Poland Krakow

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Newspaper is published full page everyday that Maroon 5 will be coming for concert at 29th of April 2011, i was a bit hesitated whether i should go or not, & i try to deny i was in love with their songs. But i have decided to go now no matter the light is green or yellow or red nobody gonna stop me now. 1 night i can spend 100 over why dont i spend a hundred on the artist that i like?

The 1st song i like about Maroon 5 was "this love" i blindly like this song, but for the song of "she will be loved" i found it it was very touching n meaningful, this is a song that i would like to dedicate to my mother & sister. I like their song is not because it is very good to listen, i like it is because what they sang is something slightly similar with my life, so their song is quite impostant to me. My Favorite about is "it wont be soon before long" good, touching, meaningful & realistic.

Another track of song is Goodnight Goodnight, he said "so much to learn so much to learn but i wont be there to teach u" this is something u can apply in your life, so dont blame nobody there to teach u or save u because no one can 24 hours there to guard you.