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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The calls that make u cry

26th morning 2:30am

i remember last time my mom was very angry & hit my sister, it makes me cry by hearing the voice, thats very sad

i remember i was 19 years old my best friend got a car accident the glass splash on his face it hurt his eye too, i thought he will be blind that really make me sad & cry when i saw him in hospital, but luckily he no blind.

when i was driving in my car i was listening to Christina Aguilera-hurt, she said: & i hurt myself by blaming u... thats also make me cry because i blame on my beloved 1, i blame so i hurt myself as well, actually she was very kind to me so i got nothing to blame, the only thing i should do is appreciate.

N another 1: my best friend was driving me to a shell gas station, & he play a song about mom, & he start to talk about his mom until i cant stand & my tears drop but i donno he realize or not; but i was surprise he will talk such a touching thing suddenly until make my brown eye blue. i very remember last time he call me with that sad voice by saying his mom is passed away, that make me never ever forget, thats y i always treat him my good friend, For my oppinion is: he really missed the final chance to see the last breathe of his mom.. the feeling just like MJ dint have the chance to perform "this is it" on the official state to the world.. is a big wasted

lately was: when i know the accident make the girl handicap also make me sad until my tears drop, i also cannot forget my sister call me while she was crying.


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