Poland Krakow

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A gift 2.0

Just received my birthday present from a good friend, the birthday day was custom make & i very appreciate it. I was shock suddenly the King of Pop is in front of me, the book was so big size, i have forgotten i am still in love with Micheal Jackson, it makes me go to turn his music on, this is the man who change the world, his move & his vocal was my dream until today. Another thing is the Westlife music CD, it reflect my teenage time, it makes me very busy when im driving cos have to sing all the way while driving. Anyway Thanks Vivien.


  1. next year's gift i will give you greyson chance's album haha...by the way, did you drew that on the carlsberg coaster?

  2. I love greyson chance. hahaha. Yes. i use the marker permanent to draw on the carlsberg coaster.

  3. Ur idol not Lee Hom???