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Friday, January 13, 2012

Touch my buddy 2012

I dont even know where to start, Lets get this started anyway i wanna be. 2011 Sept when i was at Penang Butterworth, I was so lonely at the time when i was eating maggie cup noodle at seven eleven & singing to the cashier boy- "tonight i wanna cry", my friend called me 1st reaction i was thinking someone is looking for me but my friend is telling me that he will be working permanent in Shanghai on Jan 2012 onward i already so lonely u still want to tell me this kind of sorry news, i straight away run to the next door which has a karaoke to sing there alone, i dedicate all the emo sad song n those goodbye song to make myself feel like im in the terminal final goodbye scene hahaha because im an idiot, the waitress ask me isnt very sad & i said: no, im just a little bit tipsy. When i woke up the next morning then i realized i was damn tipsy last night no wonder my emo has doubles up, it was so lame man~ i thought i was very expert in feeling.

Actually i already less hanging out with this friend this 2 years, maybe we are already in different kind circles, i think after he left should be alright because everything will still remain the same. Got 1 time Elf asked me, do u miss your friend since u so long dint meet him, i said no, er.....I mean yes in my heart. Sometimes do. 1 of my hp ring tone is recorded from our karaoke session, when it rings it will remind me the moment of the crazy time that we used to have. In the future i cant garantee whether we still good friend like we used to or not, i donno whether i still in KL or not, time will make things shallow. If u ask my opinion of cos i will ask u not to go, but this is your dream since long time ago, so i think u should fulfill your desire with this opportunity.

I never really comment on you before, i think it is time now, i still remember last time u were gold hair, thats everybody know, your illustration is the best & your creativity is invincible, of cos i'm friend with u not because of these talents, what i like about u is u can always make me laugh with those crazy jokes because u said nonsense is more important than knowledge & your nonsense makes my world fantastic. Some stories u told me can really makes my tears drop, maybe other people may not like your writing or your presentation, but im very sure 1 thing all of them cannot do, the things u said got the feeling behind which also will make me think over n over again. because sometimes we see it we hear it but we cant really feel it, but u got the power to make people feel it thats what i like n i think t is extraordinary.

Last time we were so young, the time n friendship are money cannot buy, n I very confident to say im a important friend for u.

Eventually hope u can be more considerate with everyone around u, if u can do that, u will be more awesome.

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