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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Shoes Cabinet

7 days ago, my friend accompanied me to the church, after church he ask me for a jog, i didn't refuse him, so we jogged for 5 rounds with no stopping at all, after the exercise i was feeling extremely exhausted, after finished jogging i went into his new rented house, this is a house which my friend just moved in, i donno why i was feeling a bit insecure when i step in to the house, feeling a bit haunted although their renovation is very new n tidy. Maybe is my imagination of Thai haunting movie. So while we are waiting for Justin due to he is out for PC fair duty, we do some sit up & bumping at the living room, after that my friend Jeff went to take his shower, he took so long to shower, so i was a bit bored i go to his car garage to have a stick of Marlboro Light, I saw their shoes wreck was so big & tall, can probably put in 100 pairs of shoes from the head to toe, I was so curious so i go to open up the shoes cabinet to check out what kind of shoes they owned. when i open it, i was extremely shock & immediately bounce back, my leg was shivering until i have to crawl on the floor, what i saw was justin corpse was placed inside the shoes cabinet, my 1st thought was Justin must be murdered by Jeff & placed him inside the shoes cabinet, can tell that Justin had been stabbed many times by some kind of pointed weapon by seeing the stab wound. I feel so sorry for Justin. I started to wonder if justin was dead why Jeff still ask me to wait for Justin to dinner together. Im start to nervous n donno what to do. without hesitation i straight away find the house key trying to escape, but the house wasn't there, & the grill is locked & my car is parked inside the gate too, now only i knew why jeff want me to do all this kind of exercise because he want me to get exhausted the motive behind is make me no strenght to defense against him. When Jeff has done his shower & I tell him i suddenly got some urgent things to do, can u please let me go???
Jeff: why are u so scare? have u just seen whats inside the shoes cabinet.
I: Why, I dont understand why u killed Justin.
Jeff: I've planned this for long long time ago, that is why i moved in to become his house mate, Justin always like to bully & make fun of me since high school until now. I just want to live my life, but he's always like to destroy my confidence, so the way to solve this problem is to kill this sinner who deserve to die.
I: Jeff, no one deserve to die even though he/she a saint or sinner, i feel your difficulties, i know Justin is sarcastic sometimes but he is a reliable friend as well, because he never turn me down when i needed help & i do appreciate that he will remember my birthday every year & very keen to organize or celebrate my birthday, this is what i like about him.

Eventually i have convinced Jeff, he let me go & i promise him i will not tell the police about this incident, but at last Jeff feeling very guilty after he listen to the UK boy band-guilty, he himself go to police station to admit that he had murdered some 1 inside the house. But actually by the time i realized Justin inside the shoes cabinet he still wasnt dead, what i found out is he still breathing, but i a super hater as well because Justin used to tease on me, so i use a rope to tight his neck until he lost his breath, i did not left any evidence excepted the "lizard 10" saw i do that. The truth is i always make up story in front of Jeff by saying Justin talk bad about him, the real motive behind is to create hatred on Jeff, i used Jeff to be the part of my plan & he's the one to go in Jail.

A make up story.
* The truth is Jeff & Justin have just moved to a new house which bought by 1 of their friend, i did go to their house, the 1st feeling for me is, this house is a bit dim, then when i look at the big shoes cabinet straight away i suspect is there any1 die inside before ???

The Perfect Killer

Living in the city is driving me insane, the are too much jealousy & comparison. everyone also want to be perfect included me, everday also need to upgrade ourself just like the machinery I phone everyday need to be upgraded so that pirated application can not be used.

Everyday the office director keep nagging me to speak proper english, have to be confident, communication skill have to be brushed up, have to be self motivated, have to be efficient. need to read more books such as: u know it & u can do it, how to breakthrough, how to be a billionaire or how to plan your plan. But all i've been reading is only facebook & post shit on it is my strenght, so how shit am i is for u to imagine.

Sometimes this kind of problems can really cause me insomnia for few weeks, when not enough sleep the appetite will be affected for sure, so i've been figuring out how to soft this problem, i think this is my character's problems, they were too many characters inside of me, the characters are: ego me, lazy me, arrogant me, stumble me, selfish me, low esteem me, what i can do is kill all of them inside of me, they are my enemy who make me never perfect. So i have to plan how to get them killed. 1st i have to take drugs to access to my own world & kill them 1 by 1.

