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Friday, December 11, 2015

Season Of Advent 2015.

"Let there be light"

When they say "December" what will come across your mind? Friend's wedding feast? Santa Claus is coming to town? Blue Christmas? Bills' dead line or 1 year wiser? Snowing? Exchange blessing or exchange gift?

It looks like I have accidentally step into the name of December. December is always the month that everyone is looking forward to because it is the time to get paid with extra bonus. The streets are filled with joy and decoration. Although many tragedies happened, it didn't stop the coming of Christmas. Everyone is doing year end shopping or having their holidays. Christmas songs are non stop playing on air. Basically is a month which filled with a lot of activities.

A year has slipped away without making it big, at least we are in peace and still in 1 piece. I just can console myself I want to be a simple man. Last year I contributed my voice to the choir, the choir who sang in the shopping mall. This year I contributed a lot of pop love songs in friend's wedding dinner, I replayed many times to QC my own performance, why am I making myself so stress, took this task made my hands shivering like an out of order machine.

This time around we have a very important mission. The mission is given by the sky and above. We need to raise fund to make the Word Youth Day happens in 2017. At 1st we were selling Star War ticket. The difficulty that we were facing was the ticket price was kind of pricey due to it was a fund-raising ticket... Luckily there were a lot of generous people willing to contribute and support with their generous hearts.

Another activity. We are singing Christmas carols, yes its caroling again. Its singing again. We want to use the Christmas songs to heal your soul. It is part of the fund raising as well. I was not fully participating in the rehearsal and carol due to I was tied up with my own activities. Anyway I try my best to attend whenever I'm available.

I talked to an intelligent woman that day.
They say you cant change a person, but please don't ever jump to conclusion. That is why we need to educate them since they are young. That is why we have this World Youth Day to save the youth from demon's hand. We cant change an adult but we can change the youth. That is why we need to fertilize the tree when they are still able to bend. The woman told me teaching isn't just teaching deadly from the syllabus, we share our life experience, what we had encountered and overcome. I had read a book which written by a wise man in our country, he said what we had learnt in the school and UNI that were formal learning, but many things we have to learn from day to day, learn from our problems and mistakes. Everyone must have done something very wrong and regretted and neglected their loved ones but please don't worry and don't give up yourself because "Saint has a past , sinner has their future". Everyone has the right to live, everyone has the right to change.

The 1st week. We light up the 1st candle for Season of advent after that we will light up Hope continuously to the Love to the Joy eventually to the Peace. Without 1 of these we will never proceed to Christmas. Please put all these into your heart but not your brain because the most cheerful smile comes from your heart, not from your cheek. Oh yeah, please kindly install this 4 apps into your heart with our fastest broadband. These are what we have to prepare before the Christ is born. Lets put your best dress on and tidy up your complicated heart. Make sure don't remain the anger and disappointment which are holding you back. Its going to be a brain new day. The distance to Christmas day is just like 1 call away, its closer than you think, so please do your confession immediately !!!

"Let there be light"

The light of Hope. that is why they say never jump to conclusion even if it's the end of the world. They say you will never be disappointed if you never hope, I don't know where this stupid theory came from??? I always hope and expect until they get scared of me, you know what? because I never give up on them. We always judge with what we have seen however I still believe in what is unseen.

The light of Love. love is kind, love is sacrifice, love is without hatred, love is warm, love is compassion, love is forgiving, love is not compromising.

The light of Joy. "You should feel joy if you are a christian." Why? Its because you are free. Free from alcohol, drugs, hanky panky, gambling, anxiety, rage. You are their master now.

The Light of Peace. Silence can kill us anytime, some people may use silence to attack you without talking or replying to you. Only baby Jesus can give you the most peaceful kind of silence. Only Jesus can make you cry the tears of peace.

Mission of 2017
To attend the World Youth Day

The next Challenge:
The preparation. Join the community. Involve and participate with their activities. Money can be a problem as well but he says would you put down all your belongings and follow me. If you follow me you don't need to worry about your clothes, food and which is the newest i phone. Let's challenge the faith. The demon asks me "do you know it is very dangerous to join this kind of activity?" I replied: you know what? I leave myself with no choice, no choice is always the best choice, for the youth for the future we had to. We have Jesus at our back and Pope Francis at our front.

