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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Love This Movie.

Just went to a movie at Cathy Cineleisure At e-curve today(Sunday). Its been a month i dint enter any cinema. It was Xiao Chen idea to go for a movie today, at 1st we dint manage to get ticket from Sunway Pyramid so ended up watch that movie at e-curve. The movie i watched today was REAL STEEL. actually i got not much expectation on this movie, the movie overall is not bad, the climax was average. Of cos the movie got something i very like so i still rate it as "very good". I like the feeling that the movie gave me.. It was very very touching until my tears wanna drop. I like the word they used to say, it is so powerful & full of impact. I like the son shout at his father & said: "I WANT U TO FIGHT FOR ME!!!". It makes me feel that I want u to want me, i want u to show me that u are a very tough father, I want u to have the never give up spirit. just a sentence is already so deep, really salute this movie maker. Another thing i like is the relationship between the father & the son, feels like they are no gab at all which is something to learn. Seldom like Hugh Jackman movie but Hugh Jackman is awesome being a father role, suddenly feel he is the most handsome man on the earth. Evagenline Lilly was a former "Lost" actress, she is a pretty sexy baby, like her since last time. A woman u will like to love her well. For me a movie doesn't have to be very creative or very breakthru or very futuristic, as long as the movie gave a very good feeling or feeling touching or u can learn something from there, i will like it definitely. Eventually, i love the movie poster tag line: "courage is stronger than steel", which is very true.

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