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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Perfect Killer

Living in the city is driving me insane, the are too much jealousy & comparison. everyone also want to be perfect included me, everday also need to upgrade ourself just like the machinery I phone everyday need to be upgraded so that pirated application can not be used.

Everyday the office director keep nagging me to speak proper english, have to be confident, communication skill have to be brushed up, have to be self motivated, have to be efficient. need to read more books such as: u know it & u can do it, how to breakthrough, how to be a billionaire or how to plan your plan. But all i've been reading is only facebook & post shit on it is my strenght, so how shit am i is for u to imagine.

Sometimes this kind of problems can really cause me insomnia for few weeks, when not enough sleep the appetite will be affected for sure, so i've been figuring out how to soft this problem, i think this is my character's problems, they were too many characters inside of me, the characters are: ego me, lazy me, arrogant me, stumble me, selfish me, low esteem me, what i can do is kill all of them inside of me, they are my enemy who make me never perfect. So i have to plan how to get them killed. 1st i have to take drugs to access to my own world & kill them 1 by 1.

1st scene. kill the ego me, the most easy way to scam him is to challenge him, night time i date him to the college swimming pool which only me & him. n i ask him to hold the breath underneath the water for 5 minutes, when he is underneath the water i waited him at the pool side, once he get up from the water to breath i straight away use the metal string to tight up his neck, make him die in half a minute since he is already lack of oxygen, then chop his corpse into pieces & put it into the laundry machine, then i wait until the next morning which is already full of student then i left, so they will be very hard to catch who's the murdered because anyone is predictable in that college.

2nd scene. kill the lazy me, this is the most easiest job to do, i drive him to a outskirt places n ask him to take a nap inside the car if he wanted to, when he fall a sleep i use the knife to stab him from the back of the cushion then bury him at some grasses place, when i get back to town i will straight away change my car sit to a better sport sit so that people wont suspect.

3rd scene. kill the arrogant me, this will have to collaborate with those who are hated him as well, make his enemy beat him or torture him until he left his last breath, things will be easier. when he is injured badly use car to knock him, then go to report police, tell the police this guy is murdered by his enemy, u can reward as a good citizen on the other hand u have borrowed somebody's knife to killed your enemy.

4th scene. stumble me. stumble me like to play four square on i phone, so everyday i have to stalk the facebook where he used check in, when i know where he located, it is the right time to do the wonderful job. I go to his car n cut of his brake pedal's wire, when he cant stop in the highway there will be a beautiful accident.

5th scene. selfish me. Selfish me is a bit hard to kill because selfish people will have a lot of suspicious mind when you date him out, they will turn u down easily, so what i gotta do is follow him to the places he likes, he likes to fishing, which is paddle a boat to the sea to have a over night fishing, i put a heavy stone into my backpack beg, at 1st we will have some hardcore black label to make him drunk 1st. After all the drunk session, tight the heavy stone on his leg n throw him into the sea, then he will be forever gone.

6th scene. low self esteem me. this kind of people is very hard to get close, cos they normally is a indoor person, the only thing to make him hyper is provide him drugs, when he is overdoze of drugs he will get very hyper, then that is the time to call his mobile which u are already standing underneath of his condo balcony. ask him to jump down from there, encourage him while he is so much illusion in front of his eye, tell him: u can do it. since he is super hyper he will not care whats the consequences. After my job done, all i have to do is take him mobile & delete the incoming call list.

Everytime when my job done i will listen to "tears in heaven" i donno its happy or sad but i just know i doing a great job. After a week the police come to knock on my door, police says" we are investigator of police & u have involved in few murdering cases, we need u to follow us back to the police station n have some investigation, i was a bit shock when did i've murdered peoples. They shown me all the death peoples pictures which are all of my friends. I have killed Kay whos a very ego person, killes Woody whos a very lazy person, killed Joseph who is a arrogant person, killed Max who always stumble when he's playing piano. killed Sam who is always selfish in making decision. Killed Michael who is very low self esteem on his appearance. all kill following by the character which i dont like with myself, i have mixed up reality with my illusion. At last i am convicted by the police with my smiley expression, i live with no regret because i do everything just to make the world more beautiful.... fin

This is just an imagination, dont try this at home
Inspired by secret window by johnny depp & indentity by john cusack.
Inspired by Cinemax 412.

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