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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Difficulties Of Dec 2011

December is normally is a best time to feast but I've been having some problems with my Jan 2012 schedule. Is really really very angry n very fucked me up, too many unsmooth shit happened. My flight to Sarawak has been changed to a time which does not fit me, & my leave application had been rejected by my boss, flight timing remain pending it makes me cannot apply leave n also cant even buy my return ticket too. I take the trouble to go subang terminal purposely to make the amendment, the staff ask me to wait at home due to he need to make a request to the management, but after few days I called him but he keep saying tomorrow or will call me back in 5 minutes. I already very very rage with fire burning cos all my plans are hanging n the date line is getting very close. At last i dont want to wait the staff anymore, i went there straight away to find the staff again then only on the spot he help me to amend the flight timing, i dont understand why this staff want me to appear in front of him then he willing to amend it for me, i should be very angry & fucking him but i didnt i also donno wheres my fire gone haha maybe anger wont solve problems... after settle the ticket is time for me to apply leave again, eventually i got approved with 2 days leave instead of 3 days leave early on, i event argue with my boss why he dont approve my leave at the 1st place so my relationship with my boss is no more good. Anyway things already happened just leave it to god. I told my family that my boss declined my leave for attend the sarawak cousin wedding, my dad said: if not convenient just canceled the trip. I said: No, i wont, i have decided to go & i wont cancel because of the leave & ticket problem.....
sometimes the problem is not u have promised people, the most biggest problem is u have promised yourself, I dont want to give excuse to myself & i dont want to lost faith on myself. i know its stubborn but i just dont care. This kind of issued really mess my christmas up but anyway we still need to thanks thanks thanks.

I even message my friend by saying im very sad. I remember few years ago I called my best friend that I was very sad, I ask him to find me by tomorrow, but when i called him on the next day, He was in the middle of tea session outside & he dint inform me that he is not free & I was so disappointed, so after that time i never tell him about my feeling. This time around I tell my another close friend that I'm very sad please come out to keep me company, straight away he called me up n asked what happened to you, of cos we just talk about the issue for 5 minutes but thats enough at least got someone who listen to me & console me.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Catch The Invisible Call

Some peoples like to share about their own story, cos they really thought sharing is caring, actually i dont really agree sharing is caring. if u want to care about your friends or love 1, it is so easy. just a simple "how are u honey?" or "how's life my friend?" just that simple. But some of them just bother to tell their story, other than that is non of their business cos they are expert until can teach god what to do. What I've learned from last Sunday mass was: sometimes we just need some quiet time to make our mind clear, just like a refreshment. We need some quiet time to hear the calling: Calling of love. Calling of care. Calling to share from god. Or your friends may have some troubles which want for your opinions, if too noisy or u keep talking is hard to get the message. Sometimes just need a pause or a break so that we can go better & farer. Busy life make us blind, selfish life make us lonely, noisy life make us deaf. If u just living for your job or money u will forget whats the reason of being happy. The saddest things is im very free & always day dreaming. Hope god can directly call my mobile when he got something to tell me. God bless all of us HAHA.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

A sincere greeting card from a sincere friends. Thank u with Kavana's song.

When I stepped in da church then I realized AW MAN~ it is time to christmas which i cant deny because of all the decoration is on. Is hard to believe that we are running out of 2011 again, that's mean we still alive HAHA. Firstly gotta thanks my Jesus for giving me another chance to celebrate his mega birthday again. Secondly the most important of cos is we still have a healthy life, thirdly is the peace that we want for every sec. forthly of cos our career which provide our living if not we will hungry until die. Wishing everyone got a very very triple good Christmas & Merry Christmas....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stay Connected With The Community

Most of the modern peoples are using smart phone nowadays, the reason y is because they can play their smart phone whenever & wherever they can. They may sit in a gathering group but all of these people are just busy playing with their smart phone, i cant said they abused the phone, cos Steve Gate created this miracle is for the peoples to play, the games, the apps everything is just to earn money, of cos the online facilities is still the Number 1. Last time they said MSN keep peoples apart, now they said smartphone keeps people in distance. Whatever just remember to hold the hand & connect the people like whats Nokia always say. whatever u want just fly a call, there no need everything in black or white cos our life is living in natural color. We are living in this earth but we are now living inside the smartphone world, we are not Neo inside the Matrix movie. We are no inception. Entertainment inside the smartphone is necessary but do u know that your friends or sibling got something more important to tell u face to face?

