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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Journey To The Christmas

I had written this in season of Advent. Lately I was busy finding a new career and settling some of the breath taking bills. I wanted to post this on the silent night but I didn't make it on time. I think this will be the final post for 2012.

A Humble Confession
In this Advent a man mentioned to me: Direction and vision. He said he will pray for me so that I can find my direction and vision, these two words are serious and stress words for me haha. Sometimes I just too busy with the current task but never think of my direction and vision, I must pray for wisdom so that I can see far and plan my life properly. Sometimes we just busy with earning money but never have time for our own future plan, sometime I don't know I am escaping or I still haven't figured it out, really have to work it out very immediately due to we are racing with time.

Journey To The Christmas
A year is coming to an end. We have walk through the whole year to reach the day where the Christ was born, this journey is not easy, everyday we have to work very hard to follow him and keep our faith with Christ. Through the year, we met a lot of temptation, we met challenge and fight, we are being tested; we have failure and tears, we are being insulted or accused. But thanks god today we are still together with the family members reunited in the church where the Christ was born. The Christ reborn again in our heart it is some kind of renewal to our faith. No matter how wrong we are, we still always got the option to choose God because we will always forgiven by God no matter how great is our sin. He never give us up, when I heard this I was so touched suddenly I realised I was never taken for granted by God. Father reminded us to precious our love one precious the 1 who sit next to you. All this while, the wound, the hurt, the insecure, the loneliness and emptiness let Jesus heal you because with our own power is not strong enough, so just leave it to God and trust in him. Christmas is a holiday for everyone. It's also the day the Christ was born. The most important is a time for us to gather with our family members. Really thanks God today, we are still together as solidarity

Let's conclude this with a good question
How to love? We must trust, transparent, open, true, honest, to our loved ones or spouse. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rules & Regulation + Disciplines

I saw a 14 years old boy quoted "rules are make to be broken", I wrote that before as well when I was 20. They said rules are make to be broken but many of us just misunderstand this quote, we thought this is asking us to be illegal, driving under influence, or ecstasy, lie or sleep around. Actually this quote means: Break thru, break a new record or create something new. I think rules are make to be protected. Just like if a country got no rules everything will be ended up with bribe & corruption, what ever u like u just give him a cash to have it, A match with no rules it will ended as a boring show by just seeing the players acting on the field. A competition got no rules will be ended up is a cheating competition. Something happened around u then u will realize discipline is very important for a people as a human. I've been setting some disciplines for myself, i do feel very boring & stress to carry this kind of discipline, but just a few disciplines if you're able to achieve it u will feel satisfaction with yourself this is how u gain the confident to handle yourself well. I like to drink, sometime with some smoke will be fine, i like to spend on the things i like, i love entertainment. This month I'm the king of my body, I restricted on the things i like to do. I feel good for myself cos when i want to stop I'm able stop. Don't tell me it is easy because u are a people who dont like to drink or smoke. If u are in my blood i guarantee u will do all these above & its not easy to control. I not really a very discipline person because I'm not a robot but have some disciplines will be a good challenge. You will start to admire peoples with discipline because it is what success make of. You will find peoples with no discipline is no value. This value not fame can give n not money can buy. Dont do it because u have to do it, Do it because u want to do it for you love your faith.

Eventually. If we dont protect the rules who else will protect us. If u dont love yourself who will love u. If u donno how to love yourself how are u going to love 1 & another, If u dont dare to express yourself how u gonna express your love? If i say: may the god be with u then y are u still feeling scared?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Birthday Wish 2012 NOV

Is hard to believe that my birthday has come & gone. 1 year older & in different kind of mission now. Dont really know what I have achieved & who to love at this age is the most pathetic things. Time passed so fast. Is kinda happy as well to meet up with some old friends in my birthday party, Thankful for the peoples who make an appearance.

I have my birthday dinner with my family as well, is kinda happy my mom is here for the dinner & she has ready a gift for me. After the dinner is the blow cake session, they ask me to make a wish. Honestly i dont really have much idea on making wish. I used to listen to a song "my wish" which is very touched. The lyric is written very nicely. It is a good love song but also a very good advise to our life. It says if u faced with the choice u have to choose i wish u can choose the one that means the most to you because we have to know who really love us & to be precious. If one door opens to another door closed i wish you keep on walking till you find the window, it reminds me not to give up if one of your way is being blocked. I hope u never look back but u never forget, this sentence makes me think many times since the 1st time i listened to this song, for me this is very meaningful, we cant always look back to the party time or single life because we'll move to different stage when we getting older, we won't be keep missing our ex gf or keep hating the one who hurt us, all we can do is take it as an experience, of cos no matter good or bad will stored in our mind because we are human it wont be deleted, for all the bad memories will have to stay positive & love can conquer it. I hope u always forgive & you never regret, i have think over & over again because normally is "forgive & forget", For what i can see here is sometime we very regret to help a friend before it turns to our enemy or we treated our former gf/bf well before, it reminds us to forgive & never regret on good things we have done because we have to grab every chance to do something good.

Of cos my birthday wish still remain normal & naive. I want to become billionaire, can be the main talent for James bond movie in the future. Can make movie with Jessica Alba or Pierce Brosnan or drink coffee with them. Can duet song with Micheal Buble. Please feel free to feel hopeless on me HAHA.

The above is the moment i have for my birthday celebration.
I wish i can perform better in our daily life & family same goes to everyone.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Role 2.0

It's been 1 month I didn't make any update on this blog. I wanted to write about this but the word just dont come to my mind, and I've promised myself to write this beautifully. My brain is too empty to write something now. Someone is waiting for this post so i got to write it whether the idea comes or not. I dont want to write this just my point of view but add in some sharing from friends

My mom asked me many times before: Do u want to back for good. I told her many times as well i havent got the answer right now. I have lived 18 years at my Hometown since the day i was born n now another 10 years in KL so it is more than 50% of that 18 years. Now i just stop by my hometown once in a while. Sometime my parents went to some wifi cafe just to message us is really very sincere, the way they try to reach us...

Few months ago my mom want me to tell her what is her role, is she lost? or she want a point of view from me. I know why she asking me this question. Because i also heard that from the mass. I was thinking what is my role too.

Father from above said I am who I am but he dint tell me what I am. I think i got few roles in my life. Im not a super successful people but im sure im the son of my parents. My role is very easy, all i have to do is be a good son, never ever do anything to ruin my life or hurt myself, keep on track in my life, be a good man is the biggest gift to your parent not just sending money home every month.

Role 2 I'm the employee of my company, all i need to do is achieve my sales target n serve customer well. Although i not good with my boss, last quarter I'm doing quite well with my result. I think is very blessed from god because base on my independent power is not strong enough to do this.

Role 3 I was a brother in my siblings. Is quite challenging & need a lot of wisdom & prayers to hold everyone together. Good relationship & close relationship is not easy, gotta work hard. Sometimes god has arranged us together, all u have to do is live this life n live it to the best for the god sake. haha

Role 4 I have turned to my nephew's godfather, I feel glad & i have to behave good as a senior because the kid observation is very strong.

Maybe future i will become people's husband or someone daddy, so from time to time our role is changing because we never stop in our life. Time is transforming us last time we talk about where to drink now we talk about investment among our family. My mom ask me do u feel scared due to i have committed a big amount, my answer is no because i got u at my back. I think sometime have to throw myself into challenge so that i will feel the fear, just let me step into this danger zone & this will be a dead or alive adventure.

The role of my mom is: she is our mom. My mom can sacrifice which always touched my heart. The effort, time & money she spend is uncountable. The role who can cook 24/7 for us night & day. She got the hopes on us. never give up on us that no one else can do. Many peoples ask me why i so handsome, i will pass this question to my mom n dad. I think my mom applied the colors to my life, let me go for music classes, learn english since small & let me study in art school, all these are my hobbies, now i can sing wherever im driving or walking or bathing. I can draw anytime when i want to. She form me a better man i guess. Thankful for giving me room to grow. We are not very rich so money is very difficult n have to very discipline as well.

