Poland Krakow

Sunday, November 13, 2011

unchange to change

Sometimes I want to quit smoking but I still waiting government to ban the cigarette.
I want to stop drinking but im still waiting all the alcohol company to be shut down.
They want to stop the drug but outside is still selling out fast.
We want to stop corruption but we still encourage to do that like a courtesy.
We want to change the world but we still waiting for the world to change.
Everyone wants to become a leader but they're not even a good follower.
They just want others to follow their culture but they dint know much about their own culture.
They keep speaking english so that they will sounds like a professional.
We want to betray others but we cannot be betrayed.
We want to be blessed but we've never been to the sanctuary.
I want to gain my confident but i keep telling to my heart i'm very ugly.
The seller said his spears can pierce thru any shield & his shield nothing can be pierced thru.
The man is killing but as long as he's not killing others with gun or knife.

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  1. if u don drink beer n smoke sure tat 1 not IVAN HO !! :P