Friday, December 2, 2011

The 25th NOV 2011 Trip

Worldcup Competition: We sexy & we knew it

Just went to Penang last Friday, all i can show on above is thats all, the rest u may dont want to see it, cos we mess it up again at the closing time. overall the trip is good & safe, all the way to Penang we got company by Lee Hom & Foster The People songs. Raining time is a bit dangerous due to have to see thru the blur mirror. This holiday is relax, i like to drink at the seaside. The dinner is good with Wine & Henessy VSOP, we did met some drunk girls as well at the closing time, Chinese said a wedding dinner got some peoples drunk means that it is a happy dinner. After the hotel lobby of cos it is time to get together into a room, we bough 25 big bottles of beers, but we managed to finish 15 bottles of beers. We drank by playing games. The situation in the room i donno what to say. I only can say that: It was crazy. By the way, when i woke up in the morning i realized i was naked, did i raped by someone or i have raped someone??? I quickly check my ring, mobile, camera all are safe, but suddenly my classmate intercom me: Hey your shoes had left in our room! HAHAHA I have neglected my shoes.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Something to share

On Wednesday evening, I was rushing to a bar due to my friends are waiting there. before the chill section on, i went for a quick dinner which was 3 sticks of luk luk around the station 1. Coincidentally I met my ex lecturer, actually i met him before last sat at the North side, I feel like want to pretend I'm not there n go but in the mean time the only 2 customer are me n him so i cant escape, I have to say Hi, how are u, what a coincidence to see u here, thats where the real conversation begun. Although I met him last Sat, we dont have any conversation at all but this time our topic is into another stage, it is about work. i cant believe last time i use to talk to him as a student, now i talk to him as a friends. But in my heart he is still my lecturer maybe i have get used to it, but i like the way he shared his story, he can put his pride down to share his difficulties even though he is my lecturer before, the sharing makes me stay. He said use an Apple laptop as a cash deposit is kinda sad, borrow money from the x is a shame. I asked him why dont u quit teaching since u are so busy, he said my ambitious is become a lecturer that's why until today im still holding on, i was impressed by that spirit, he said last time he need the job n the college kindly offered him, now he refuse to quit is because he dont want to forget the courtesy which people used to offer. My lecturer really a man with feeling & honest is in his hand haha.

I kindly advised him: hectic life to earn money makes no meaning, it destroy your health also destroy your sleep, everything is damaged badly. I started to wonder, everyman use to said we work just to rise our family, if today u work just to rise your bank account's figure, maybe u need to recheck are u out of your direction? i mean if the target u set u have already achieved, that should be a enough for the mean time. if got no satisfaction how to be happy, sometimes i ask my friend why u want to earn so much money they can't really elaborate why, sometimes i want to ask my country how much corruption then u enough? the answer is they never know how to enough, give them a sky also useless.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting Close

A cigarette can be smelly but it helps u to make some new friends.
A beer can be dizzy, it makes your relationship better with your enemy.
A touch is not to molest but i just want to get your attention.
A phone call can be nothing to talk about but just want to under your received call list.
A message dont have to be long as long as the feeling is applied.
A song u sang dont have to be good as long as the joy is delivered.
A lover how loving also useless if they never help each other to grow.
A kiss goodbye doesnt have to be aroused but just to make sure nothing is between us.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

unchange to change

Sometimes I want to quit smoking but I still waiting government to ban the cigarette.
I want to stop drinking but im still waiting all the alcohol company to be shut down.
They want to stop the drug but outside is still selling out fast.
We want to stop corruption but we still encourage to do that like a courtesy.
We want to change the world but we still waiting for the world to change.
Everyone wants to become a leader but they're not even a good follower.
They just want others to follow their culture but they dint know much about their own culture.
They keep speaking english so that they will sounds like a professional.
We want to betray others but we cannot be betrayed.
We want to be blessed but we've never been to the sanctuary.
I want to gain my confident but i keep telling to my heart i'm very ugly.
The seller said his spears can pierce thru any shield & his shield nothing can be pierced thru.
The man is killing but as long as he's not killing others with gun or knife.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A gift 2.0

Just received my birthday present from a good friend, the birthday day was custom make & i very appreciate it. I was shock suddenly the King of Pop is in front of me, the book was so big size, i have forgotten i am still in love with Micheal Jackson, it makes me go to turn his music on, this is the man who change the world, his move & his vocal was my dream until today. Another thing is the Westlife music CD, it reflect my teenage time, it makes me very busy when im driving cos have to sing all the way while driving. Anyway Thanks Vivien.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