I think my mom is a role who is very self motivated although not much peoples praise her, she said the strength is came from god. Thats y the force is still burning inside of her. I dint make my mom proud but im confident enough to say i always spend the quality time together when i was around, this is how i feel proud of myself. My mom is not shame to share about me in front of her friends & i not shame to talk about my mom.

As a conclusion, money is very important but the best way is to obey & send your concern & blessing everytime. We are not god We are just ordinary peoples all we can do is be the best of our role then we will be sorry to no one. We cant get distinction in all of our roles but at least we need to pass all of it so that we wont neglect anything n our life will be balance.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Moon Cake Festival

I've been gone for a while because don't feel like writing anythings. If u ask me are you very busy? I will answer u: I not sure im busy or not. Apparently i may look very free but my mind was extremely busy. Dealing with all my things. My mom ask me do u feel stress i said no because im not sure how to define stress. If u ask me what am i thinking i would said: Bank, Lawyer, e-mail, Credit card, Bills, new career, sales target & work. This is what call committed to life (kidding)hahaha. Sometimes just wish to escape all this things. My mind was so hyper, when i woke up a random song will come to my mind immediately, dont have a peace of mind. I have been busy dealing with banker & lawyer lately, i dont want to just complaining, scolding, or became a mad man. I really spend time to think how should i reply this e mail/message. They said speaking is an art maybe it is true. An email I would like to implement the greeting, wishes, manner, humor & feeling. Knowing a million vocabularies is not important, the most important is express how u feel n ask them to understand u. That's y express your feeling is very important, if u dont practice it u may forget how to express or forget who u really are. Everyone got a courtesy side, i think the way to open their courtesy door will be tell them your situation. Of cos some people may not have courtesy, thats the way they chose to live their life.

Random thought:
She said: You are so lazy, you have not doing the laundry for a month, y u still got pantie to wear? He replied: i have not wearing it for a month.

My friend says Shanghai is getting cold this month, my kindly advise was remember to wear more layers & a condom for protection so that u wont catch a cold.

Happy moon cake festival by the way.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Envy because of your pride is too high. You think you are the best & you cant accept others are doing better than you. Envy make us forget to improve but just stop & hate. We are so attracted by the commercial world, we used to follow god's way but nowadays we are following the episode of i-phone saga. You will felt that u are not today's kid because you dont own the modern things in your hands thats where the envy start. Dont let the peoples set your preference, You are the boss of your own preference.

The world is filled with envy & jealousy, the air is being polluted so we will easily affected by this virus thats why "norton anti virus" is selling out fast in the market. Some more we are just human, human will make mistakes even computer does. Anyway just remember to wake up & stop repeating it again. We are still learning everyday from each other so just stay humble.

Actually in real life I'm a person who likes to compare as well, just dont want to being expired haha. My teacher used to teach me before, she said the right envy will give u the right urge, this word is quite persuasive to me. So if you think that im handsome dont mad at me, but find a way to be more awesome than me.

Words from a inspired person. wasnt me.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Left Brain Says

My best friend is already in Melbourne, My another friend is packing her bags to Melbourne now but I've decided to stay because this is where i grow up. This is where we fight.

My friend is getting divorce because their relationship is over no matter they're going to try or not but they never put themself into their small kid's shoes. A kid is innocent n doing nothing wrong but he has to bare with this kind of consequences. He had suddenly became a victim. U & your spouse may feel that the love is gone but actually the love is in the air.

I always ask god dont give me love but just giving me money thats enough, but he always dont listen to me, he still give me what i really need.

My friend is driving a super car n smoking cigar plus drinking moet with many pretty young things. It may looks like the trade mark a traditional rich men. I dont want to be a follower like what they show of the TV. I want to become a leader.

My friend always thought she is the world most pity, she has given too much contribution but get nothing back. That is y she always so frustrated with her fuck up life. But she never think of what that guy get back after he die on the cross.

Life with a lot of commitments make us almost die but life without any commitments are totally smooth way to die.

The world make us so blind, It keeps telling us plastic surgery is the real beauty, Use design brands are the upper class peoples, Keep persuading us K pop & U.S hip hop music is the best. Did u forget u have a pair of eye & a pair of ear, dont tell yourself "dont judge" But be a good judge. Dont let people decide what is beautiful for u because they are not the master of your body. Dont let people tell u what sounds nice because your ear is not attached on peoples head.

Some peoples always say he/she loves who, this & that but the question is do u love yourself. Loving ourself is the 1st priority, if u think this is selfish u are totally wrong concept. Just Imagine if u are full of wound can u take care of another persons. If our sport athlete dont take care of his own body how he gonna fight for our country?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Role

Suddenly a people came to ask u. What do u think i am. What is my role. what is this role for u??? This question came from your mom. What would u say??? Anyone got some good comments???

Friday, August 10, 2012

Anger is stupid

Have u ever watch a movie till your tears drop, isnt the movie very touching or very romantic or very meaningful or u like it too much. The answer is hell no... nothing related at all. It is because the character in this movie reflects the one u hated. The face look a like with the one u hated. The character done a lot of mistakes but that character is being forgave n that character is so innocent maybe that character dint mean it. Sometimes i hurt myself because i hate someone too much when that movie reflect a similar face it will make u awake "y are u so angry"? This people wasnt that bad.. this people may have some good side. This people dint mean to hurt you. Maybe they will help u when u in need of help. Eventually hate someone is just the same u hating yourself why dont we just give our heart a lot of break so u can focus on our own future not just blinded by the stupid things which we can live n live without. This happened when i watch Step Up Revolution, I may staring at the screen but my mind was somewhere else. Its not a very moral educated film but strange it give me some kind of message.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic Badminton 2012

Our Malaysia Champion says sorry for losing the fight. My eyes wet & it really breaks our heart when the truth is our country has lost, The point is just close like no distance. Our Dato Lee represent Malaysia to fight for the glory. Some peoples may say that he do it for the money. Some peoples are waiting for the public holiday if he won. Some peoples are silly, said that is not fair just only rewarding Lee only, the fate is if we dont reward him who else should we reward because he's the only one who can fight until final. I've been wanting Dato Lee to win for so many years. What i saw from the twitter they said Lee united Malaysian's heart. Yeah, i do agree. He dint get the gold in front of the world but he has won our heart with his never dies spirit. The lose make us United. So at least we still gain n win something on the other hand. Our country always want us to be united so Dato Lee show us THIS IS IT. So i think Dato Lee did a very good job. I never know so many people support Malaysia. Malaysia dint get into the record book for no.1 but i cant forget so many peoples standing in front of the public TV just to support their own country. Maybe it just united us for 1 hour but the satisfaction was really great. Awesome. The Shout. The support. The fight. The smash. The tears. I enjoy that moment more than world cup or euro cup. Thanks to our Dato Lee the legend. We have done the right thing this time which is support our own country.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

There Goes A Fight

I haven't post a music video for so so long, last time I may like some nice song with nice melody, now i would prefer nice vocal with deep writing, maybe i like to act like "Mr Know It All". I not sure u can feel me or not. This is an Olympic 2012 song. I think this song is very positive & very motivated. The impact was so strong for this song plus the word they sang. Maybe we can apply this to our society. I like the way he said some do it for the female, some do it for the retail, I'm very sure i do it for my kid & family. I like the way he said half of the population is waiting me to fail but these huge population wont hold him down. Everytime you fall just making your chin strong just like obstacles make us firm. I be in your corner til the end just like i got your back all times. We can pronounce fight in a very soft tone, medium tone but in a shout tone is really a fight which is dead or alive, the only solution is to win the glory for your family or country. A fight gonna give us scars, give us pain but that is how useful people struggle or live their life till dead. Just like a new car may look very beautiful n shiny, but an old n scratched car always gave a lot of contribution & sweet memories. I feel so touched about he mentioned: when u fall pick yourself up, when u feel your bones cant take no more, just remember what u are here for. Sometimes we are here but we donno what we should do. I think its time to think about our reality future. If we got the direction & faith in us, fall several times wont be a problem anymore.

