Poland Krakow

Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting Close

A cigarette can be smelly but it helps u to make some new friends.
A beer can be dizzy, it makes your relationship better with your enemy.
A touch is not to molest but i just want to get your attention.
A phone call can be nothing to talk about but just want to under your received call list.
A message dont have to be long as long as the feeling is applied.
A song u sang dont have to be good as long as the joy is delivered.
A lover how loving also useless if they never help each other to grow.
A kiss goodbye doesnt have to be aroused but just to make sure nothing is between us.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

unchange to change

Sometimes I want to quit smoking but I still waiting government to ban the cigarette.
I want to stop drinking but im still waiting all the alcohol company to be shut down.
They want to stop the drug but outside is still selling out fast.
We want to stop corruption but we still encourage to do that like a courtesy.
We want to change the world but we still waiting for the world to change.
Everyone wants to become a leader but they're not even a good follower.
They just want others to follow their culture but they dint know much about their own culture.
They keep speaking english so that they will sounds like a professional.
We want to betray others but we cannot be betrayed.
We want to be blessed but we've never been to the sanctuary.
I want to gain my confident but i keep telling to my heart i'm very ugly.
The seller said his spears can pierce thru any shield & his shield nothing can be pierced thru.
The man is killing but as long as he's not killing others with gun or knife.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A gift 2.0

Just received my birthday present from a good friend, the birthday day was custom make & i very appreciate it. I was shock suddenly the King of Pop is in front of me, the book was so big size, i have forgotten i am still in love with Micheal Jackson, it makes me go to turn his music on, this is the man who change the world, his move & his vocal was my dream until today. Another thing is the Westlife music CD, it reflect my teenage time, it makes me very busy when im driving cos have to sing all the way while driving. Anyway Thanks Vivien.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

& Another 1

Last time is style & cool to listen Linkin Park then Black Eyed peas then Maroon 5. Now is Foster The People's world. Again i like the way it starts, the way they bring u into their music, sense of video is good. i hope they can be the best new artist for the coming award because they are very nice unique with their songs & video... U.S songs are very bored nowadays, even the top 10 U.S billboard nothing is my favorite. It is time for me to buy this album.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My 11111 Birthday Party

Just celebrated my 2011 birthday party last Saturday, I think all the while, this time was the best i ever organised, The place was just nice to have some good communication. This is the 1st time i do such a big party, the big i meant is we really make this big & i didn't expect so many of them will come over, is kind a surprise & also quite a big production as well cos the beers come non stop.

Actually some of the selected friends are very important to turn up that night cos it will mean a lot to me, i really hope to ask them come compulsory, but forcing is not that right way if their heart is not open. My party was not like those MTV got million of Moet bottles & super models walking every where, everything was so ordinary. I was very happy that i have make this ordinary party to an extraordinary party. Some of the friends i really wish to talk to them especially those closest 1 but really i dont have the time on that night. Frankly I was very nervous before going there i even lost my appetite for my dinner.

At 1st everyone was very normal & sober, A friend ask me isnt a sitting over night for a dead people, i laugh n then i know it is time for me to do something already, so the rest of the night i was standing n cheers with the friends for non stop, thats the only way to boost the mood up. i dint want to knock out actually cos dint see some of them for quite a long while, but situation leave me no choice, Im total gone at the closing time.

I cant believe after the 2 glass of flaming, I really gone wild. Frankly speaking, i dint really feel embarrassing maybe they are already my old friends, they have get used to it for my style hahaha. I was suddenly singing some song i wish to listen, like: Lee hom songs & Pumped Up kicks.. It was the highlight for the party, im happy that i leave some smiles & laughter on their face. The review was good & some even said thanks to me.. i really feel satisfy & glad. Although all the songs are out of tune but that is where the joy behin. I also feel touched when i knew they do sang some different languages of birthday songs to me which they sing it crazily like we are the only 1 at the bar.. really appreciate it very much, Really thanks Ken for the take care for each time i've knocked out.. Thanks everyone for the sincerity. My biggest birthday wish is to share my joy, thats y the only way to express is to sing it out loud in the public.. hahaha & thanks god everyone is peace... At last Ken lost without direction on the way home due to lost memory, he said 5o'clock in the morning only he reached home hahahhahaha but thanks god he is safe...

Here are some awesome recap:

Let some peoples transform into a porn boy

Rocking Like A Hurricane

Mine 11111 Birthday

Wish god can let me naive 1 more day. Because it is my birthday again. All the comments come faster than i reply, really happy, my mom said is happy to have me that makes me almost cry.

I got five number 1 this year. Let me list it down:
number 1 in drinking
number 1 in singing
number 1 in social
number 1 in listening
number 1 in feasting

Although some are not really good, but thats the real me.. cant deny. Today an All Saint day, hope i can continue to serve something better so than i can become a saint someday.