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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Script - For the 1st time

Go to check out this lyrics, is very touching & meaningful, i read the lyrics really make my brown eye blue

i almost buy this album in pyramid, is RM46... dying to get it, now only can listen thru youtube.

Is My Precious

My Original albums, still got some are inside the cars, this 4 live inside my room.
i think i have bought all the Michael's album.
The Linkin Park is a gift from a friend "A Thousand Suns" a really big thanks, thanks for the sincere & effort. I have bought their previous album: "minutes to midnight", i think i have lost track with LP music for years, their soundtrack for Transformer 2 "new divide" is wasn't so good, luckily they will change their direction for the new album. They like to break thru cos every album they produced is very different especially this 2010 album.

Sometimes a Singer started to be famous we will say that their music is going commercial, is that really true? I dont really think so, cos if a singer always just singing in their own way in their own style, they are still inside their own box, in their own world, no break thru.

We cant only choose the job we like to do, cos our stomach will feel hungry every 4 or 5 hours. So whatever job comes just beat it.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hatred Spell

Hating a person can really forget all the good things that they have done before, or my heart auto ignore it so that i will feel hating them is a right thing to do? The day a person that i unlike called me, The person asked me how i want to celebrate my birthday, the sincere heart that person make this move its really touched my heart, no matter how u hate a person they must have done something right, when we hate we are under the spell, once u stop hating, u have break the spell, u are free eventually.

Feeling, nothing more than feeling

The most unique thing with us is not we got hand & leg, because even alien also got hand & leg from what i saw from Alien VS Prediator movie, i think the most unique thing that we have is our feeling, sometimes we dont need to see that person but we can feel that it is him/her, sometimes i am very angry with my dog, i fist him until my hand broke i will feel a bit guilty cos we were kind hearted since the day we were born.

I remember 2006 i used to go 1 place where can sing karaoke & drink beers, this place is a matured man place which got phillipine girls PR, my father brought me there, so we start to drink & sing, my father dedicated a song: "feelings, nothing more than feelings, trying to forget my feelings of love"; after my father sang this oldist i rededicate again cos i want to sing it as well, i like that song cos it is really need to sing with feeling & its hard to hold the note as well, the song just like our feeling, sometimes is very hard to control, sometimes body saying no, but the heart is saying lets go, sometimes we even let our feeling control our body which we dint realized like: when we feel angry we just burst out, when we feel horny we just sex around.

A strong people is not that they got gym everyday or they can kill a cow or an elephant, a strong people is the 1 who can control their feeling very well, who don't let anger conquer them, sometimes when u get angry u have to know the reason y, are u feeling a bit insecure??? or isn't just a tiny matter??? i don't really like those angry people, cos sometimes it affected my feeling & emotions. Some of them will have a lot of excuse, say that they angry is because of very stress very tense, please dont give a single excuse to be angry, dont give a chance to angriness.

Eventually we need to win ourself, cos the biggest enemy is ourself, if u feel u are not strong enough u need to add turbo kit which is go to church & pray. HAHA

Saturday, October 23, 2010

07 Nike Dunk Shoes

My Black Nike Dunk has walk me to Korea & Australia, he has brought me thru my difficulties & walk my journey around the world. Even today my shoes look very old im still wearing it cos this shoes its gonna make me big no matter whatever happens.

Actually i am not a Nike fans, still remember 2007 my friend-ken7272 ask me to go Mutiara Damansara The Curve to buy this shoes, even this shoes is not my style, this is a Ken's suggestion, he said this shoes its cool, then i see the price is RM179, is quite cheap, so i have chosen this Nike Dunk Black; but never know i have wore this shoes to so many different adventure like sad, happy, sorrow & misery , & this is a fucking danceable shoes which really can do the "crab walk" HAHAHHA

Today i have bought a new shoes which is Puma-turn it on, hope it can really turn me on when i needed him to perform. hope it can really jump like a puma to my goal......


Circle of Life

In our life we met a lot of peoples, some peoples come & some peoples go, so who is the people that belong to our circle & who is really around me? Firstly of cos is my family they will always in my circle until the end of time. Secondly the people around my circle is my classmate, their level is higher than an ordinary friend, you will not understand why he/she is your classmate since you are a teenager or a child, the people that grow up with u, who study the same thing with u, who knows you always late for school & know u always copy people's homework & know u always sleep in the class & playing truant, even when u graduated, u will always remember them cos they are the friends who know your dirty little secret & it hard to hide something from them, when all of us get together although we always talk back the same old jokes but it never really get us bored, thats the most precious thing that makes me happy.

Nowadays some of my friends are driving some japan sport car or some luxurious car, when u sit inside of cos its very comfortable, but for last time, even a toyota Hilux 9590 or a toyota Corola 9226 is very enough for me... those ordinary car is more than a lambohgini, cos the joy inside the ordinary car is something u cannot find anymore.