Friday, July 27, 2012

How fast can u handle ?

I was in a scene. I was in a very high speed. I was chasing a car. I was a camera to chasing myself inside the dream, but many times i dint make it in the end because it was too fast. Sometime dreams are strange n i cant explain. I remember a girl told me before, She said if the god want her to die she got no choice. I was not satisfied with her answer. I was thinking the matter is not the god's decision, the matter is "are u ready to go"? Maybe some kind of fear in me makes me dream about this. Sometimes i just hope god will slap me hard so that i will awake from my addiction & temptation. Of cos it is impossible. The dream makes me thought of if god ask me to go. I will tell him no. Please dont, I still havent settle my debt. I havent ready I havent repent i scared i cant enter heaven's gate that is the biggest fear in life. With all kind of excuses. Quote from Mother Teresa: God will not want your success but he will only want your faith. Eventually, please make yourself ready.

The Show July 2012

When I say the movie was good, someone ask me what's so good about that movie, What message they want to deliver, what moral value they implement, what have u learn from that movie. The answer for me is: I know nothing about movie haha. Lately i have watch 2 movies. The 1st 1 was spider man. I was expecting it will be the movie i like but that movie was just fine. I think maybe is a bit teenage lifestyle, if i was a teenage im sure i will like it very much. The movie too much drama but at the end Peter finally remember to buy the egg that means he dint take responsibility for granted anymore.

The 2nd movie was batman, I watched that movie on the 1st day. Because i want to check out what this creative movie director can do for this 4 years huge come back. I know his movie was always deep n mystery & that is what i've been looking for. The movie was a bit too long. After the show finished i was like, thats it? Finally i have finished a 3 hours movie, feel so tired man. Cant say its totally action at all, still the same style, will be a lot of talking scene. i dint really like the movie immediately. But after i have couple of few drinks, i found that i keep thinking of what they said in the movie. I live the conversation inside the movie because it is deep & it makes u think over & over again. For the role of Alfred is very special, i like they way he very cruel to Bruce because he want him to gain back to spirit to fight again. The word is awesome: Go out & get a life. I like Alfred waited so many times in the Coffee house just because he hope some miracle will happen, the spirit he never give up on Bruce that is touching. They said dont save the world because u are the hero, save the world because u are just a ordinary people, its everyone responsibility. Catwoman asked Batman to escape with her by saying u have give giving enough to them but he replied: no. Is not enough, like the way he keens to contribute more. The Last scene i love the most is Bruce has finally appeared in the coffee house, he life is better than before with a partner Selina. When the shows end i forget to clap my hand which some of the peoples clap haha...

Additional: One of an old mega block buster movie Titanic. I kinda like the movie as well i also dont know why. Someone told me the reason was because those days every youngsters were crazy about big ship, but that was just kidding. The truth is everyone loves this movie because the handsome man sacrificed his life for the 1 he loved. Everyone falling in love & talks about love but no one sacrifice for love that is why everyone is breaking up eventually.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dream the dream

Im the guy who dont like to dream. Lately i was keep awaking in the middle of the night. Because the dreams make me cannot sleep well it also makes me feel tired. Lately I dream of I was in my hometown primary school. I was with my classmates we are ready to take a government exam. This Exam level is higher than Form 6. So should a Form 7 exam. N the classroom building was like so futuristic, My architect knowledge is ZERO but i was surprised why i will have this kind of concept building in my mind. Which is an Aquarium school which got 5 levels, all the walls are make by glasses except the floor is concreted. Above the Main entrance to the top of the building is filled with water n u can see the oxygen keep flowing up. How amazing it is. The scene that time was a clear blue sky plus the blue water inside the class.

Last night my dream more crazy. Even inception movie also defeated. It featured so many friends n also singer as well. I was sitting in a van with my company colleagues. Suddenly we like arrived a Japan's place which got snow. U can also see peoples ice skiing. & what my colleagues was doing is mop the ice floor because they want to test n buy a new mop. Is Stangesman. I saw a fountain which looks very japanese but it is a natural water fountain which came down from the mountain. After that we went into a house. I was sitting next to J park the korean singer there are some friends around as well. The phone rang n i picked it up, someone is looking for Ah yee, i know that is J park's call but he feel very embarrassing n refuse to answer, he shake my hand n said peace. N then the people call again, someone answered n pass it to him. Jay get very angry this time because the guy in the phone called him white. He keep scolding how can u define me with colors, Jay said: can i call u black?? while he was scolding on the phone, what i want to do is find a toilet to past motion. So i went into the toilet i still can see thr mirror & Jay was still scolding there. Eventually i woke up n i really need to past motion immediately.

Sometimes i still will dream about im going to high school later in the morning isnt strange, i think i need to see psychology to explain about my dreams, dream is making peoples insane.

How sexy goes wrong

How u define the word sexy. Sometimes i dont very understand about the word sexy. For me sexy is some hot fit body which can arouse u or the girl wear very less clothes. Nowadays whatever shit also can combine with the word sexy.
My friends say this is a sexy song. I have no idea what is a sexy song. If i ask maybe they will think im very outdated. So better act like i know what is a sexy song.
Girls like to say the guy is very sexy. For me guy is normally called handsome in my dictionary, if u said he is sexy i will think of did he wear anythings very short or wear a deep V like JLo??? Haha i have no ideas hows a sexy guys look likes.
Sexy voices- My childhood friend who didnt see me for many years, 1 day he came to pick me up, He said: Hey. Your voice turned to sexy after dont hear from u so long. I was wandering what he's trying to tell? It makes me think did i sound like moaning ???
Sexy color- What color is sexy anywhere? isnt red?
Even the word "sexy love"- Can I call a fat girl "sexy love"??? sometimes I will laugh if u named something like this. I know this mean "sexy darling" if i not wrong.
Can I say my dog is very sexy because I've helped her to wear a bikini today.
what a about I have a very sexy sex last night because my room pasted Jessica Alba poster on the wall.
what about the weather is very sexy today because I've been boner whole day.

As a conclusion. Isnt that necessary to become sexy. Lean your head against the double layers pillow & think twice about this question tonight.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

What is Father's day // Can anyone tell

I thought I have missed the father's day again. I cant believe today is the actual day. Sometimes my mom complains about my dad and I just wish that I won't repeat my father's weakness. But the truth is so sad.. The way I smile, my smiling wrinkles, my gesture, my hobby and my lifestyle are totally 100% match with my father, that is why I always smile when I was tipsy. My father like to sing which is so I am. Really like father like son. Sometimes is hard to escape my father's blood haha. I always want to thank my father, although I did it before. I still remember my father was here in KL for 1 year to do some renovations for our house so that we can have a place to put in our home. Actually I don't really know he likes here or not, from what I see he is quite enjoy in KL. After many months, I called my father's number, you know what, his dialing tone has changed to "Daniel Powter- Next Plane Home". Then I realised my father should be home sick, because my father has left his home for too long and he just don't know when he can go back due to the work is still incomplete. It's normal to miss home but also a great bonding time for us to be together in KL. Sometimes together we do have conflicts that is for sure, if you got no conflicts with your love one it means u are not even close. But these kind of conflicts make us go far. If we live by ourselves, we will be very comfortable and free because we are living in a box alone, watch our own channel, play our own music, but God wants us to live in a community thats how we can share to each other, learn from earn other and care for each other. There was a time the thieves broke into our house. We had lost many precious belongings. My father blamed on us because of this embarrassing incident. All of us felt very down at that time. Anyway things had happened, blaming is not a solution. Sometimes I wish to tell people who is in a hard time, you have a bad day but this bad day wouldn't last long it may only takes you 1 to 2 days because nothing last forever including the problems. All we need to do is overcome these hard times. Say prayers and seek for help are a must. Sometimes our dad does something wrong but he must have done something right as well. Father is really our "the one" we cant exchange. Sometimes we hope that our dad is the man which we saw on TV, someone big. Sometime peoples will blame on their father because they are over rely on their father's money. But when you look into the mirror and compare with your father's up to date appearance. You will realize you are the young man to fight for the goal is not that upper mid age retired man. It is time to take the lead and be a breadwinner. Eventually, it is about time to show gratitude to your old man. Be the son he wants you to be so that he can stay rich in happiness. A very Happy Father's Day to you all. Fin.