& Another 1

Last time is style & cool to listen Linkin Park then Black Eyed peas then Maroon 5. Now is Foster The People's world. Again i like the way it starts, the way they bring u into their music, sense of video is good. i hope they can be the best new artist for the coming award because they are very nice unique with their songs & video... U.S songs are very bored nowadays, even the top 10 U.S billboard nothing is my favorite. It is time for me to buy this album.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My 11111 Birthday Party

Just celebrated my 2011 birthday party last Saturday, I think all the while, this time was the best i ever organised, The place was just nice to have some good communication. This is the 1st time i do such a big party, the big i meant is we really make this big & i didn't expect so many of them will come over, is kind a surprise & also quite a big production as well cos the beers come non stop.

Actually some of the selected friends are very important to turn up that night cos it will mean a lot to me, i really hope to ask them come compulsory, but forcing is not that right way if their heart is not open. My party was not like those MTV got million of Moet bottles & super models walking every where, everything was so ordinary. I was very happy that i have make this ordinary party to an extraordinary party. Some of the friends i really wish to talk to them especially those closest 1 but really i dont have the time on that night. Frankly I was very nervous before going there i even lost my appetite for my dinner.

At 1st everyone was very normal & sober, A friend ask me isnt a sitting over night for a dead people, i laugh n then i know it is time for me to do something already, so the rest of the night i was standing n cheers with the friends for non stop, thats the only way to boost the mood up. i dint want to knock out actually cos dint see some of them for quite a long while, but situation leave me no choice, Im total gone at the closing time.

I cant believe after the 2 glass of flaming, I really gone wild. Frankly speaking, i dint really feel embarrassing maybe they are already my old friends, they have get used to it for my style hahaha. I was suddenly singing some song i wish to listen, like: Lee hom songs & Pumped Up kicks.. It was the highlight for the party, im happy that i leave some smiles & laughter on their face. The review was good & some even said thanks to me.. i really feel satisfy & glad. Although all the songs are out of tune but that is where the joy behin. I also feel touched when i knew they do sang some different languages of birthday songs to me which they sing it crazily like we are the only 1 at the bar.. really appreciate it very much, Really thanks Ken for the take care for each time i've knocked out.. Thanks everyone for the sincerity. My biggest birthday wish is to share my joy, thats y the only way to express is to sing it out loud in the public.. hahaha & thanks god everyone is peace... At last Ken lost without direction on the way home due to lost memory, he said 5o'clock in the morning only he reached home hahahhahaha but thanks god he is safe...

Here are some awesome recap:

Let some peoples transform into a porn boy

Rocking Like A Hurricane

Mine 11111 Birthday

Wish god can let me naive 1 more day. Because it is my birthday again. All the comments come faster than i reply, really happy, my mom said is happy to have me that makes me almost cry.

I got five number 1 this year. Let me list it down:
number 1 in drinking
number 1 in singing
number 1 in social
number 1 in listening
number 1 in feasting

Although some are not really good, but thats the real me.. cant deny. Today an All Saint day, hope i can continue to serve something better so than i can become a saint someday.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Right track at the right situation

"Kiss Goodbye" was a 2006 Chinese song, actually this song is very commercial love song but i dont care, this is my favorite chinese love song. When this song release, i was in Tawau with my parent, living a simple kind of life. Sometimes i will on this song just to listen how it goes, but when the last day i going to leave Tawau, i was sitting inside the car with my parent, suddenly the radio station play this song-kiss goodbye, is really the the right song at the right situation, at that moment the air is full of emotional & i was trapped inside this song no 1 can ever rescue me, it really makes my tear drop of because im leaving Tawau & my parent within this 12 hours, my heart feel so heavy plus with this kind of emotional song is playing to my ear, thats why this song is something different & important to me, maybe the radio play this hundred times a day but it's really a right track for that kind of situation. The 2nd time i heard this song on radio is at 1am in the morning around Kelana Jaya, i was sitting inside my best friend's new car, that moment was so quiet, is very suitable to have some pillow talk (kidding). Again the radio coincidence play this song as well, it reminded me of that day, i told my friend this song used to make me cry because of that kind of situation. Hopefully im dint scare my friend because after that he seldom find me anymore.... Maybe my friend thought that im some kind of jackass.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A thing which is more than A thing

1st time i show u the pic it will make u feel funny.

