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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Shoes Cabinet

7 days ago, my friend accompanied me to the church, after church he ask me for a jog, i didn't refuse him, so we jogged for 5 rounds with no stopping at all, after the exercise i was feeling extremely exhausted, after finished jogging i went into his new rented house, this is a house which my friend just moved in, i donno why i was feeling a bit insecure when i step in to the house, feeling a bit haunted although their renovation is very new n tidy. Maybe is my imagination of Thai haunting movie. So while we are waiting for Justin due to he is out for PC fair duty, we do some sit up & bumping at the living room, after that my friend Jeff went to take his shower, he took so long to shower, so i was a bit bored i go to his car garage to have a stick of Marlboro Light, I saw their shoes wreck was so big & tall, can probably put in 100 pairs of shoes from the head to toe, I was so curious so i go to open up the shoes cabinet to check out what kind of shoes they owned. when i open it, i was extremely shock & immediately bounce back, my leg was shivering until i have to crawl on the floor, what i saw was justin corpse was placed inside the shoes cabinet, my 1st thought was Justin must be murdered by Jeff & placed him inside the shoes cabinet, can tell that Justin had been stabbed many times by some kind of pointed weapon by seeing the stab wound. I feel so sorry for Justin. I started to wonder if justin was dead why Jeff still ask me to wait for Justin to dinner together. Im start to nervous n donno what to do. without hesitation i straight away find the house key trying to escape, but the house wasn't there, & the grill is locked & my car is parked inside the gate too, now only i knew why jeff want me to do all this kind of exercise because he want me to get exhausted the motive behind is make me no strenght to defense against him. When Jeff has done his shower & I tell him i suddenly got some urgent things to do, can u please let me go???
Jeff: why are u so scare? have u just seen whats inside the shoes cabinet.
I: Why, I dont understand why u killed Justin.
Jeff: I've planned this for long long time ago, that is why i moved in to become his house mate, Justin always like to bully & make fun of me since high school until now. I just want to live my life, but he's always like to destroy my confidence, so the way to solve this problem is to kill this sinner who deserve to die.
I: Jeff, no one deserve to die even though he/she a saint or sinner, i feel your difficulties, i know Justin is sarcastic sometimes but he is a reliable friend as well, because he never turn me down when i needed help & i do appreciate that he will remember my birthday every year & very keen to organize or celebrate my birthday, this is what i like about him.

Eventually i have convinced Jeff, he let me go & i promise him i will not tell the police about this incident, but at last Jeff feeling very guilty after he listen to the UK boy band-guilty, he himself go to police station to admit that he had murdered some 1 inside the house. But actually by the time i realized Justin inside the shoes cabinet he still wasnt dead, what i found out is he still breathing, but i a super hater as well because Justin used to tease on me, so i use a rope to tight his neck until he lost his breath, i did not left any evidence excepted the "lizard 10" saw i do that. The truth is i always make up story in front of Jeff by saying Justin talk bad about him, the real motive behind is to create hatred on Jeff, i used Jeff to be the part of my plan & he's the one to go in Jail.

A make up story.
* The truth is Jeff & Justin have just moved to a new house which bought by 1 of their friend, i did go to their house, the 1st feeling for me is, this house is a bit dim, then when i look at the big shoes cabinet straight away i suspect is there any1 die inside before ???

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