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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Left Brain Says

My best friend is already in Melbourne, My another friend is packing her bags to Melbourne now but I've decided to stay because this is where i grow up. This is where we fight.

My friend is getting divorce because their relationship is over no matter they're going to try or not but they never put themself into their small kid's shoes. A kid is innocent n doing nothing wrong but he has to bare with this kind of consequences. He had suddenly became a victim. U & your spouse may feel that the love is gone but actually the love is in the air.

I always ask god dont give me love but just giving me money thats enough, but he always dont listen to me, he still give me what i really need.

My friend is driving a super car n smoking cigar plus drinking moet with many pretty young things. It may looks like the trade mark a traditional rich men. I dont want to be a follower like what they show of the TV. I want to become a leader.

My friend always thought she is the world most pity, she has given too much contribution but get nothing back. That is y she always so frustrated with her fuck up life. But she never think of what that guy get back after he die on the cross.

Life with a lot of commitments make us almost die but life without any commitments are totally smooth way to die.

The world make us so blind, It keeps telling us plastic surgery is the real beauty, Use design brands are the upper class peoples, Keep persuading us K pop & U.S hip hop music is the best. Did u forget u have a pair of eye & a pair of ear, dont tell yourself "dont judge" But be a good judge. Dont let people decide what is beautiful for u because they are not the master of your body. Dont let people tell u what sounds nice because your ear is not attached on peoples head.

Some peoples always say he/she loves who, this & that but the question is do u love yourself. Loving ourself is the 1st priority, if u think this is selfish u are totally wrong concept. Just Imagine if u are full of wound can u take care of another persons. If our sport athlete dont take care of his own body how he gonna fight for our country?

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