After years

2nd time i show u the same pic it will make u feel a shame because of u've grown up.

After years

3rd time i show u the same old pic it will makes u cry because it is the memories u miss the most.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thru the Rain

Last Friday i went to Klang, on the way back to the Sunway mini "penang bridge", the rain was very heavy & the wind was so strong, i saw those peoples crossing the road with the umbrella turn inside out i was like cant stop laughing inside the car, I laugh is because i did experience this before, cos when i was in the situation i donno what it's look like for others, but when others is inside that situation it remind me that was me before. Last time when Subang Empire havent exploded, i went there to chill with Vivien before we go to see the Vocal artist of American Idol Lee dewyze performs, when its almost time to start, it also the same, raining elephant & dinosaur, since we are there to see the show, no choice. go to the car & get a fuck up umbrella & sharing that umbrella while crossing the road. My jean & shoes was fully wet, When the singer is singing i was shivering is because a bit cold but on the other hand the vocal was impressed as well. Last time in college time also used to run under the rain, after crossed the pedestrian bridge another 1 km to reach home. the rain was faster than me, end up running thru the rain & sang: Mariah Carey's song: "i can't make it thru the rain".

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Love This Movie.

Just went to a movie at Cathy Cineleisure At e-curve today(Sunday). Its been a month i dint enter any cinema. It was Xiao Chen idea to go for a movie today, at 1st we dint manage to get ticket from Sunway Pyramid so ended up watch that movie at e-curve. The movie i watched today was REAL STEEL. actually i got not much expectation on this movie, the movie overall is not bad, the climax was average. Of cos the movie got something i very like so i still rate it as "very good". I like the feeling that the movie gave me.. It was very very touching until my tears wanna drop. I like the word they used to say, it is so powerful & full of impact. I like the son shout at his father & said: "I WANT U TO FIGHT FOR ME!!!". It makes me feel that I want u to want me, i want u to show me that u are a very tough father, I want u to have the never give up spirit. just a sentence is already so deep, really salute this movie maker. Another thing i like is the relationship between the father & the son, feels like they are no gab at all which is something to learn. Seldom like Hugh Jackman movie but Hugh Jackman is awesome being a father role, suddenly feel he is the most handsome man on the earth. Evagenline Lilly was a former "Lost" actress, she is a pretty sexy baby, like her since last time. A woman u will like to love her well. For me a movie doesn't have to be very creative or very breakthru or very futuristic, as long as the movie gave a very good feeling or feeling touching or u can learn something from there, i will like it definitely. Eventually, i love the movie poster tag line: "courage is stronger than steel", which is very true.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Live in a Highway

Life is just like driving in a highway
There's no short cut but you can only over take the others.
We can go beyond the speed like earning fast money but eventually it will being caught.
We can go with moderately speed so that we wont feel stressful.
We can go according to the highway speed but there will be no breakthru.
We can go below the speed but we will being left out by the society.

The journey will be beautiful when the car is full of companion & laughter.
The journey will be graceful if the beautiful songs are playing on the air.
The journey will be bright if we can work under the clear blue sky.
The journey will be very empty when the emptiness is inside your heart.

Dont force yourself too hard just like u know there's a limitation for a highway.
Never ever follow a vehicle which is taller than u.
because it blocked your vision & makes u cannot see far.
when u cant predict far, there will be not future.
once a sudden brake, that's where your future end.

Monday, October 3, 2011

An Accomodation 23/9/2011

I was a bit busy with friend's wedding every weekend of Sept. The 23rd Sept of 2011 of Fridays, i just drive back from Butterworth & i stop by Ipoh for a while to meet some customers, after that i find my Ipoh friends, we drank some ice lemon tea at Old town, he ask me stay 1 night, i see the sun was 100% bright & hot, the weather had persuaded me to stay over night at Ipoh since i was a bit rush & tired.

After i reached my friend's house, it is time for me to chill & rest, my sister messaged me then i realised today's is my father's birthday, sometime i really a stupid guy cos i cant remember people's birthday. Luckily i manage to wish my dad on time.

Friday night was normal, friend brought me out to the Ipoh town to have some drinks. but unfortunately we play until 6 in the morning which is a torture, i got no choice because i followed people's car.

