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Monday, October 4, 2010

Mine 15 years ago

Last Sunday i went to St Ignatius Sunset Mass

the bulletin talks about what u done 15 years ago but now u don't do it anymore.

15 years ago everyday play basketball - not everyday anymore
15 years ago the mind is very simple - now my mind is polluted need to use dynamo to wash
15 years ago i was very close with my brother sister - now just like driving car on road keep distance from others.
15 years ago i dont use hp - now got advance hp but nobody pick up or reply my sms, so what the use???
15 years ago im still take bus to town - now im driving car without excitement.

or maybe u have left your honesty in the 15 years ago.

eventually 15 years ago before bed time will say prayer with family & bible reading which i didnt do now, sometimes don't blame the fault on the black clothes, that is not right, please think how u said prayer last time & how u said prayer today or u no say it at all? make a compare, maybe last time the way u said prayer is more powerful there must a reason, now the prayer u said sounds softer, u gotta think a way to make your player more effective or more interesting, that what the father said.

We can ignore all the curse, tell perfect lie to the world; but 1 thing, if u dont have the blessing from others, your life will be a misery, thats y they always saying "god bless u" or "peace be with u". Sometimes everything is not smooth is because u are lack of blessing.

A story i heard before, a guy who always walk with jesus, so there always 2 pair of foot print on the path, but 1 day this guy met difficulties he realized theres only left 1 foot print, so he pray & asked jesus why u left me alone when im difficult, jesus replied: i never leave u, i am carrying u along this path.


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