Monday, June 4, 2012

We have to go back in time.

The Show is awesome

The Dog is moody

This is how they roll till 4am in the morning while working days

This is how my friend like to flaunt his body like Mr West haha.

Last Sat schedule was so tight. We went watch Movie in the afternoon but movie session was my friend's idea, we watched the MIB3 movie. It's been a while i dint comment about any movie in my blog because i dont like to, hehe. This movie for me is not so good & not so interesting but the problem is i like it. This movie takes 1 & half hour to finish, but the last 15 minutes make me rate it as a movie i like. The final part's action was like mmm~ average only but when the kid-james appeared that moment was very touching it reminds us our father, sometimes we may blamed our father wasnt always there for us when we needed him, but we never know how our father died or sacrificed for us. I like James keeps the tiny clock which given by his father until today, Finally he knew how hero the way his father was & what his father did was all for him. A movie takes 3 hours is useless, just give me 15 minutes to love that is more than enough.

Night time the singing show was awesome. How I wish i can sing like them. They sing My heart will go on, Can u feel the love tonight & circle of life really can kill me.
1 word for them- Extremely good vocal.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stay In Love

My friend said u wont see me smoking at the Sunway Traffic light anymore. Is hard to believe my friend had come & gone so fast. I was quite happy to have some drinking session & singing session in this 2 weeks. My friend is dealing with some relationship problem once again, so he's in trouble & dilemma. All of his relative & family keep telling him what to do. I think because they are very concerning about him. Some of my family & friends say I'm very judgmental, yes I agree that's what I am. I might be wrong but i judge thing with what i see & what i feel not because i hate them or specially love them. For this case i dint give any judge because i dont have both side information at all. I just said let the adult man to do the decision, i dont want lead an adult direction because he is already wise enough. i said u have already got the answer in your heart who u gonna choose, if this will be wrong just go a head on to wrong. Because mistake makes a people tougher than ever. "Mistake is the key to success" this is very famous in chinese word. Is normal to go wrong but make sure u make a come back which is stronger than before. Sometimes is very hard to fall in love when somebody keep telling u what to do just like its very difficult to fall in love when the war is on because the air is filled with sins, gas, tears & hatred. Its really a very deep wisdom to stay in love when the love is wasnt there anymore.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Draw Sth 25th May 2012//Additional

Its been a long while haven't draw a human figure. Normally just draw "Cars" to my nephew. Today was something special, suddenly some A4 papers in front of me while im playing my laptop. At 1st i was drawing the rapper 50cent, then suddenly change to this pic haha... i know my stroke was not fascinating enough, but this is not a competition, i think art is an enjoyment, i kinda enjoy. Sometimes we love a song not because the song is good to listen, is because it is very good to sing. sometimes we love to sing not because we sing very well, is because we found the joy while we are singing. Kinda happy is because i dint even sketch this with a pencil before i start but straight away draw it with a ball pen, so the result for me is quite satisfy. If my top Illustration friends saw this they will ask me: are u drawing smigoh, child play chucky or any monster that featured in Hollywood movie HAHAHHA.
Just bought a new 2B pencil. Accidentally saw this picture on internet yahoo & it was like 2am in the morning which is also a working day. I was like just simply draw for fun before i go to bed, but when it started it's hard to stop. Draw until half way i was about to give it up but eventually my mission has accomplished. I didnt even sharpen my pencil cos i was thinking just a draft but the bold stroke look something new for me. A picture will not finish drawing when u keep starring at it, all u can do is close this file. A drawing is not how similar u can follow the reference but it's about how u make the drawing looks alive. A drawing is not fully about the accurate of proportion but it's how u simplify the drawing & make it more mesmerize than the reference. In our life is the same. It's not about how good u imitate the magazine cover. It's all about how u make yourself looks mesmerize because u know yourself the best, & u are the master of your body. Magazine cover may just a good reference for you. Is unnecessary to complicate our life. We need ideas to simplify our life.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Live at a bar

Just went to a Bar few days ago. Sitting at the bar & watching the English football final. Normally come to final everyone is very exciting included the non watch football people, i do not dare to make a sound because im a non watch football guy & i scared the fans will whack me with the jugs. There's an english guy beside me who is supporting Man City, Because of M.City is losing he keeps scolding with the word "fook" beside me, how i wish i can tell him: Mr English. Can you please stop saying the word, we pronounce it "fuck" in our country, we dont pronounce it fook & make sure u fuck it with the right pronunciation to get your partner aroused next time. Im sure the Mr English will ask me back what the fuck are u thinking, i will tell him: Pitbull Doggy style. After that I asked the bartender(SPOE) for another drink, the bartender who is an Asernal fans also an African, he straight away give me the bill to pay, i said: No, i wont got the money to pay until M.City won the game, by the way please give me another drink of guinness, the previous glass's portion is just for the baby. Eventually the bar is closing at 00:15am. Spoe came to me again, now u got the money to pay because of M.City has won in the last minutes, I was smiling & said: yes, i got to pay now. before i left i tell him next year champion will be Asernal, please believe it without doubt. goodbye.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Some women says a man who got the sadness in their eye is the most handsome man because it will makes u want to find out more about him. I have lose my fight today & my eye is full of sadness, how i wish i can escape by drinking alcohol or smoking some drugs. Today i went to church alone. After the priest telling a very touching story, I started to cry just like an actor u can ask him to cry anytime, i cry until i cannot stop until the kid beside me said tears. We are playing a role everyday, everyday i want to look good i want to let people know im ok, i want to stay positive, i have to try my best, i have to fight, i have to find solution for myself to feel better whenever im unhappy. But today im alone in church with god, thats nothing i can hide or thats no need to tell god im fine. The god knows u are not fine. Thats y i cant stop crying. Got few things on my mind but i never really go to deal with it, but today im dealing it alone in the church & i just need some quiet time to listen god's opinions. I felt very sad sometimes is not being appreciated but I still have to hold on. I felt very sad when i know my favourite uncle got cancer, i felt very sad because some peoples purposely hurt my feeling, i felt very sad some peoples hurt my family. I felt sad i lost my new hand phone because of drinking with the customer i dislike. Everyday we just keep ourself busy because we dont want to deal with this kind of sad feeling. But today it all comes to me in 1 go all i need is give me a break to cry it out. cry out all this hurt & cry out all this sadness.

The priest was the one to start my tears by telling touching story. I like to listen to story because i like to imagine by myself & create my own scene whether is night time or day time, whether is winter or summer. He said a UNI student went to NY for learn about their culture because he need to write a report about NY's culture for the final project. So when he was in NY he get to know a girl, this girl very like this young man, they work together do assignment together & discuss together, so after 8 months this young man has completed his job. it is time for him to leave. On the last day they did a farewell party for him. After that he took a teksi to the terminal n fly away, but before he took a teksi the girl came out to say goodbye to him they hug each other left cheek n right cheek. The girl touchs her own heart & say I want to say something from my heart, I think is not much chances for us to meet up anymore after u left but i want to tell u 1 thing, u make me best when u are around. This is the reason y this girl like this young man so much. Eventually the guy has gone back to his hometown to complete his study. My sister told me before dont find a partner just because u very love or just got the look. Find someone who can bring out the best of u, someone who can make u grow, someone who can make u better. The power is inside of us but we dint fully use it, but if there are someone there to spur us up, our power is full forced.