1st scene. kill the ego me, the most easy way to scam him is to challenge him, night time i date him to the college swimming pool which only me & him. n i ask him to hold the breath underneath the water for 5 minutes, when he is underneath the water i waited him at the pool side, once he get up from the water to breath i straight away use the metal string to tight up his neck, make him die in half a minute since he is already lack of oxygen, then chop his corpse into pieces & put it into the laundry machine, then i wait until the next morning which is already full of student then i left, so they will be very hard to catch who's the murdered because anyone is predictable in that college.

2nd scene. kill the lazy me, this is the most easiest job to do, i drive him to a outskirt places n ask him to take a nap inside the car if he wanted to, when he fall a sleep i use the knife to stab him from the back of the cushion then bury him at some grasses place, when i get back to town i will straight away change my car sit to a better sport sit so that people wont suspect.

3rd scene. kill the arrogant me, this will have to collaborate with those who are hated him as well, make his enemy beat him or torture him until he left his last breath, things will be easier. when he is injured badly use car to knock him, then go to report police, tell the police this guy is murdered by his enemy, u can reward as a good citizen on the other hand u have borrowed somebody's knife to killed your enemy.

4th scene. stumble me. stumble me like to play four square on i phone, so everyday i have to stalk the facebook where he used check in, when i know where he located, it is the right time to do the wonderful job. I go to his car n cut of his brake pedal's wire, when he cant stop in the highway there will be a beautiful accident.

5th scene. selfish me. Selfish me is a bit hard to kill because selfish people will have a lot of suspicious mind when you date him out, they will turn u down easily, so what i gotta do is follow him to the places he likes, he likes to fishing, which is paddle a boat to the sea to have a over night fishing, i put a heavy stone into my backpack beg, at 1st we will have some hardcore black label to make him drunk 1st. After all the drunk session, tight the heavy stone on his leg n throw him into the sea, then he will be forever gone.

6th scene. low self esteem me. this kind of people is very hard to get close, cos they normally is a indoor person, the only thing to make him hyper is provide him drugs, when he is overdoze of drugs he will get very hyper, then that is the time to call his mobile which u are already standing underneath of his condo balcony. ask him to jump down from there, encourage him while he is so much illusion in front of his eye, tell him: u can do it. since he is super hyper he will not care whats the consequences. After my job done, all i have to do is take him mobile & delete the incoming call list.

Everytime when my job done i will listen to "tears in heaven" i donno its happy or sad but i just know i doing a great job. After a week the police come to knock on my door, police says" we are investigator of police & u have involved in few murdering cases, we need u to follow us back to the police station n have some investigation, i was a bit shock when did i've murdered peoples. They shown me all the death peoples pictures which are all of my friends. I have killed Kay whos a very ego person, killes Woody whos a very lazy person, killed Joseph who is a arrogant person, killed Max who always stumble when he's playing piano. killed Sam who is always selfish in making decision. Killed Michael who is very low self esteem on his appearance. all kill following by the character which i dont like with myself, i have mixed up reality with my illusion. At last i am convicted by the police with my smiley expression, i live with no regret because i do everything just to make the world more beautiful.... fin

This is just an imagination, dont try this at home
Inspired by secret window by johnny depp & indentity by john cusack.
Inspired by Cinemax 412.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Different kind of thought

1 kind of rice but came out thousands of different thoughts. Lately had been meeting a lot of different kind of friends, new friends, old friends, regular friends & good friends. I dont really like to read book but i like to meet different kind of peoples, cos there is nothing can be more interesting than peoples, a new sharing from others is the new knowledge for me. But sometimes hanging out with friends have became a job for me, u need to entertain but not letting them down. Example like: this friends u need to talk foot ball with him, another 1 u need to talk hot girls with him, this 1 u must only bring him to KL Zouk club, the other 1 u must follow him to the pub which is full of china PR, some girls u can only talk love relationship with them, another girl u can only talk gossip with her. Gotta know what attracted them, that is y observation is in need.

