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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Narrow Door of 31AUG2013

Lately I have watched a HK talk show, he says nowadays everyone can writes. Last time only legend peoples produce book, but after we have facebook & blogger everyone started to write their own book. For me who's the author it doesnt matter as long as the story is fascinating enough. Even all the celebs & politician's book or facebook is written by their assistant as well so what is so impressive? Just watched the movie-planes, is such a positive & motivated movie, at last then he found out his teacher dint won any race in the past, but the message the movie wanted to deliver was: is not about how good & how strong is your teacher was, is about how this teacher makes u shine, & how much u believe in him that he can make u succeed. I think no matter how good is our teacher, in the end it still depends on how u gonna break into something new with the basic elements that you have.

Life is pathetic when your work isnt so smooth but monthly commitment still comes after u as usual. Its alright, the god said never worry about what we wear & what we eat, he said leave it to him. Thats why i know i wont die since he has written black & white in the bible, if i starve till die i will use the bible word to bargain with god. Everyone has their own burden to carry, thats the challenge thats the fight, Rich or poor peoples will also have their own crosses to carry. We will live without burden only the day we die. Life is bored with no test & fight. Many of these little things shape us into something new. Its something like u have to risk your life & throw yourself into death then u can find out the hidden side of u. There will be no breakthrough with stable life. Hope i can catch up with my life as soon as possible. Hope the burden dint slow u down or hold u back. Hope we wont face our problems with anger or hide ourself from burden.

A lady told me prayer/faith without action is zero. Even find a good partner we have to pray as well & action on it. Because we are the one to choose the spouse not the god hahahaha....
They said:
love wont work without communication
love wont work without maintenance.
love wont work without action
love wont work if loving each other with no ways.

The father said there is a narrow door. If u have to enter that door u have to be very disciplined, workout everyday & eat only vegetable to stay yourself in shape, purpose is to enter the kingdom of heaven. The lady said u have to get ready before your mr/mrs right appears, if the time she/he appeared but u still addicting to drink & gambling, u might lose her/him & the right one only appears once.

This is how it ends.