Please give me a supportive comment if u read this. I just need some support to win all these fights.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


A girl asked my friend in Station Pasar Seni, what are u here for? My friend answered Im here to "Gotong Royong", he said in our real life we also need to gotong royong once a while. Im kinda like the answer, the answer is very deep enough for u to find out. we not here because of the trend, we are here to fight for a clean election & stop lynas. Actually they got few points for this rally but i was there to fight the right.

Dont really like the radio, media or TV news always giving the false information. Dont really like the radio still asking people: "do u think MU or MC will win? who care? which team won also wont change the history of Malaysia. They are so hypocrite & i hope they will stop practice escaping their real life & stop this kind of false info culture.

I asked many of my friends, are u going to Bersih3.0 this Saturday? They like er... not sure, but actually they have decided to go in their heart. I was the same when the question come to me i also stumble to say Yes or No, Actually also a yes in my heart cos i cant find any excuses, this is our country this is our Malaysia I dont want to escape anymore i want to show sincere & support. I was so touched when i know many of my friends went there too. Some even went there the day before, very proud to have this kind of friends.

1 of the most touching thing is when I'm in the line i can feel the spirit of we are really united. I donno what is her or what is his purpose to be here, but at that hour we all only have 1 motive, 1 direction, 1 queue, 1 heart, 1 word: Bersih.

My heart feel sour & sad cos some peoples were knocked by the police car due to closing time was too mess up. The reason is because some of the fake bersih members throw the red cons to the front screen of the police car, i know it is an accident but who the hell to create this kind of shit people shit fake members. The innocent victim have to hand broke or leg broke because of your fault. I know some of the peoples are throwing stone to the police car while they are moving but i think they are speeding inside the crowd. Not here to said whose right or wrong, just hope everybody is safe for this rally. We want a peace 1.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It Is Time To Feel The Heat

Please let me put on my clothes 1st before i catch a cold. It's been a while i haven't write anything serious here because sometimes i need to lose myself so that i won't go crazy haha. I can't believe last Sat i gave my kindly advices until 5am really sorry for that. i know im very harsh & mad but u know while the fire is burning that is where the urge will on immediately without hesitation, i know i suddenly pushing until no more room to breathe is not really good. i donno this is god's intention or mine, i feel that it is time to start a fight. Im still remember once upon a time i was really very poor in financial, i just dont want to tell my mom or siblings for help because i want to let myself die 1 time, i want to give myself a lesson, that was crazy challenge. I almost no money to eat but when u leave all this money behind u will get to see everything crystal clear. I ask my friend to buy me dinner. He asked me isnt no more money i replied yeah. He even asked me: do u want me to lend u more. When i got no transport to go home i asked 1 of my friend purposely come n send me home. When we're rich we are mighty with the money, when im very poor i'm mighty with my own naked mouth n hand which really makes me proud. Sometimes we need to fall into danger zone then we will realise a lot of people still very caring. We need to fall into risk then we will know how to ask for help. We need to get burned 1 time then we will know what is pain. Really something to learn.

Last Sun the priest was saying about innocent. When we was a kid we are very innocent. Innocent it doesnt mean is stupid. After i got my nephew then i realised innocent kid is wiser than an adult. Kid are born with pure & kind.
That is something alot to learn from the kid, when a kid want to sing he will sing it without bothering the listener. The way they delivered message is so strong which they no need to speak fluent english or mandarin. Whenever they want to dance they will dance. When they want to love they wont see who to love. when they want to tell they tell the truth. They know how to simplify things to the best. Nowadays we are already an adult, we should do better than a kid & bare in mind the word of "innocent". This is what i learn from last Sun. I always tell myself to back for good, not im going back to my hometown for good, reason is we are already good since we were born so what we gotta do now is back for good. Sometimes we gotta promise ourself we gonna achieve the goal or promise yourself we will become better, once we have promised sure is very stress & struggle, this is a deal between no 1 but ourself, once we break the promises ourself value will drop, thats y never escape or lie to yourself so that u will feel that u are a person with value.

Like I mentioned before. We need some drinks to break the rules, what i meant was not crash the red light or steal the diamonds, we need to break our own rules like: tonight i gonna sing in a public, tonight i gonna dance like MJ, tonight i gonna breakthru myself just like no one else in this room. We have so much pride & restriction, we need to find solution to break ourself. The biggest enemy is ourself.

Coming Saturday is another "Clean Election rally". I hope that everyone got the discernment to judge what is right or wrong. Some people dont want to judge because they dont want to be judgmental isnt funny or silly? Then why are still so many peoples watching Simon Cowell show, just ask him dont be judgmental n eat pop corn while the contestant is singing. Some peoples even worst, no comment or no point of view, these are the empty shell people. If everyone got no comments & no 1 judge who gonna fight for the right? Finally I think its really time for everyone to stand up no matter who u are.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can you handle me

I'm very demanding hope my friends dint offended by me, or maybe they have knew it very early, they knew im a dick.

I'll check did u wear your clothes tidily
I'll check did u wax your hair well today
I'll check did u eye contact with me while im talking to u
I'll check what are u wearing today
I'll check are u nicely groomed
I'll figure out what perfume u are using
I'll observe the way u talk to check how true u are
I very choosy for the place for eating
I very choosy for the choice of music
I'll complaint the room service manager
I'll scold the waitor if i was feeling unpretty
I gave stress vibes to my friend when he's not coming for my party
I keep order when my friends want to go home

Anyway Im a Scorpio, are these the symptoms of Scorpio ???

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What He/She Wants.

I just heard this from the radio on Tuesday.
What a lady wants:

A guy can cook, it's a sexy things for them.
(I quite agree)
A guy who has a kind hearted for pet like cat or dog.
(Er. no comment)
A guy who is a rock star or celeb.
(Is impossible HAHA)
A guy can drawing or singing. an artistic guy who is very observant.
(I 100% agree)
A guy who is romantic.
(For sure)
A guy who looks like hot daddy.
(Yes for some of the girls)
A guy who can fix a car.
(No more worry for car breakdown in the middle of the road)
A guy who is handsome.
(I think this happened before christ, its an instinct)
A guy who is good in sport
A bad boy
(This is the no.1 of the list thru the radio)
but isn't it a bit outdated? I thought this is only for the 90's or teenager girls from small town. I not really sure about this.

What a man wants:

A girl who is predictable & also unpredictable
(U can predict what she wants & unpredictable what she will give)
A girl who is a good girl
(Good girl who is not a smoker or alcoholic)
A girl who is sexy enough to make u proud
(A girl who makes u feel windy when u walking with her HAHA)
A girl who can cook & can social when it needed to
(No headache where to eat every night & she blends in with your friends well)
A girl who can take care of the family
(Everyone agrees)
A girl who got decisions.
(She can propose something when you ask her to)
A girl who do not stick with you 24 hours
(Men like freedom)
A girl who is silly
(So that we don't need to create new excuses everytime)
A girl who is independent
(Yes. Miss independent got her own things)
A girl who is a model
(This is same as girls who love bad boys, guys love model but doesn't last long eventually.

Above is just some researches it might be false. Most important we gotta have our point of view & know what we want.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I would like to talk about love if u wouldn't mind

All the while i have been listening to the song "How deep is your love". This song is very friendly, comfortable n relaxing, beat is in moderately speed, the key is not too high. Yes, we know this is a romantic song from bee gees then from Take That in the 90's. Actually the lyrics that is written got nothing special but the melody make the song brilliant.