I donno why sometimes their friend will become my friend, when they dont want to entertain, they will just pass their friend to me. For my point of view is, we must remember what good things that our friend has done, so when they come to find u, it is time to return favor, but i dont really like those friend who find u only when they got no choice, which u must follow their way as well, it will let me think they are a bit selfish. Some peoples just live for themself, they are not come to serve, they come for the benefit, maybe they will have a very good achievement but it doesnt make me appreciate or agree. 1 of my super role model is Mother Teresa, her life is not live for herself, she lives for people's dream, she serves, give what the people really needed that is y she not just achieve success but also a Saint on the earth, she some kind of superhero.

Just went to a 24 hours fasting last Saturday, donno why i felt they are very kind hearted & I really very appreciated with the afford that they have given, really very thank you to them & thank you god. It was the 1st time i read the English Gospel, feeling very special, honestly i adjusted my tone before i speak the word. The word from the priest was awesome & cool, crystal clear & interesting, he's the man.

Just now my Tar college friend came to visit me, the things that we talk is quite interesting, is some kind of adult talk but not pervert talk haha... is something about work & he told me what is the real beautiful girl & a real partner, is a bit funny is also quite true, that is something to learn...

I got a best friend in Tawau, i like peoples who are modern in fashion & modern in thinking, but this friend is a bit opposite, but there is something i like about him is the true that he hold in his hand, sometimes what his thought is a bit old fashion but do remember what ever new is always came from the old, what is wrong & right he can differentiate clearly, this is the place I salute him, he dint follow the world.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lent Season once again in 2011

This month is Lent season, & I donno what the fuck I have been doing, I'm still drink like usual, that is y, the calling from god & I got no hole to escape anymore, the knife had reached my neck. Vivien had committed me to rehab this Saturday which is a 24 hours fasting at Kelana Jaya Saint Ignatius Church. i was feeling a bit nervous but also happy, cos is quite a while i dint meet up with my SIC friends, I knew some of them are going as well so is kinda happy & I dont want to waste people afford for organizing this holy event.

Actually Lent season is not about fasting, fasting is just one of the basic way, we can do many things in stead of fasting, like doing charity to help someone who needed, or says prayer for Japan, do not get angry at all in this lent season, do not speak pervert in this kind of season or even dont sex for this season thats will be royal saluted. Just try to do some sacrifices that will be fine.

Some say: oh, it's lent season, i should give up smoking, give up drinking, fasting, sometime it make u feel that they are a bit shallow for their faith, u stop smoking, stop drinking but u never go to church that is zero. I rahter u smoke more & drink more but no matter what u have to go for the Mass. Do fasting n say prayer at home but without going the church that is a new kind of faith which is not recognised. Sometimes why our prayer never been heard is because our prayer is not strong enough, maybe u never pray in the church but just praying alone at home, the prayer is not loud enough, sometimes we not just pray, sometimes we have to do some sacrifices to deal with the heavenly father, we not just pray for Japan, but we can do some fasting for them, thats hows the prayer goes strong, when u pray at home u are just praying but when u are praying in church your whole body is praying thats the differences & a place where u can get the blessing.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Newspaper is published full page everyday that Maroon 5 will be coming for concert at 29th of April 2011, i was a bit hesitated whether i should go or not, & i try to deny i was in love with their songs. But i have decided to go now no matter the light is green or yellow or red nobody gonna stop me now. 1 night i can spend 100 over why dont i spend a hundred on the artist that i like?

The 1st song i like about Maroon 5 was "this love" i blindly like this song, but for the song of "she will be loved" i found it it was very touching n meaningful, this is a song that i would like to dedicate to my mother & sister. I like their song is not because it is very good to listen, i like it is because what they sang is something slightly similar with my life, so their song is quite impostant to me. My Favorite about is "it wont be soon before long" good, touching, meaningful & realistic.

Another track of song is Goodnight Goodnight, he said "so much to learn so much to learn but i wont be there to teach u" this is something u can apply in your life, so dont blame nobody there to teach u or save u because no one can 24 hours there to guard you.