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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Sentimental Christmas 2013

Oh Dear? It's Christmas time again. It is time to exchange present again. Sometime we need some humour in our writing so that it wont be so boring. So another year has escaped from our hand & I have cheated myself 1 more year. The only thing i have transformed is my hair is longer & grey, my height still the same, my face still looks like my father's son. The only 1 thing in us which will not grow old, it is our thought, no matter how old we are, we still can choose to be naive & immature. Superman also changed new underwear but im still wearing the classic underwear so basically i have chosen to stay the same.

Before Christmas they keep asking: are u ready for the christmas. Yes I said. mistletoe Checked. Christmas tree checked. My friends checked. Christmas' sock for santa checked. My christmas holiday also checked. They said so many times we are just busy decorate the christmas tree, busy decorate the environment, busy all the things which do not related to us. A sudden pop up question: "Did u put some decors on your family & do u put some decors on yourself"? Oh my god this is too deep. I thought season of give is all about give gift give gift thats it or i needed to wear christmas costume for myself? Sometime i find that some people its very pathetic, they always do something for peoples but they never do something to fix themself. Never really heal their own wound until their heart is broken. Thats why they keep asking: are u ready? have u fixed yourself? are u ready to give the best? are u ready for this fight? are u ready for this war? are u ready for the peace to come? are u ready to let love in?

This year i've been playing a very bad man role, an angry man who doing things with frustration. I have scolded many of mine close 1 over this year. I was so guilty when i look into their innocent eye, when u scolded them he/she still can takes the initiative to find u or call u, it really makes me feel so sorry. In this mean time im not ready to give, when im ready i will pay back for my wrong doing. Lately i hear a lot the word of "pride", is this a sign? haha... Im not the best but i do feel im kinda talented in somewhere. The things & talents that i have make my pride the tallest building on earth. Thats y he said: do u willing to put down all your thing included your pride, your status to follow me?? Sometime u really need to let go although this is a fight, a same way to let go your pride. Pride makes people impossible to forgive. The reason why we get angry is because the peace in our heart is gone. We really need a lot of peace in our heart so that we wont get angry anymore.

Flash back to my old house which is my hometown, I dont even remember how many years i didnt celebrate christmas over there. The old house should be feeling very lonely without the spark light & the sound of joy. They said no matter how well u remembered your childhood's christmas, u cant go back anymore. They said last time your christmas u were very happy with your family but what about now? Did the time tear u apart from your family? Now we are all grown up, we will have our status, our point of view & our way of doing thing. Conflicts is normal to have sometime. A wise people said nothing can break your family if your family is united. I pray i will have the deepest patient & deepest love for them. I need wisdom to love & forgive the 1 i hate.

2014 resolution: Kill my pride. We wont know people will forgive us or not for the wrong doing but we must forgive others to make ourself feel better so that we can move on without something holding us back.

Eventually It is time to feel brand new. feel the peace. feel the season of love. A blessed christmas for everyone. Spread the good news. Spread the joy.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sad Song

This sad song makes me wanna put down my pride & cry... What a emotional song.... Very good lyrics & expressive & touching. Meaningful & realistic.