For me "How deep is your love" is a kind of challenge. Some peoples know about love some people don't. If u ask me what is love? Is hard for me to explain, love is a feeling & it needs to be positive & accurate, it also needed time to be developed. An "i love u" will never strong enough for the 1st time, but after getting thru all the ups & downs together the "i love u" will be firmed n invincible, just like she said i'd loved u for thousand years which really touched your heart so deep. Everyone got love in their heart, some peoples maybe very swallow , some peoples maybe very deep, the reason why is because if u never been loved your love wont be deep enough to share. If u've already been loved well sure u will got the clue to deliver the love. We just need some wisdom to love somebody. Love peoples with the right kind of ways, not just give them drugs when they dying to want it or give them money when they wanted to bribe, these is loving people with no kind of ways.

I felt that "How deep is your love" is a big challenge, cos sometimes we may not happy in our live or work, we may feel fear, insecure, stress or being threaten, all these are out of our control, but if our love is deep enough those thing cant really knock us down. Eventually if u got the faith & love in your heart, u will be the 1 to create miracle.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It wont be drunk before drink

i just need some drinks to write a blog with emotion.
i just need some drinks to sing a song loud.
i just need some drinks to boost my mood up.
i just need some drinks to all cry out.
i just need some drinks to make my dance smooth.
i just need some drinks abuse to get thru all these stress.
i just need some drinks to slow myself down.
i just need some drinks to let out the real me.
i just need some drinks to dare myself.
i just need some drinks to cheers.
i just need some drinks to chill.
i just need some drinks to start a fight.
i just need some drinks to break the rules.
i just need some drinks to have some honest moment.
i just need some drinks to create some beautiful excuses.
i just need some drinks to drive under influence.
i just need some drinks to vomit my lung out.
i just need some drinks to drink before i drunk.
Eventually i just need some love to overcome the drinks.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


This is a song i like since i was a kid.. I used to like Gary Barlow vocal, for me his singing tone sounds very good because it will not too deep or too high but just nice, a beautiful voice to sing songs, until today i still think his voice is very suitable for singing or talking.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Thousand Judges

A tall lady doesn't mean she is fine
A short lady doesn't mean she is ugly
A plum lady doesn't mean she is bad
A sinner doesn't mean he deserved to die
A donator doesn't mean he is kind
I'm stress doesn't mean i forgot to smile
A thousand showers doesn't mean the passed is cleansed
A thick lip doesn't mean she is Jolie
A double O7 doesn't mean he is Brosnan
A high heel shoes doesn't mean she will be loved
A flat shoes doesn't mean she is friendly
A poor woman doesn't mean she wants only diamond
A rich man doesn't mean he is rich in heaven
A poor man doesn't mean he is not blessed
A grey sky doesn't mean we are unhappy
A failure doesn't mean we have given up
A success doesn't mean we have stopped moving
A housewife doesn't mean she is ordinary
A modern woman doesn't mean she is awesome
A humble man doesn't mean he never lose
A ego man doesn't mean he is incurable
eventually a judge doesn't mean we knew other difficulties.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Romantic Century 2012

He felt such a waste because the song u liked is ended before he reach your gate, he is wondering just now should he drove faster because he want to share a wonderful atmosphere & situation with u
Every night he had ready some topics which you really like to listen
preparation is something money cant win
The way he performed he just want your complement but no others
performance is not the best but the best is already given
He is a bit angry & disappointed because the expectation is there
expectation may not essential but he gotta do that to make a better u
He is finding solutions to spur you up & he really hope u can make it
Sometimes he may create some challenges to make u grow
Discover your strenght but not digging your weakness
Words of encouragement is never end no matter day or night
Is useless to spend the time just sitting together but rather spend some quality moment
never neglected u because of the plan is planed nicely
Being interested to listen all kind of conversations
Knowing what u need without your realisation
Eventually remember to smile all the time while we are talking to each other.

If all this above is real, Eiffel tower is just nothing.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Me Against Myself

Some peoples is very paranoid about herself, im not writing a song here. Actually this is a wrong concept. I learned something from a christian book "become a better you". he said: we are the creation of god, everyone is unique, everyone got different strenghts, god created us for reason, everyone got different mission. We cant everytime reminding ourself: No, we cant, im low self esteem, im very insecure, im very lonely, this is all the negative thought. Sex can be a mistake but the god creation is not a mistake. All u have to do is kill all these negative thoughts, dont let all this trash hold u back. Sometimes u may very scare to let people critic about u but why dont u dare to let yourself die 1 time, life is like a gamble, we have to bet 1 round, if we win we'll be happy, if we lose we lose with glory n satisfied heart. I want to buy a positive thinking book for my friend but i've forgotten, sorry bout that. Anyway we should read more positive thinking book like Nick Carter said on the radio. I know by saying & reading is very easy but at least we gotta have the right root to grow the beautiful flowers inside our heart eventually. Some people will accuse until u die but u gotta know how to resurrect & tell them fucker "im still alive".

The Achievement in Life

Just read a book from my friends. I seldom read books. This is a books named: "how to be happy". I dint really read page by page but there's a sentence caught my attention, which is "they happy not because they are success, They success because they are happy". I've been thinking this motto for few days over & over again, the word is very simple but the meaning is very deep, so i gotta dive in deeper to analyse what is this motto. actually what it mean is: A people happy not because they got a lot of money, a people succeeded because they have achieved the happiness inside their heart. Of cos nowadays money is everything//money is not everything. Money categorized our standard. Money can transform to be authority. For the rich people they just try to make the money more & more important or more precious because this is what they have in their hand. But no matter how u calculate money is never enough. Money makes the target higher n higher, when we always cant touch our target line we will never happy that is y rich it doesnt mean u are succeeded. The lifestyle brands: LV, MOET or Apple keep brain washing u, keep reminding u when u using their product, u are in good life. But at the end u are the 1 to find your own good life in the reality.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Just watch Lee Hom Concert last Saturday. Please read my post "I Feel Pretty" the time i attended my glassmate wedding. The song i've chosen to sing was "Ai De Jiu Si Ni" by Lee Hom, I rememer the whole crowd was so enjoy & like the way i sang the song, cant forget the moment i have became a singer for few minutes, after that those uncle keep ask me duet with them with some kind of hokkien song HAHAHA, the problem was i donno hokkien at all. The song really delivered a lot of joy.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dancing in the rain

Last night I went to Lee Hom 2012 concert, this is a 2nd time i attended his concert, overall i will rate it as full marks because the performance is so alive. The whole night was raining so we are a bit off, but the way he sang still making everyone feels hot. The 1st time i went to his concert was 2006, after that i also went to a lot of different concerts included HK & US singers. Overall in my own list Lee Hom is still the number 1 because the things he performed is what i very like to see. I never tell peoples Lee Hom concert is my top ranking, i just can tell them his concert is good & worth to watch. All the while i also very support Lee Hom by buying his Original CD, Like his music is not because the trend of today, need to rap & sing. The reason i like is because the way he express the feeling is loud & clear inside his song. The spirit is inside the song. His look of cos is very commercial, every brand also want to publish his face. Some people will ask do u really need to support with the price ticket or ori cd, for me is yes so that the creativity will live on. Lee Hom is a singer from my teenage time, the pop songs which grow together with me haha.

Conclusion for the concert. Dont ever let him lean the violin on his neck cos it will make him invincible. Dont ever let him have a touch on the piano cos it will make you hold your breath. The appearance is already looks fine but if u let him got the music instrument as a weapon on his hand, unlimited additional marks will be given.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day 2012

Just know that what is a leap day in english. I'm not here to explain what is leap day because i am not a scientist. the radio was talking about leap day this morning as well, they said today is a very special day due to 4 years only has once. They said for those women out there should propose to their man they like. it was quite funny a girl called in & said her boy friend was a shy guy who dare not propose to her, so this girl always telling his boy friend u are the one im going to marry & if u don't marry me i will burn your house, this girl keep telling her own parent this is my future husband. After the conversation the guy DJ keep saying this girl is a cyco of cos they are just joking. I don't know how old is she & how she looks like but is kinda funny, im not teasing at her. It makes me feel like a movie comedy. Quite like the attitude of that girl because she got the courage to love his man & fight for the thing she like... a woman with impact. hahahaha

Saturday, February 25, 2012


There are so many dreams in our life: Scary dream, liquid dream, happy dream, sad dream, non logical dream or some numbering dream which can give you clues to buy toto number.