The resolution for 2017
1. Lets talk back whats my dream that being asked by that intelligent woman.
I would like to be a vocal teacher even though I never taught singing lesson before. My dream is to sing like Andrea Bocelli or something like pop star Sam Smith, that kind of vocal which can touch your heart. The dream is big or small it doesn't matter. That's my direction. Only passion can help me to achieve my dream.

2. I would like to be a writer. A writer who gives you a pleasant feeling.

3. I want to buy a bungalow and sports car, its what I always dreaming of.

Sometimes it could be very suffocating when you keep asking more from yourself, when you want to write something better than the previous post, when we want to sing something sounds better than before, when you want to perform better in your job, when you want to keep your faith burning but you are running out of charcoal. Sometimes you can cry unreasonably because you don't even know why you are here for. You keep praying as if no one is listening and answering, you will feel hurt, from hurt transforms into pain, pain transforms into fear, fear transforms into threat. We can be very lost because we are very weak. We are praying something which is not according to God's call. We keep looking forward to become the successful man on the newspaper until we forget what we are and what is our strength. All I can say is humble and simplicity are very important. For me as long as I can settle with all my current problems, I'm proud and happy. Everyone has different call, task and talent. Some may good at cooking some may good at gardening some are good at baking some are good at parenting some are good at speaking. I believe everyone plays a very important role in this world. Let us pray for God's guidance and peace, who knows you will be a peacemaker like Pope Francis 1 day. Without anyone we can not make it big. Every life is very precious and no one deserves to die.

December we are busy feasting and toasting with friends. Never forget to leave a room for the new born baby to come. Leave your heart open widely and generously. You still have a few days to save the year 2015. What would you do? Will you do anything or just let it slip? Sometimes we can be very reluctant to check the missed calls which is the calling of God, he is always calling, to ignore it or answer, the choice is always on our hand, just make sure we don't miss the final blessing. The journey might be very narrow and risky, so just risk it and go out to spread the good news. God bless and see ya.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Old buddy's Wedding.

Oops we did it again.....Time flies like a speed of light. 1 year ago we were at a Tar college friend's wedding and we were informed 1 year later we will have another wedding dinner to attend. And now we are here, as a witness for my friend who I knew in the year of 2002 which was 14 years ago. For our chinese culture, we have to form a team of brothers and help the groom to get the bride home. We have to go thru few games to get into the bride's house as a sincerity, the bride's door will be guarded by the fierce sisters. On that morning I woke up at 5am to participate, it was kind of tired but the experience was kind of fresh in the morning, so much laughters in the game and happy to witness the whole process. My friend asked me few times before to sing some songs at his wedding dinner. So these were the 2 songs I dedicated to my friends and audiences. I was kind of nervous because I was the 2nd person to sing. Anyway I was very glad to meet the old friends. The time we spent was a bit short due to some of us need to toast table to table. I appreciate that we can come together and sit in the same table again, thats the fate, we are so blessed.

At 1st my idea was sing the english song, the problem was they have not much choices for english song. Eventually these 2 songs were what I had chosen. The reason I chose these songs was because it gives a very relax and romantic feeling. It sounds very relax but singing it is not relax at all, it can make you lost your breath and collapse. Thats all I can tell you & I were shivering bad after the songs because of too nervous.

Friday, November 13, 2015


Some people use word to express themselves. Some use action to show their love. However, I use piano to express my thought.