Sat morning. I asked my friends have u ever listen to a song called: "Pumped Up Kicks" He replied: Yeah. That was my favorite song which will make me shiver. This song is about The daddy who beat their kids. He start to tell me about his family things on the other hand he prove me with some photos as well. He said his father like his brother more than him. I stumble for a while & said but you still can go fishing & hang out with your father usually & u still can call him or talk to him without any hesitation which is a very good sign. My friend was very friend with his own mom, is "very friend". I seldom talk to my dad nowadays i also donno y maybe is a bit far now. but after stay over night in people's family i have observed 1 thing, maybe we should cut off the distance we use to protect our self & left the anger behind, so that we can stand closer like zero distance. I also quite a while dint sing karaoke with my dad, maybe it is time to duet over & over again.

Gathering of CD25 & Huan's Wedding Night 1st Oct 2011

The videos of us. Dedicate to CD25. Cheers~
Its been few years i dint see my college mate in real person, normally just check out their facebook photos. Last night i went to Ah Huan Wedding dinner. Ken wanted to wear a coat because he said not much occasions he can wear it, so u can see the photos we are wearing it for the whole night & looks like celebrity haha. After wedding dinner, since everyone is already on form, i organised an after party at room no.9 Red Box Garden to have some rock show. I think whole night me & ken like doing a host, cos im the 1 to suggest so dont want to let them feel cold n boring. but i donno why suddenly we talk about some love topic outside the toilet, my best friend really gave me a lot of golden advises plus Lisa & Amy also gave good advises as well. Oh No~ last night i have said out my top secret to them, i also donno y. Its like some kind of pillow talk, i am still laughing when i think about last night, maybe is classmate so is legal to share my story HAHA very regret now.. After Karaoke we went to Mamak under Mid Valley thats the place we pillow talk session 2. but at last Ken talk until dont want to go home. I already flown my eye brown cos i was very very very tired. At last i left 1st but i donno where to find my car, luckily they came in a secs & we can go to get the car together because we all parked at the same place. Eventually overall is a very awesome night.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My hometown friends

its crazy

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I must comment about this super song

Normally I dont listen to this kind of music, but i cant deny, this is my super love. lately whatever song i also dont fucking care. I only listen to this, no song can beat this song in my mind lately. Although this song cant reach US no.1 but who cares. they are my number 1 for monthsss.

After Ian explained to me then i understand what this song talking about. this is a very very cool song. i will think u are a cool guy if i overheard your car audio or mobile is singing this song

I very like their opening, the way they slowly bring u into their music, is a kind of sensation that i very hard to describe, this song is always like inside a dream for me, u cant hear them clear, a bit feel like im drunk while listening, this song gave me a feeling of fantasize i think this is another level of a good music. My favorite music is which will gave me fantasize of cos not those stupid rnb dirty lyrics. MJ is another 1 in my list when i listening to him i can imagine how hes dancing.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where My Friends Go???

Sept 2011 is really a very happening month for me, because 1 of my hometown friends had a wedding night & some of my hometown friends came over to KL to attend this big event, the video which i posted on my blog.

I cant believe my friends got the same thought with me, maybe we came from the same old hometown. he still going to those same old restoran which he used to go last time. Im the same, im a very old fashion guy, i like to go back to those same old restoran which we had shared the happiness before, maybe thats the only way to find back the good feeling or maybe i still stuck there cannot move on. I remember that night after the karaoke session after i walk out of that room, then i ran back to there but my friends are all gone, i just wish to ask them to have supper before we go home because i knew the time wasnt much for us to hang out together, i was a bit down when i see no 1 there maybe i was a bit tipsy. I always go back to the same old restoran but y i cant get to see the same old faces i only see some new faces of strangers, just like what they mention in the movies & songs, i was always waiting at the same old places, but why u never turn up? sometimes just a 3 sec appearance u can makes me happier than an ecstasy.

I dont bother how people look at me but i very concern how i entertain my best friends, i will worry whether i got make them boring or not, because for me that is just like a performance & my demand is very high for myself, sometimes it will make me think over n over again whether the result is good or bad. Even gave accommodation to them i make sure they got water to drink, toilet are clean for them, everything is right n convenient. Maybe that is a bit obsess but that is a demand for myself which i cant leave without, just like the magazine "men's health" said: man cant live without best friend, a man without best friend will shorten their life.

My best friend taught me, The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price." quoted by Vince Lombardi. My friend saw this in the Air Asia Magazine.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Words Remain Unspoken

Somethings u wanted to tell your friends but you dont know how to start or how to open up the topic, because you wouldn't know whether they will like it or not. Some peoples will just keep quiet so that it will not cause any offences. For me i just dont agree when its time to voice out or give comments some people rather keep it silence, silences are is killing & cruel torturing. When u know u can make something turn out better & u just keep it silence it doesnt mean u are wrong however u are not doing something right as well, eventually u score zero & missed another chance to score in your life.

