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Sunday, January 20, 2013

How To Shortcut In Life

I just lost my job. Even driving in my car I don't know where am I going because I'm lost with no direction. How pity I am. How to go out to face peoples if my friends know I am not working.

That day I went to a food court to have a dirty lunch due the environment over there is very dirty. There was an old man always talk very loud at the place. I felt that he is very pity because I always saw him walking around by himself & the distance he used to walk wasn't short. That day he was selling some "jackpot" tickets, he dint come to me but i walk to him to buy it, I told him i want 3 n im very confident to get this 3 for free if u got the last 2 number accurate, the true is i really get it for free so the old man free me another 3 again which i have to scratch the number area again this time i hope i wont got it because i dont want to win the old man ticket haha, finally the another 3 i dint get it right. After bought this ticket i very confuse because 27th Jan 2013 they will show the result. I dont know whether I will get it or not. If i got it i will suddenly ends all my fight in my life. I very paranoid as well. It also possible for me to win this huge million million moneys, I start to worry how i go to get the money on that day nowadays so many robberies. I wonder whether i should buy the 3 millions house which i visited that day. I very scared this money will ruin my life by just driving sport cars & drinking cordon bleu everynight. Im going to be a million dollar baby. Maybe i should start to see what cars & dogs i wanted to buy from today on. haha

I will start a new job soon but i have another job to interview on the coming day. Also another dilemma. If I stay with this job i'll be in the same field which i will see all my old buddies. But if I switch to the new company successfully everybody will be calling me manager but i will lost all my old buddies. But if the pay is attractive my heart will ask me to go because what i work for is money nowadays due to high commitment leave me no choice.

As a conclusion
Be a million dollar baby i will become a very bad n useless guy. N all the fight will be ended immediately. All my force will be ended.... how????

Be a manager i will lost all my old buddies which we used to have a lot of fun. Do i have to give up them because of status & money..

Anyway everything is out of my control. Just leave it to my father from sky above.

Dont be so serious I am ok & im joking.