My kind of Mission Impossible

The smile from the cheek is forever invincible and his hair is always my dream to have it. I have promised myself to draw Tom Cruise after I watched Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, because that movie blowed my mind like a nuclear bomb. Before this I had drawn 1 but I was not satisfied that's why I didn't post here. Tom Cruise is always my number 1 super action hero since Top Gun. I would say he is the Hollywood number 1 actor since last time until now. If I'm rich enough to make my own movie and write my own script I will hire Mr Tom as the top choice. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bond. James Bond

My friends call me James Bond, they know I love this character so much. I can even name the cars and gadgets of every episode and the actors who play James Bond, any question about James Bond movie please feel free to ask me. Some friends are very funny, "so you are the next Bond?" they asked. I dont like people use the word obsess on me but for James Bond I very obsess with it. I always find it tuxedo, sun glasses, cars, gadget are very style and cool, it never goes out of style.

I still remember the 1st Bond movie that I officially watched in cinema was "Goldeneye" which played by Pierce Brosnan, I was still a teenager at that time I found it was so mind blowing for me. My dad took me to watch that movie and that was a bonding time and how the bond began. I still remember last time we didnt have internet online purchase at 2002, we needed to queue for the ticket. It was a must and compulsory to watch the premier show for me, very very anticipated and looking forward. So far my whole family members will watch James Bond movie, it had become a culture for us. Another funny thing is I will always ask about people "how did you find the movie?" They will tell you it is very fake, nothing new, not nice, normally are those bad reviews. I wouldn't care I will still very positive and continue to support James Bond movie. Others movie I wont give a damn what was their review.

I just watched "Spectre" last night, I didn't manage to watch the show on premier. This round I watched with my dad and a best friend. As I said my dad was the 1 who implemented this Bond character into my life and so lucky we are watching it together again. My dad always say if you want to know further more about James Bond, you will have to ask my youngest son. After the show we went to a restaurant to have some drink. We were not drinking Martini(shaken but not stirred) but we are drinking some beers. We made a review of that movie and talked about the old Bond film. From Sean Connery to Roger Moore to Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig. All kind of James Bond.

I kind of like it for this episode. It is the last James Bond for Daniel Craig. Sport Car equipped with weapon is always my favourite. I like what the Bond girl said: you always have a choice. I like the scene M was standing at the left Bond girl was standing at the right, its like it is time for you to make a final decision. Bond chose to settle down eventually. So many women he only chose 1, the one he will always protect. The ending was beautiful. This movie really brought back a lot of good old memory. It recalled me some old Bond films as well. If you haven't watched this movie, please do not hesitate to watch it in the cinema. If you missed it, you will regret for life time because it leads you to become the next bond. So please be ready. A film which can build better relationship and topic with your family. How amazing.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Half Time Break

BBBBBBBBBB.........(blow by the whistle).
I was forced to have my half time break out of the sudden, before that I was still playing in the field like a player. Yes, I just stopped my job because of my company retrenchment. Feel kind of hurt and disappointed to be unwanted, it is how u feel when such thing happened to you that's all I can say. I haven't announced to friend because this kind of incident is hard for me to share. But finally I have the courage to announce because I want to seek for help, I have to keep all my door opened, that's why I decided to announce it here as well. whether you think its right or wrong or its a very shameful thing to say. I have to open myself for every opportunity now instead of keep my word unspoken. I feel like a cross road of my life, suddenly so many interchange and junctions occur to me now and I have no idea of turning left or right or go straight. Last time when I had a job I didn't care what I had passed by, now I slow down myself to smell the flowers. I met a lot of friends lately, I called a lot of friends lately just because I want to hear their opinion, I want to hear their ideas. Some people told me this is a time for you to enjoy your break, lets go holiday. A young man said this is a turning point for you. Some people say you need peace to get thru this moment, Some people introduce job. Some people called and asked "are you ok"? And I send a message to myself by saying you need faith at this lost moment. Just like what I had said before the more you wait the more you scared. Of course lost a job its not the end of the world because life its not just about work. Theres many people lost their lives lost their love ones out there, what they felt was even more helpless. So far I still haven't figured out what to do at this moment, still observing. Still waiting for the call. To make myself happy i would have to say "everything happens for a reason" thats what I always hear. HAHAHA only god can tell me the reason now. Just watched a very wonderful movie called "The Martian", when you are in a hopeless stage you got to have faith and he said only God can save me now before he sleeps, very positive thinking to keep himself survive. In stead of thinking why this incident happened to me, I would like to name this incident as complicated case, so far my wisdom is not strong enough to wrap up this case, so I would pass this complicated case to my eternally boss just like what they always say: leave it to God. Now the God is working on my case or even doing over time to solve the problem. We are human we always do it the man's way. I wonder what is the God's way. I would like to know what is his comment and what is his plan. I open for any comment right now because I think it helps. If it doesnt help it can be a future reference as well. Anyway, every circumstance will have a way out just like what they say God has his way........ for you.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Work Life // Social Life

