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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dragon Chinese New Year 2012 (Sibu//Tawau Edition)

Fotos From Sibu 18th Jan 2010

Mr Hong Kong

Tawau Lion Dance
This Chinese New Year was very very rush but rush out an awesome result, I just went to Sarawak Sibu to attend my cousin wedding, is happy to meet up some of the old friends, of cos we are still smoking & drinking together while we are feasting, love the feeling when we are together. Its good to see again because the last time i went to Sibu was 10 years ago & sadly i bring back the same shirt which i brought 10 years ago, it was really a mistake haha.

Chinese New Year at Tawau was not bad, i did spend some times with my old good friends & lovely relatives, but i know the time is wasnt enough, thanks god i still manage to see all my favorite friends. I get to eat my favorite meal with my old friend at the old place which is something i always like to do.

I told my dogs which we raised for 10 years "i just havent met u yet" when i was tipsy. Until the final Saturday which is the last day before i go off, suddenly i had became so emo i also donno why, I keep asking myself y Saturday come to the Sunday, y i want to leave if i dont feel like leaving. i suddenly feel very lonely although i got so many friends beside of me, just like what they sang: & i surrounded by a million peoples i still feel alone so let me go home, loneliness is not because i dont have a companion beside me, feel lonely is because suddenly i feel like very hard to mix with others because of this kind emo feeling. I so wish im the clothes which i left in my hometown, i also wish that the sky has a thousand of stars for me to see before i go. Suddenly dont feel like talking to anyone at the moment but thanks god i have overcome that moment. I was very impressed while my close friends send me some goodbye message when i on my way to terminal that really makes me want to cry. Maybe it is time for us to get back to work. SHIT~ i hope i can drunk n continue naive feel more days. Goodbye message always makes people want to cry, dont really feel like saying a word in the terminal because of the situation makes me very hard to speak. Anyway the gathering at Tawau was good & the wishes i have given & i have received was very happy. Wish everyone got the peace & healthy in this Happy chinese dragon year.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chapter 1 // make a night to remember

Cant believe we had just celebrated the farewell party for Ken, time passed so fast, ken asked me to organise this party for him, i hope i dint make anyone down or disappointed anyone. Overall everything is fine just that the sound system is burst, that is an annoying part. I dont want to put the title as farewell because this is not the beginning is also not the end, so chapter 1 will be suitable.

Last night I was very touched by some simple words like: Thank You. A Thank You really touched my heart because is not just a manner but is some kind of sincere, i was feeling so heavy hearted why have to thank me, im your brother man, as long as anything is within my boundaries i am very please to help.

When Ken shared about the small minor earthquake during the 2005 incidence, i was kinda sad, time passed so fast, the time we are still so young, & this incidence was kept on our mind until today, last time this story was a joke to tell, but when Ken share about this memory last night with that kind of situation it makes my tears drop, its a very natural feeling cos we very missed the old times n we are not going back anymore thats the saddest thing in my heart. We have gone so far nowadays.

Ken is the friend i help the most, I also donno y, maybe he is very blessed, of cos he is my favorite friend thats y he got the special privileges, he deserves the offer is because he very dare to ask for help thats y the priority is always given, just like bible said if u keep knocking on the the door, the door will open for u, i think thats his key to success, another things he will not paranoid by doing some freak things or telling peoples what is on his mind thats how he wins people's heart. By the way, i miss u finally.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Touch my buddy 2012

I dont even know where to start, Lets get this started anyway i wanna be. 2011 Sept when i was at Penang Butterworth, I was so lonely at the time when i was eating maggie cup noodle at seven eleven & singing to the cashier boy- "tonight i wanna cry", my friend called me 1st reaction i was thinking someone is looking for me but my friend is telling me that he will be working permanent in Shanghai on Jan 2012 onward i already so lonely u still want to tell me this kind of sorry news, i straight away run to the next door which has a karaoke to sing there alone, i dedicate all the emo sad song n those goodbye song to make myself feel like im in the terminal final goodbye scene hahaha because im an idiot, the waitress ask me isnt very sad & i said: no, im just a little bit tipsy. When i woke up the next morning then i realized i was damn tipsy last night no wonder my emo has doubles up, it was so lame man~ i thought i was very expert in feeling.

