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Friday, October 29, 2010

Feeling, nothing more than feeling

The most unique thing with us is not we got hand & leg, because even alien also got hand & leg from what i saw from Alien VS Prediator movie, i think the most unique thing that we have is our feeling, sometimes we dont need to see that person but we can feel that it is him/her, sometimes i am very angry with my dog, i fist him until my hand broke i will feel a bit guilty cos we were kind hearted since the day we were born.

I remember 2006 i used to go 1 place where can sing karaoke & drink beers, this place is a matured man place which got phillipine girls PR, my father brought me there, so we start to drink & sing, my father dedicated a song: "feelings, nothing more than feelings, trying to forget my feelings of love"; after my father sang this oldist i rededicate again cos i want to sing it as well, i like that song cos it is really need to sing with feeling & its hard to hold the note as well, the song just like our feeling, sometimes is very hard to control, sometimes body saying no, but the heart is saying lets go, sometimes we even let our feeling control our body which we dint realized like: when we feel angry we just burst out, when we feel horny we just sex around.

A strong people is not that they got gym everyday or they can kill a cow or an elephant, a strong people is the 1 who can control their feeling very well, who don't let anger conquer them, sometimes when u get angry u have to know the reason y, are u feeling a bit insecure??? or isn't just a tiny matter??? i don't really like those angry people, cos sometimes it affected my feeling & emotions. Some of them will have a lot of excuse, say that they angry is because of very stress very tense, please dont give a single excuse to be angry, dont give a chance to angriness.

Eventually we need to win ourself, cos the biggest enemy is ourself, if u feel u are not strong enough u need to add turbo kit which is go to church & pray. HAHA

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