I read from a book(become a better you). It says mix with friends who can give u encouragement n advice, its no good to mix with all the "yes man" or those negative peoples because they will not improve you but pull u down. Dont tell yourself you're a loser that's no good, thats a no good thought, although we are not no.1 because we are not Michael Jackson but as long as we keep on track, we will never left out. if you dint bother to help yourself no 1 will bother to help u. if you lost focus on yourself, people will also lost focus on you.

Sometime i wish to tell my friends i hate people who wear color lens because it looks fake & abuse the nature look, sometimes i want to tell my friends life is not a job. Sometimes i want to tell my friend the way he talk got too much stumbles which will makes people lost focus on your speech. I want to tell my friends life shouldn't be systematic because it works like a computer. sometimes i wish to tell myself life is not just enjoying & drinking. sometimes i wish to tell my friends talk doesnt need to be indirect because it creates a lot of mystery between u n me, that is y michael jackson said hold my hand there will nothing between us if u just hold on hand. sometimes i wish to tell my friend to shave his mustache & bear because it looks like a garbage collector. I want to tell my friends go for facial to make a better appearance. Eventually I just a fuck up guy who i never learn to accept others. If everything just go accordingly to my thought the world will be very boring & no breakthru haha.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

10th Sept 2011 The After Party

These are the videos which i taken after my friends wedding dinner, it's all about Tawau's hakka, hope u guys can understand, for me is a funny video because i was in that situation. the quality wasnt so good but the sound is more than a happy video. All my tawau friends gather together.

Friday, September 9, 2011

my 3 number 1 hit in my list

lady antebellum - just a kiss
foster the peoples - pumped up kicks
andy grammer - keep your head up

Romantic Century 2011

Listen no R&B or Techno, only romantic songs can be play by this post. Sometimes really wish to ask my friends what is love, but i rather not to ask because i have already knew their answers. On the other hand sometimes is good to guess or to predict thats the interesting mystery. When u like someone, the moment u think of her it will make u smile by your own, u may not need to find her cos man is out of sight out of mind, but when she appears in front of u, it will makes u dont know what to do. U may feel like want to play cool but the situation makes u warm, u just cant stop smiling when facing each other, the feeling just like u are too drunk to handle the situation, all the common senses went wrong, suddenly had became a stupid boy. Dont feel like standing beside u because it will be fun to ambush u from some distance, dont feel like touching u but mistakenly im already holding your hand. Dont feel like talking those uncool words but next morning then u realized is already spoken. There are so many pretty young girls out there suddenly u feel like they are just for display, because love makes you blind. Sometimes man's pride are very high, Bring a girl out have to quality check on the girl is presentable or not, thats a normal thought but guys never bother to look at the man in the mirror... They said love wont wait, so do we have to grab the opportunity without hesitating? or wait for the world to change us? when will the real romantic century come to us?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Sweet Escape from Pulau Pangkor to Ipoh 2011

The photos were taken from my trip to Pangkor, although Pulau Pangkor is not what popular vacation place but is good to visit. we have done some snorkeling on the sea & some swimming, but unfortunately i accidentally kick a stone so my tone was wounded, it was so surprise to meet my Pahang Tar College housemate over there, so we have some chit chat on a big stone thats the place where i get hurt. I think the best part is sitting on the the speed boat n visit around the island, love the scenery & environment like what i shown on the photo. another part is ride motorbike n go around the pulau pangkor, beside going around we did stop by some places to swim & take some nature photos. This trip makes me dont want to go home HAHA cos it is a sweet escape trip. So Friday after work i boost to Ipoh from KL to attend my best friend's wedding, it kinda waste i cant join the bachelor night & the morning session. I didnt drink much at the wedding dinner cos my heart still havent steady from rushing here n there. After the wedding dinner kenny give me a Ortard brandy, its kinda happy hahaha. after the wedding dinner im very looking forward to some bar. So coincidence i met Wendy Cheong over that club, i havent met her for some years, she is my college classmate, by the way i think we have changed i mean from our appearance we look more grown than before. Nowadays she is very good in playing dice game so eventually i have killed by her. On the way back to KL the way was quite congested, but luckily all of us are safe all the way home.