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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The calls that make u cry

26th morning 2:30am

i remember last time my mom was very angry & hit my sister, it makes me cry by hearing the voice, thats very sad

i remember i was 19 years old my best friend got a car accident the glass splash on his face it hurt his eye too, i thought he will be blind that really make me sad & cry when i saw him in hospital, but luckily he no blind.

when i was driving in my car i was listening to Christina Aguilera-hurt, she said: & i hurt myself by blaming u... thats also make me cry because i blame on my beloved 1, i blame so i hurt myself as well, actually she was very kind to me so i got nothing to blame, the only thing i should do is appreciate.

N another 1: my best friend was driving me to a shell gas station, & he play a song about mom, & he start to talk about his mom until i cant stand & my tears drop but i donno he realize or not; but i was surprise he will talk such a touching thing suddenly until make my brown eye blue. i very remember last time he call me with that sad voice by saying his mom is passed away, that make me never ever forget, thats y i always treat him my good friend, For my oppinion is: he really missed the final chance to see the last breathe of his mom.. the feeling just like MJ dint have the chance to perform "this is it" on the official state to the world.. is a big wasted

lately was: when i know the accident make the girl handicap also make me sad until my tears drop, i also cannot forget my sister call me while she was crying.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

my best friend // drunk & gorgeous

my best friend come to find me yesterday which is a saturday afternoon.

i think my friend has changed, he cut a hair style which is out of my expectation, & he talk about story which i dont really understand the story because the story line is all mess together with 5, 4 stories in a go.

i think because he only got 1 hour to tell his past few month what he had done, thats y he have all out his super final power in 1 go.. like marvel heroes all out his super power in the final moment.

i think he too long never tell story so he gotta squirt out all his story in 1 go, which is freaking all out... just like michael jackson release his thriller album, a very big 1 to conquer the whole country, all out in 1 go, never give u time to breathe hahahahhaha its crazy, eventually he said: the story is about drunk & gorgeous.

drunk facebook

i love to play facebook while i am drunk, i also cannot explain y, feel more fun & will find a lot of humor in it, u can find the happiness in it when u are drunk.

my melbourne - the wedding picturess..

red shirt with a coat is copied from MJ-u rock my world video

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Melbourne Holiday

The day before i went to Melbourne i was feeling extremely happy its because i was in love with Australia when the 1st time i go to Perth.

Actually is 1 of my dream to visit my cousin in Melbourne, but finally the god has arranged this to me... thanks god thanks my relative haha.. my relative really treat me nicely, spend food, spend time, spend money, i was very touch they are so warm & kind, i can see their afford & some planning which they bring us to eat & bring us to play.

9th June is my cousin wedding, their house suddenly become very crowded & very happening, every1 was very happy the house is full of joy & i think it is very rare to get every1 together in a house so is very special.
Evening 5pm is the reception, their reception is quite new to me, cos is like what we see on the english movie. the food was so so & we just keep on drinking wine, after we drank 3 bottles of wine, the waitress dont want to refill our wine glass anymore becos she dont want us to drunk like a dump shit, thats weird. They dance wonder girl by korea & my cousin dance very hot, hes good in dancing man. i went out to buy cigarette but the australian give me wrong direction make me walk in the cold n what i get is emptiness
My cousin sibu friend who live in NZ christchurch who also open restoran in NZ, he told me "dessert in a glass" is a expensive dessert which mean the dessert is a wine, wine in a shot glass normally make by port/porturgal; so i just try to finish drinking the port.

Melbourne weather is so cold outside so got to really have a indoor save room, their weather is clean, environment is clean as well, actually the place is good. The only place i went it was Phillip island which can see tiny ferry penguin, i was quite impress & surprise when it appears in front of your eye, very adorable cute animal.
i went to see koala bear & Kangaroo, the scenery is very nice too for the phillip island.

The other place i go is just normal, like: shopping, walk on the street, sing karoke, but their street is very different from malaysia so is quite new & fresh for me.

Another happy things is BBQ in my relative house, set up together, eat together, drink beers together, laugh together, foto shoot together but without smoke together HAHAHAH

Its very precious to have this holiday with my family & my cousin, sometimes we live in 1 house but we never have a quality time together so it is like meaningless, but for this holiday is different, its quality is good & precious.