I still remember when i was in college time my friend wendy says my car is always full house, & what i realized now my car is always empty house, sometimes when the 4 of us or 5 of us is squeezing inside a car, i think that is a friendship fate, u may not know why is her/him is with u in a same car, u will never know when can this group happen to sit together again in the future cos we already grown, we are going our separate ways.

Eventually, what we can do is create the opportunities.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whats love?

The handwriting that you wrote on a paper i dying to keep it, i put it into my left chest pocket which is in front of my heart, Its not a drawing but this handwriting its an origin trademark from you.
When u doing a presentation, it just like a performance show to me.
Your smell is a bit unpleasant but it let me know that it is u without taking a glance on u
Your voice sounds like cock crew but its sexy as moan.
Your fashion wasn't glam but it seems like a freak show to me
Your teeth is full of coffee stain but kissing it just like chewing a coffee candy.
The shit on your eye's edge is just like a glitter, i use my 2nd finger take it & apply it on my tongue.

Friday, October 8, 2010

(Live) in a Movie Life

When I was small i always watch cartoon & movies, i wonder every movie & cartoons also will have a main character, i was thinking who is the main character for this world, isnt: Dato Mahathir, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton or Osama or Abu Sayap ???

When I was Small i will think that i am the "main character" in this world, so all of my friends is just a best supporting role, so every year Oscar Award best actor will always goes to: Ivan Hoe

But i have grown up now, i think back what i used to think is weird, i start to wonder why i will think that way, is a bit weird, but what i found out is true.. everyone got their own world, in their own world they are the main character of that world, so what u saw like: humans, animal & plant is really a supporting role, of cos we still live in a group with feeling.

Every people is a Main Role in their own world, so everyone just trying hard to perform their best cos all the focus is on themself, this is the movie (your memories) casted by u, everyday the film is still rolling so how to make your world interesting is depends on u, some peoples will choose to be a Notorious role, rob bank, rap or torture peoples; some will choose to be a kind hearted role, lintens & help or charity when it needed. what role u want to choose is always a freedom. u are the one who gonna cast this until the end of time.

I think everyone is playing an important role like, garbage collector, or cleaner, or despatch, mechanic or carpenter, no matter what jobs as long as they are not illegal, they are doing a good job. Its not always doctor or engineering will get rewarded, becos they have to studied 5 to 7 years ??? U must be kidding me.

everyone is a hero, everyone a star, so welcome to wherever u are, this what bon jovi says.

Drink Free or Drunk Hard

The are many types of drinker out there:

1. social drinker
2. hardcore drinker
3. undrunkable drinker.
4. Addicted drinker

I also don't know which type i am, i can pass my days without drinking if there are no one asking me to drink, or no 1 get the alcohol temptation started, so if is never started, better dont start, once it start i will dont stop till i get enough, so i think i am the "drunk hard" type, which mean try my best to drunk then i can be satisfied. I dont really know my alcohol limitation, i just know how to get enough, thats it.

Some of my friends they drink sometimes but they are just a social drinker, so they belong to "drink free" can drink freely with their own control, this type is not the true drinker HAHAHA, just a casual drinker. if u are a true drinker u will smell it when the carlsberg is calling you.

There are also peoples who are undrunkable too, but if alcohol can't makes you drunk, whats the meaning of drinking anymore?? drink Ribena better, contain Vitamin C some more

Addicted drinker, Actually addicted is very rare, i think that is your die hard habit more than your addictiveness, cos u swear to yourself, which u must drink everyday before sleep, everyday must achieve goal if not u will be insomnia, that has became your vow & your dignity, that is how the addictiveness comes.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mine 15 years ago

Last Sunday i went to St Ignatius Sunset Mass

the bulletin talks about what u done 15 years ago but now u don't do it anymore.

15 years ago everyday play basketball - not everyday anymore
15 years ago the mind is very simple - now my mind is polluted need to use dynamo to wash
15 years ago i was very close with my brother sister - now just like driving car on road keep distance from others.
15 years ago i dont use hp - now got advance hp but nobody pick up or reply my sms, so what the use???
15 years ago im still take bus to town - now im driving car without excitement.

or maybe u have left your honesty in the 15 years ago.

eventually 15 years ago before bed time will say prayer with family & bible reading which i didnt do now, sometimes don't blame the fault on the black clothes, that is not right, please think how u said prayer last time & how u said prayer today or u no say it at all? make a compare, maybe last time the way u said prayer is more powerful there must a reason, now the prayer u said sounds softer, u gotta think a way to make your player more effective or more interesting, that what the father said.

We can ignore all the curse, tell perfect lie to the world; but 1 thing, if u dont have the blessing from others, your life will be a misery, thats y they always saying "god bless u" or "peace be with u". Sometimes everything is not smooth is because u are lack of blessing.

A story i heard before, a guy who always walk with jesus, so there always 2 pair of foot print on the path, but 1 day this guy met difficulties he realized theres only left 1 foot print, so he pray & asked jesus why u left me alone when im difficult, jesus replied: i never leave u, i am carrying u along this path.