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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

There Goes A Fight

I haven't post a music video for so so long, last time I may like some nice song with nice melody, now i would prefer nice vocal with deep writing, maybe i like to act like "Mr Know It All". I not sure u can feel me or not. This is an Olympic 2012 song. I think this song is very positive & very motivated. The impact was so strong for this song plus the word they sang. Maybe we can apply this to our society. I like the way he said some do it for the female, some do it for the retail, I'm very sure i do it for my kid & family. I like the way he said half of the population is waiting me to fail but these huge population wont hold him down. Everytime you fall just making your chin strong just like obstacles make us firm. I be in your corner til the end just like i got your back all times. We can pronounce fight in a very soft tone, medium tone but in a shout tone is really a fight which is dead or alive, the only solution is to win the glory for your family or country. A fight gonna give us scars, give us pain but that is how useful people struggle or live their life till dead. Just like a new car may look very beautiful n shiny, but an old n scratched car always gave a lot of contribution & sweet memories. I feel so touched about he mentioned: when u fall pick yourself up, when u feel your bones cant take no more, just remember what u are here for. Sometimes we are here but we donno what we should do. I think its time to think about our reality future. If we got the direction & faith in us, fall several times wont be a problem anymore.

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