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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stay In Love

My friend said u wont see me smoking at the Sunway Traffic light anymore. Is hard to believe my friend had come & gone so fast. I was quite happy to have some drinking session & singing session in this 2 weeks. My friend is dealing with some relationship problem once again, so he's in trouble & dilemma. All of his relative & family keep telling him what to do. I think because they are very concerning about him. Some of my family & friends say I'm very judgmental, yes I agree that's what I am. I might be wrong but i judge thing with what i see & what i feel not because i hate them or specially love them. For this case i dint give any judge because i dont have both side information at all. I just said let the adult man to do the decision, i dont want lead an adult direction because he is already wise enough. i said u have already got the answer in your heart who u gonna choose, if this will be wrong just go a head on to wrong. Because mistake makes a people tougher than ever. "Mistake is the key to success" this is very famous in chinese word. Is normal to go wrong but make sure u make a come back which is stronger than before. Sometimes is very hard to fall in love when somebody keep telling u what to do just like its very difficult to fall in love when the war is on because the air is filled with sins, gas, tears & hatred. Its really a very deep wisdom to stay in love when the love is wasnt there anymore.

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