Actually i already less hanging out with this friend this 2 years, maybe we are already in different kind circles, i think after he left should be alright because everything will still remain the same. Got 1 time Elf asked me, do u miss your friend since u so long dint meet him, i said no, er.....I mean yes in my heart. Sometimes do. 1 of my hp ring tone is recorded from our karaoke session, when it rings it will remind me the moment of the crazy time that we used to have. In the future i cant garantee whether we still good friend like we used to or not, i donno whether i still in KL or not, time will make things shallow. If u ask my opinion of cos i will ask u not to go, but this is your dream since long time ago, so i think u should fulfill your desire with this opportunity.

I never really comment on you before, i think it is time now, i still remember last time u were gold hair, thats everybody know, your illustration is the best & your creativity is invincible, of cos i'm friend with u not because of these talents, what i like about u is u can always make me laugh with those crazy jokes because u said nonsense is more important than knowledge & your nonsense makes my world fantastic. Some stories u told me can really makes my tears drop, maybe other people may not like your writing or your presentation, but im very sure 1 thing all of them cannot do, the things u said got the feeling behind which also will make me think over n over again. because sometimes we see it we hear it but we cant really feel it, but u got the power to make people feel it thats what i like n i think t is extraordinary.

Last time we were so young, the time n friendship are money cannot buy, n I very confident to say im a important friend for u.

Eventually hope u can be more considerate with everyone around u, if u can do that, u will be more awesome.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Reunited Jan 2012

This few days suddenly i was back to the Backstreet boys era, suddenly we are still using the roll film camera, all our memories is shown on a real foto but not on facebook, suddenly we are stuck in the young & wild & free era. We are so naive until we do everything with i want it that way. We used to leave Louis Vuitton behind & live with "No Fear" wallet. Used to Proton can bring us a lot of joy but not a BMW, used to be a very real person before we getting fake. Used to "connecting people" before the i-phone make the world mute. We gotta hold this on before we get lost, dont influence by the trend but be the 1 to lead the trend. Not stuck in the past, the things which this few days reminded me.

Normally Dec to Jan is a very very busy month, cant really say full force busy on work, the main busy thing is to gathering, this kind of time is for us to feast. Dec has gone so fast because of the pack entertainment, 1 of my best friend also just left today, he was my Tawau friends but now he has moved to other country. Use to be very very brother in Tawau when i was a teenager until i am a man, I cant finish telling in here, even ask me to simplify it i also donno where to start or where to end. Im know i was a bit lost cos i've been mixing too many west sided friends in KL, it makes me forget about my old friends, but this few days it did remind me when we are in Tawau, everynight we go out to supper together no matter what, i remember we got huge gang. It also remind me im from Tawau, it makes me miss my hometown, it reminded me my old high school, i remember every morning we will eat san nyuk mian no matter what, haih this kind of memory really makes my tears drop. Although we got no time to talk about our old time, this kind of memory is locked inside our heart. i did examine about myself overall did i entertain my friend well, cos its not everyday we can meet & we cant go back to the past anymore, the past is awesome, but i hope my entertain is amazing this time, hope i do remember to smile all time while we are together but not a impatient sour face. if not i will live with regret. Last time the way we walk on the street is so simple n natural, hope we don't forget the simple things we have if not there will be no meaning to being happy anymore. Hanging out with my hometown friends also will heard a lot of my local hakka, is always makes me laugh, i've been talking too much west sided dialect, it makes my mother tongue goes poorer. We got no choice, everywhere got different culture, that is a sth to learn n sth to give up.