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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Role 2.0

It's been 1 month I didn't make any update on this blog. I wanted to write about this but the word just dont come to my mind, and I've promised myself to write this beautifully. My brain is too empty to write something now. Someone is waiting for this post so i got to write it whether the idea comes or not. I dont want to write this just my point of view but add in some sharing from friends

My mom asked me many times before: Do u want to back for good. I told her many times as well i havent got the answer right now. I have lived 18 years at my Hometown since the day i was born n now another 10 years in KL so it is more than 50% of that 18 years. Now i just stop by my hometown once in a while. Sometime my parents went to some wifi cafe just to message us is really very sincere, the way they try to reach us...

Few months ago my mom want me to tell her what is her role, is she lost? or she want a point of view from me. I know why she asking me this question. Because i also heard that from the mass. I was thinking what is my role too.

Father from above said I am who I am but he dint tell me what I am. I think i got few roles in my life. Im not a super successful people but im sure im the son of my parents. My role is very easy, all i have to do is be a good son, never ever do anything to ruin my life or hurt myself, keep on track in my life, be a good man is the biggest gift to your parent not just sending money home every month.

Role 2 I'm the employee of my company, all i need to do is achieve my sales target n serve customer well. Although i not good with my boss, last quarter I'm doing quite well with my result. I think is very blessed from god because base on my independent power is not strong enough to do this.

Role 3 I was a brother in my siblings. Is quite challenging & need a lot of wisdom & prayers to hold everyone together. Good relationship & close relationship is not easy, gotta work hard. Sometimes god has arranged us together, all u have to do is live this life n live it to the best for the god sake. haha

Role 4 I have turned to my nephew's godfather, I feel glad & i have to behave good as a senior because the kid observation is very strong.

Maybe future i will become people's husband or someone daddy, so from time to time our role is changing because we never stop in our life. Time is transforming us last time we talk about where to drink now we talk about investment among our family. My mom ask me do u feel scared due to i have committed a big amount, my answer is no because i got u at my back. I think sometime have to throw myself into challenge so that i will feel the fear, just let me step into this danger zone & this will be a dead or alive adventure.

The role of my mom is: she is our mom. My mom can sacrifice which always touched my heart. The effort, time & money she spend is uncountable. The role who can cook 24/7 for us night & day. She got the hopes on us. never give up on us that no one else can do. Many peoples ask me why i so handsome, i will pass this question to my mom n dad. I think my mom applied the colors to my life, let me go for music classes, learn english since small & let me study in art school, all these are my hobbies, now i can sing wherever im driving or walking or bathing. I can draw anytime when i want to. She form me a better man i guess. Thankful for giving me room to grow. We are not very rich so money is very difficult n have to very discipline as well.

I think my mom is a role who is very self motivated although not much peoples praise her, she said the strength is came from god. Thats y the force is still burning inside of her. I dint make my mom proud but im confident enough to say i always spend the quality time together when i was around, this is how i feel proud of myself. My mom is not shame to share about me in front of her friends & i not shame to talk about my mom.

As a conclusion, money is very important but the best way is to obey & send your concern & blessing everytime. We are not god We are just ordinary peoples all we can do is be the best of our role then we will be sorry to no one. We cant get distinction in all of our roles but at least we need to pass all of it so that we wont neglect anything n our life will be balance.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Moon Cake Festival

I've been gone for a while because don't feel like writing anythings. If u ask me are you very busy? I will answer u: I not sure im busy or not. Apparently i may look very free but my mind was extremely busy. Dealing with all my things. My mom ask me do u feel stress i said no because im not sure how to define stress. If u ask me what am i thinking i would said: Bank, Lawyer, e-mail, Credit card, Bills, new career, sales target & work. This is what call committed to life (kidding)hahaha. Sometimes just wish to escape all this things. My mind was so hyper, when i woke up a random song will come to my mind immediately, dont have a peace of mind. I have been busy dealing with banker & lawyer lately, i dont want to just complaining, scolding, or became a mad man. I really spend time to think how should i reply this e mail/message. They said speaking is an art maybe it is true. An email I would like to implement the greeting, wishes, manner, humor & feeling. Knowing a million vocabularies is not important, the most important is express how u feel n ask them to understand u. That's y express your feeling is very important, if u dont practice it u may forget how to express or forget who u really are. Everyone got a courtesy side, i think the way to open their courtesy door will be tell them your situation. Of cos some people may not have courtesy, thats the way they chose to live their life.

Random thought:
She said: You are so lazy, you have not doing the laundry for a month, y u still got pantie to wear? He replied: i have not wearing it for a month.

My friend says Shanghai is getting cold this month, my kindly advise was remember to wear more layers & a condom for protection so that u wont catch a cold.

Happy moon cake festival by the way.