I seldom write review on movies, because I seldom watch tv/movie. I just watched a movie "The Intern". The director who wrote Parent trap, Something gotta give & Its complicated. I love all of her movies especially this one "The Intern", its kind of new & modern story. This writer's style is always beautiful houses with beautiful interior design, always with nice fashion & beautiful outfit. I know I must watch this movie from the 1st time I saw the trailer plus it plays by Robert & Anne, it was amazingly incredible. The reason I love & I watch this movie its because it relates so much to our daily life. Sometime a retired man can be very lost because they have nothing to commit, life is so old & boring when you are just waiting for activity and entertainment. This movie says an old man back in action because an online fashion company wants to hire an experience senior man,

I think balance our work life & social life are very important we could make it like 60% work & 40% social life. Lately I was too caught up with my work, even after working hours I was still cannot get the job out of my head, I was still figuring how to solve the unfinished business, it really made me going to crazy & forgot how to smile. Im not saying im very hard working, I lost the balance of life. I know we have to serious with our work but it doesn't mean we need to frown or keep the face cool. Just like people say many people say they are too busy with their job just because they want to escape from their family. Night time we should relax like a happy go lucky man, stop talking bout the silly job because job will never end. Work is just part of out life, there are many things we need to do like hobby, social, exercise or sharing & listening which are very very important as well.

I had just gone thru a short seminar that day, I find the seminar was very interesting. It shows us the different between business man and the manage people. Business people is always dare to risk, dare invest money on what they think it helps, manage people are always doing thing in a very secure way, always protecting themselves, follow system exactly, dare not risk. Of course a people who dare to risk may face a lot of failure n that's how they gain the courage to stand up once again, they will get hurt often but if you never been hurt how you be tough? A people can follow system, rules and regulation we call it a good employee. A person who has the very strong point of views & ideas we call them boss.

Some people asked me to join motivation class. I think that's good. For my point of view motivation we need to practice everyday, we have to put in charcoal to keep this motivation burning endlessly. We need to put our self into the competition that drives us work. By attending motivation class the spirit wont last long in you, it will only last 1 week or 1 month. All you have to do is get with the people who can give you good advice from time to time like the movie above the boss listens to the senior opinion. We can call them our mentor. We have to keep this good mentor at our side from time to time, or we need to get with this kind of people. You can go to church weekly services if you need to be guided and its all free. You can analyze how and why on what Pope Francis does, you will find out the meaning behind. Everyone has different calling, we cannot just looking at people, sometime we have to look at the man in the mirror. We have to find out what is our calling but not just using our man's thinking.

Ok. Lets get back to the movie. I like that part Jules asks Ben how long you lived with your wife. "Not long enough, 42 yeas" Ben answered. The ending was kind of touching, the Jules plans to give up her dream to save her relationship & family. I like Ben leave the decision to her without teaching her what to do, He says "From the ware house scene, I can see you are very talented in fashion line and that's your dream. From 2 people in a company expands to 220 people, thats how amazing you are". The words are too deep, Sometime encouragement and faith give people the biggest power to face the fear and difficulties.

Its time to stop here.

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Istanbul Adventure 2015

17th to 23rd Of August just had my 1 week trip to Turkey Istanbul, I didn't even know Turkey is 1 of the Europe country until I visited them. Normally I only see them from Football World Cup Turkey team. My geography and history are so damn empty, so I didn't know where they are located in the world map and what is the story behind this country. I didn't know what to expect. As this is a free and easy program so I had done some researches on the internet by searching Istanbul "images" to get some ideas, how they look like and which image that can amaze me.

