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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Half Time Break

BBBBBBBBBB.........(blow by the whistle).
I was forced to have my half time break out of the sudden, before that I was still playing in the field like a player. Yes, I just stopped my job because of my company retrenchment. Feel kind of hurt and disappointed to be unwanted, it is how u feel when such thing happened to you that's all I can say. I haven't announced to friend because this kind of incident is hard for me to share. But finally I have the courage to announce because I want to seek for help, I have to keep all my door opened, that's why I decided to announce it here as well. whether you think its right or wrong or its a very shameful thing to say. I have to open myself for every opportunity now instead of keep my word unspoken. I feel like a cross road of my life, suddenly so many interchange and junctions occur to me now and I have no idea of turning left or right or go straight. Last time when I had a job I didn't care what I had passed by, now I slow down myself to smell the flowers. I met a lot of friends lately, I called a lot of friends lately just because I want to hear their opinion, I want to hear their ideas. Some people told me this is a time for you to enjoy your break, lets go holiday. A young man said this is a turning point for you. Some people say you need peace to get thru this moment, Some people introduce job. Some people called and asked "are you ok"? And I send a message to myself by saying you need faith at this lost moment. Just like what I had said before the more you wait the more you scared. Of course lost a job its not the end of the world because life its not just about work. Theres many people lost their lives lost their love ones out there, what they felt was even more helpless. So far I still haven't figured out what to do at this moment, still observing. Still waiting for the call. To make myself happy i would have to say "everything happens for a reason" thats what I always hear. HAHAHA only god can tell me the reason now. Just watched a very wonderful movie called "The Martian", when you are in a hopeless stage you got to have faith and he said only God can save me now before he sleeps, very positive thinking to keep himself survive. In stead of thinking why this incident happened to me, I would like to name this incident as complicated case, so far my wisdom is not strong enough to wrap up this case, so I would pass this complicated case to my eternally boss just like what they always say: leave it to God. Now the God is working on my case or even doing over time to solve the problem. We are human we always do it the man's way. I wonder what is the God's way. I would like to know what is his comment and what is his plan. I open for any comment right now because I think it helps. If it doesnt help it can be a future reference as well. Anyway, every circumstance will have a way out just like what they say God has his way........ for you.

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