My friend said i know u got your own dream too, work hard for your dream, 1 day u will achieve it. My friend is a man who got a lot of big dreams that is why he can die to achieve his dream. I started to wonder what is my dream, im lost with no direction just like a drunk people as i usually do. Anyway when i was a kid my grandma always ask me to become a lawyer & i promised her by saying yes i will, the time i dont even know what a lawyer really do but when i have grown up i found that im not really interested with all this kind of laws thingy but only knowing the law of attraction. I did think about this question recently, our dream isnt have to be like: Billionaire, Managing director, Illustration artist, famous author, a football star or become rock singer? We must have some kind of macho big dream then we can share it out loud to the public, But some women is just doing a housewife at home, are they being left out from the society? Some people may look down on them. I would respect them because bring up a family is not easy at all. What about those garbage collector they are the 1 who make our environment clean, non of them have a dream? In reality is not really everyone working on their dream but everyone still playing a very important role in the society. Those successful people on the magazine always look very handsome because today we got Photoshop, but sometimes their scandal will leak on the internet not because of the pipe burst is because they are too obsess of following the world.

Dream is very important for us, dream is the direction of our life, we dint achieve our dream it doesnt mean we are failed, most important we have gain something in our life & learn something. Its kinda sad if we cant reach our dream. Big dream or small dream also a dream, we still have to work for our living everyday, as long as we responsible to our own role.

I still remember someone dream is to become a nun that really makes me respect. what about a dream to become a priest also a man for me to salute, what about a dream to become something like mother Teresa. We cant just live our dream base on the Time Magazine or TV show, because they are just the sake of earning money.

Eventually my dream is become a singer because i also a commercial shit HAHAHA. I always telling my friend my dream is become a singer, music makes my world interesting. I also hope I can makes others world interesting cos this is something free which money cannot buy.

The way she dress

The way she wear heels is so hype
The way she sweat makes people wet
The way she expose makes the air filled with passion
The way she covered up makes people life miserable
The way she wear so tight makes people hard to breathe
The way she wear the leather bell is so raw
The way she wear transparent makes people never enough
The way she wear nothing has solved our riddles.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Words of Wisdom

Lately the top singer in my list still Foster The People, I just red thru 1 of their song which is "I Would Do Anything for You. The lyrics was written with wisdom. He said: "I donno what the plan is, but u can share with me, cause i'll be a listening ear to everything you say", sometimes we are not really that experienced or wise in something but if we always got a good companion to guard us or share with us it will make us grow eventually, being a good listener is very important as well cos in reality sometimes we just like conversation competition n dint bother to concern people's business. I like the way he said: "I've fallen in love & it's better this time than ever before", it makes me feel that he dont want to waste time to look back anymore, he had already moved on to something better than before. "Everyday is a battle i face", is so real for me, we not everyday living in those kind of Korea love drama, in reality we face a lot of battle which make us upset but stronger. "It's a strange life i live, but its what u decided," means she accepts you included your weaknesses. "I smile when you speak," because he always remember to smile no matter he is sad or happy while talking to the 1 he love.... "Shaking my head from all i had done but u never left me", she never left even though he'd failed to achieve something. This song is so similar to our real life, that is why i will like it. It reminds us to stay positive n move on everyday.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Love Day 2012

This is what i got during 14th Feb 2012. Is Kinda surprise & happy. Thanks for the 1. The hard candy "its a boy" i dont really know why is stated like this haha.. The "kisses" chocolate was my childhood obsess favorite. Saw so many people love exhibition in the public, because they cant wait to have sex in the public haha. & in our place we dont really have a romantic street like Paris Eiffel tower hahaha all we can do is have dinner in shopping mall so this is it. But romance grows not because of the places, it grows from the heart, is not because u dare to love exhibition in the outdoor, is because u got the courage to fight for her, love the people with the right kind of way & always pray for the 1 u love.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Full Moon

They said west sided moon is rounder than our country, i do live with a doubt because i never been to west side before. Some more their Hollywood movie & technology are so advance & awesome it makes me feel like i should believe it, if not i will being left out for this modern era. But i rethink over & over again, we are still sharing the same sky, we are standing under the same sun, the matter is just the weather is different, I started to realize what they said was not logical.

Actually we live in a 5 stars country which we got everything, the matter is the human who polluted & destroy the culture, & implement the unhealthy culture which makes our moon is no longer round. our stars are dum now.

For sunlight we got the brightest.
For fruit we are still undefeated.
For local girls they are still very hot due to the hot weather.
For food im still loving it because even U.S mcd have to follow our appetite.
For natural resources are still infinity but i just don't know where everything goes.
For local car we still hebat in proton.
For the tallest building we got sparkling Twin Tower.
For career vise we got all the opportunities even u want to work as a shemale.

Dont tell me other country sang the christmas song louder.
Dont tell me their festival decoration is better.
Dont deny what u are & where u come from, so that no 1 dare to deny u.
Eventually Dont walk away if u know where u belonged.

If u feel that the love is gone, maybe u should be the one to fight back the love which u deserved. Is irresponsible to escape your contry & thing will never goes right. Fight for your country. We can't change the world, we can't change people's country but we can change the culture of our country with the holy vote.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Some peoples very love to bully people because it makes them feel cool & looks like a hero, they may look very furious on their face which makes u scare. The way they talk is killing & makes u weak. Eventually this attitude will lead u only to hell, I wonder the fire furious or your your anger more furious, I wonder will the fire scare of your furious & that is the time for u to become the real hero to fight against the flame.


A lot of football fans in our country because of Astro Super Sport, many of the fans are gambler as well, i know im not a real football fans, many peoples outside is not a football fans as well but we got the right to watch & comment about it. Last time i said football is just for people to gamble & my friend seems angry. Last night i supported Chelsea just for fun but my friend who is MU fans she here to prove me wrong for the final "draw result". I said i dont know much about MU player except Rooney, she said what about JS park, Mexican guy & Gigs, u donno all this player? Yes, i knew they are in the team but they are not not on my mind, do i need to know this as a general knowledge & questioning me like this isnt necessary? U said its just a game, do u really need to defense for MU? If they are your sibling i dont mind but they are not even in your circle of life, u are just seeing them on poster & TV, so i cannot find a single reason why are u so helping them. They are not the 1 who sit beside u. U are the fan is acceptable but do they really need you to protect them from people saying them? I not here to fire back, because i just dont understand. U should put this fight for your life, not this. Give comments on your real life. Eventually I wrote this not because i want to create a story, because i really feel that u are a bit over fascinated for this kind of things. Im not asking sorry or thank you. This is my kindly advice. Hope u are fine with it.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brownie (The Memories of 12 Years)

My Pet Dog

Today I was extremely sad & devastated due to my pet dog(Brownie) had just passed away. Mom said: he sustained until this chinese new year just to stand a chance to meet up with us, what a faithful dog. I was speechless & donno what to say after received the sms. My teenage dog has just left me, the 1st dog which born in my house. 10 years ago he used to vomit blood because of swallowed some chemical powder which use to kill fleas, that time i was outside, i go home straight to see brownie just because i was too afraid to lose him. Still remember we use to jog behind our house & he fell into the drain because his carelessness, still remember he used to escape which make me chase him like a sprinter, still remember he will always there to stare at me when i standing in front of him, still remember he loved to walk by beside my leg like a cat, still remember he always there to welcome me home, still remember he always waited patiently for me to feed him, still remember his adorable eye which make peoples want to love him. still remember he always recognized me even 1 year no see. I did spend my time with brownie this holiday, i also donno y, just like the spirit is asking me to do so. What i have said to my dog was: i just havent met u yet, n i very miss u. thanks for being here always no matter what happened. I know our time together will not last long because he is kinda weak & old nowadays. Finally my pet dog which accompany me since my teenage until today had left. He is in my pray quite frequent, maybe it is time to say goodbye after all this good effort & memories. I think my dad should be very sad because he likes to talk to brownie. The most important thing is we never neglected this lovely dog all the while.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dragon Chinese New Year 2012 (Sibu//Tawau Edition)

Fotos From Sibu 18th Jan 2010

Mr Hong Kong

Tawau Lion Dance
This Chinese New Year was very very rush but rush out an awesome result, I just went to Sarawak Sibu to attend my cousin wedding, is happy to meet up some of the old friends, of cos we are still smoking & drinking together while we are feasting, love the feeling when we are together. Its good to see again because the last time i went to Sibu was 10 years ago & sadly i bring back the same shirt which i brought 10 years ago, it was really a mistake haha.