The flight took us around 11 hours. I had a big surprise when I reached Turkey immigration, which was my passport left 4 months to expire, at the end I was being penalty for 353.10TL, straight away the exciting mood cut off 80%. Actually we just booked our hotel before we step into the plane. Now we are on our way to find out hows our room going to look like. Doing things at last minute is always the best because it will occur a lot of unexpected surprise, That is why Ted Movie says "#shit happens" Just stay calm & don't panic. Love doesn't lead the way but God will lead me a way hahahahah

Bumped into this at Taksim Square

Basically I was very happy, it was the 1st time I traveled by using the map, I even used Internet "Waze" to find out some places. Taking public transport is normal for me but doing research on taking which public transport was really the 1st time. I just realised I am very into those heritage thing & antic building. I had explored a lot of different era of art from there, you will find a lot of sparkling mosaic art which will give you a jaw drop. you will find out Tulip flower is originally from Turkey. Their country has more story because this country is older than our country. This country had been conquered by different people before, that's why you can see some of their designs are from Roman Era, some are from Ottoman, some are a bit Greece, Some very old churches had became museum or mosque. They say Istanbul is half Asia half Europe, so you can imagine the culture, art & life are so mixed. You have to be there to feel it.

Day3 was too dangerous to share here. We visited a palace that day, after visited the palace we have some food at their cafe , suddenly a loud noise "bommm "!!!! Everybody ran for life, My sister and I were like what to do now? Are we going to jump into the sea or wait for death? Really no idea what was the next step. Suddenly all the people became so lovely, taking care of each other. Before the incident some people were still quarreling. I swear, this is the only incident that will make us united. By the way I didn't have the chance to pay for the food and drink because nobody bothered to collect the money. Polices arrived not more than 3 minutes after the incident happened. It's kind of sad the building was blow by the terrorist ISIS. Everyone was living in fear at that moment.

We were drinking these when the
bomb exploded.

What I discovered from them: They are good in art like drawing and painting. They are very good in hand made or hand craft thing. On the other hand, some people are not working, some people are working 24 hours a day. Some people are doing some very boring job, most of their employees are man. I think they have not much choice in choosing their job. They have to work for their living. Suddenly I feel that we are so blessed because we have the chance to choose the job we love. I only have passion with what I like to do, What I had seen and learnt were we must have passion even on the job we doesn't like to do because we have the power to light up passion, that's what I believe. I saw many sales presentation & food presentation over there, what I can comment is "2 thumbs up" for their living skill. All I can say is good presentation. I need to learn that from them.

Please scroll to bottom to find out what we were drinking at last.

Turkey desert
I love this back street

I love this dish. Beef and Lamb
Their local breakfast
Dolmabahce Sarayi
Sultan Ahmet
Ayasofya Muzesi
One of a very nice restaurant. I like it
My breakfast's view
Kariye Muzesi
We were drinking these in an Irish bar,
Turkey beer.
This trip was really a lot of arguments and quarrels, we even got up to the wrong buses few times & even scolded by the bus driver, we even got down to the wrong station from the Ferri. But I really love the mistakes that we made, the obstacles & circumstances that we had gone thru, think back now I'm laughing, I really feel very very great for what we had overcame although on that moment we are scolding & cursing HAHAHHAHA. No choice, everyone overcomes their problem with their very personal way HAHAHAHAHA. We can quarrel till the sky upside down just because of the bottle being left in the restaurant. The ending of an obstacle is always happy that's y we must keep holding on till the end. Just like what they always say "look at the bigger picture", a perfect pic wont be true or genuine. A picture with some mistakes make the pic interesting, and please pay attention to this pic again, overall 80% is very wonderful & 20% is unpretty, this 20% unpretty obstacle shape u into a real man. That's why don't only zoom in and stop at the mistake or feel that's the end of the world, you have to zoom out to see the bigger pic because overall it's still a very beautiful trip, a trip to remember.
Tickets on the air and sea