final. I've been wanting Dato Lee to win for so many years. What i saw from the twitter they said Lee united Malaysian's heart. Yeah, i do agree. He dint get the gold in front of the world but he has won our heart with his never dies spirit. The lose make us United. So at least we still gain n win something on the other hand. Our country always want us to be united so Dato Lee show us THIS IS IT. So i think Dato Lee did a very good job. I never know so many people support Malaysia. Malaysia dint get into the record book for no.1 but i cant forget so many peoples standing in front of the public TV just to support their own country. Maybe it just united us for 1 hour but the satisfaction was really great. Awesome. The Shout. The support. The fight. The smash. The tears. I enjoy that moment more than world cup or euro cup. Thanks to our Dato Lee the legend. We have done the right thing this time which is support our own country.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

There Goes A Fight

I haven't post a music video for so so long, last time I may like some nice song with nice melody, now i would prefer nice vocal with deep writing, maybe i like to act like "Mr Know It All". I not sure u can feel me or not. This is an Olympic 2012 song. I think this song is very positive & very motivated. The impact was so strong for this song plus the word they sang. Maybe we can apply this to our society. I like the way he said some do it for the female, some do it for the retail, I'm very sure i do it for my kid & family. I like the way he said half of the population is waiting me to fail but these huge population wont hold him down. Everytime you fall just making your chin strong just like obstacles make us firm. I be in your corner til the end just like i got your back all times. We can pronounce fight in a very soft tone, medium tone but in a shout tone is really a fight which is dead or alive, the only solution is to win the glory for your family or country. A fight gonna give us scars, give us pain but that is how useful people struggle or live their life till dead. Just like a new car may look very beautiful n shiny, but an old n scratched car always gave a lot of contribution & sweet memories. I feel so touched about he mentioned: when u fall pick yourself up, when u feel your bones cant take no more, just remember what u are here for. Sometimes we are here but we donno what we should do. I think its time to think about our reality future. If we got the direction & faith in us, fall several times wont be a problem anymore.