Chinese New Year at Tawau was not bad, i did spend some times with my old good friends & lovely relatives, but i know the time is wasnt enough, thanks god i still manage to see all my favorite friends. I get to eat my favorite meal with my old friend at the old place which is something i always like to do.

I told my dogs which we raised for 10 years "i just havent met u yet" when i was tipsy. Until the final Saturday which is the last day before i go off, suddenly i had became so emo i also donno why, I keep asking myself y Saturday come to the Sunday, y i want to leave if i dont feel like leaving. i suddenly feel very lonely although i got so many friends beside of me, just like what they sang: & i surrounded by a million peoples i still feel alone so let me go home, loneliness is not because i dont have a companion beside me, feel lonely is because suddenly i feel like very hard to mix with others because of this kind emo feeling. I so wish im the clothes which i left in my hometown, i also wish that the sky has a thousand of stars for me to see before i go. Suddenly dont feel like talking to anyone at the moment but thanks god i have overcome that moment. I was very impressed while my close friends send me some goodbye message when i on my way to terminal that really makes me want to cry. Maybe it is time for us to get back to work. SHIT~ i hope i can drunk n continue naive feel more days. Goodbye message always makes people want to cry, dont really feel like saying a word in the terminal because of the situation makes me very hard to speak. Anyway the gathering at Tawau was good & the wishes i have given & i have received was very happy. Wish everyone got the peace & healthy in this Happy chinese dragon year.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chapter 1 // make a night to remember

Cant believe we had just celebrated the farewell party for Ken, time passed so fast, ken asked me to organise this party for him, i hope i dint make anyone down or disappointed anyone. Overall everything is fine just that the sound system is burst, that is an annoying part. I dont want to put the title as farewell because this is not the beginning is also not the end, so chapter 1 will be suitable.

Last night I was very touched by some simple words like: Thank You. A Thank You really touched my heart because is not just a manner but is some kind of sincere, i was feeling so heavy hearted why have to thank me, im your brother man, as long as anything is within my boundaries i am very please to help.

When Ken shared about the small minor earthquake during the 2005 incidence, i was kinda sad, time passed so fast, the time we are still so young, & this incidence was kept on our mind until today, last time this story was a joke to tell, but when Ken share about this memory last night with that kind of situation it makes my tears drop, its a very natural feeling cos we very missed the old times n we are not going back anymore thats the saddest thing in my heart. We have gone so far nowadays.

Ken is the friend i help the most, I also donno y, maybe he is very blessed, of cos he is my favorite friend thats y he got the special privileges, he deserves the offer is because he very dare to ask for help thats y the priority is always given, just like bible said if u keep knocking on the the door, the door will open for u, i think thats his key to success, another things he will not paranoid by doing some freak things or telling peoples what is on his mind thats how he wins people's heart. By the way, i miss u finally.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Touch my buddy 2012

I dont even know where to start, Lets get this started anyway i wanna be. 2011 Sept when i was at Penang Butterworth, I was so lonely at the time when i was eating maggie cup noodle at seven eleven & singing to the cashier boy- "tonight i wanna cry", my friend called me 1st reaction i was thinking someone is looking for me but my friend is telling me that he will be working permanent in Shanghai on Jan 2012 onward i already so lonely u still want to tell me this kind of sorry news, i straight away run to the next door which has a karaoke to sing there alone, i dedicate all the emo sad song n those goodbye song to make myself feel like im in the terminal final goodbye scene hahaha because im an idiot, the waitress ask me isnt very sad & i said: no, im just a little bit tipsy. When i woke up the next morning then i realized i was damn tipsy last night no wonder my emo has doubles up, it was so lame man~ i thought i was very expert in feeling.

Actually i already less hanging out with this friend this 2 years, maybe we are already in different kind circles, i think after he left should be alright because everything will still remain the same. Got 1 time Elf asked me, do u miss your friend since u so long dint meet him, i said no, er.....I mean yes in my heart. Sometimes do. 1 of my hp ring tone is recorded from our karaoke session, when it rings it will remind me the moment of the crazy time that we used to have. In the future i cant garantee whether we still good friend like we used to or not, i donno whether i still in KL or not, time will make things shallow. If u ask my opinion of cos i will ask u not to go, but this is your dream since long time ago, so i think u should fulfill your desire with this opportunity.

I never really comment on you before, i think it is time now, i still remember last time u were gold hair, thats everybody know, your illustration is the best & your creativity is invincible, of cos i'm friend with u not because of these talents, what i like about u is u can always make me laugh with those crazy jokes because u said nonsense is more important than knowledge & your nonsense makes my world fantastic. Some stories u told me can really makes my tears drop, maybe other people may not like your writing or your presentation, but im very sure 1 thing all of them cannot do, the things u said got the feeling behind which also will make me think over n over again. because sometimes we see it we hear it but we cant really feel it, but u got the power to make people feel it thats what i like n i think t is extraordinary.

Last time we were so young, the time n friendship are money cannot buy, n I very confident to say im a important friend for u.

Eventually hope u can be more considerate with everyone around u, if u can do that, u will be more awesome.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Reunited Jan 2012

This few days suddenly i was back to the Backstreet boys era, suddenly we are still using the roll film camera, all our memories is shown on a real foto but not on facebook, suddenly we are stuck in the young & wild & free era. We are so naive until we do everything with i want it that way. We used to leave Louis Vuitton behind & live with "No Fear" wallet. Used to Proton can bring us a lot of joy but not a BMW, used to be a very real person before we getting fake. Used to "connecting people" before the i-phone make the world mute. We gotta hold this on before we get lost, dont influence by the trend but be the 1 to lead the trend. Not stuck in the past, the things which this few days reminded me.

Normally Dec to Jan is a very very busy month, cant really say full force busy on work, the main busy thing is to gathering, this kind of time is for us to feast. Dec has gone so fast because of the pack entertainment, 1 of my best friend also just left today, he was my Tawau friends but now he has moved to other country. Use to be very very brother in Tawau when i was a teenager until i am a man, I cant finish telling in here, even ask me to simplify it i also donno where to start or where to end. Im know i was a bit lost cos i've been mixing too many west sided friends in KL, it makes me forget about my old friends, but this few days it did remind me when we are in Tawau, everynight we go out to supper together no matter what, i remember we got huge gang. It also remind me im from Tawau, it makes me miss my hometown, it reminded me my old high school, i remember every morning we will eat san nyuk mian no matter what, haih this kind of memory really makes my tears drop. Although we got no time to talk about our old time, this kind of memory is locked inside our heart. i did examine about myself overall did i entertain my friend well, cos its not everyday we can meet & we cant go back to the past anymore, the past is awesome, but i hope my entertain is amazing this time, hope i do remember to smile all time while we are together but not a impatient sour face. if not i will live with regret. Last time the way we walk on the street is so simple n natural, hope we don't forget the simple things we have if not there will be no meaning to being happy anymore. Hanging out with my hometown friends also will heard a lot of my local hakka, is always makes me laugh, i've been talking too much west sided dialect, it makes my mother tongue goes poorer. We got no choice, everywhere got different culture, that is a sth to learn n sth to give up.