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Friday, October 8, 2010

(Live) in a Movie Life

When I was small i always watch cartoon & movies, i wonder every movie & cartoons also will have a main character, i was thinking who is the main character for this world, isnt: Dato Mahathir, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton or Osama or Abu Sayap ???

When I was Small i will think that i am the "main character" in this world, so all of my friends is just a best supporting role, so every year Oscar Award best actor will always goes to: Ivan Hoe

But i have grown up now, i think back what i used to think is weird, i start to wonder why i will think that way, is a bit weird, but what i found out is true.. everyone got their own world, in their own world they are the main character of that world, so what u saw like: humans, animal & plant is really a supporting role, of cos we still live in a group with feeling.

Every people is a Main Role in their own world, so everyone just trying hard to perform their best cos all the focus is on themself, this is the movie (your memories) casted by u, everyday the film is still rolling so how to make your world interesting is depends on u, some peoples will choose to be a Notorious role, rob bank, rap or torture peoples; some will choose to be a kind hearted role, lintens & help or charity when it needed. what role u want to choose is always a freedom. u are the one who gonna cast this until the end of time.

I think everyone is playing an important role like, garbage collector, or cleaner, or despatch, mechanic or carpenter, no matter what jobs as long as they are not illegal, they are doing a good job. Its not always doctor or engineering will get rewarded, becos they have to studied 5 to 7 years ??? U must be kidding me.

everyone is a hero, everyone a star, so welcome to wherever u are, this what bon jovi says.


  1. inspiring! next time teach me how to write inspiring stuff instead of zac efron or cristiano ronaldo haha...

  2. HAHA CR7 & Zac are the supporting role inside your world. maybe they can make your thought goes to the third layer, try to write u dream about u are shopping spree with zac or CR7 in pasar malam or kaya street, maybe that will be very amazing haha