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Monday, October 3, 2011

Gathering of CD25 & Huan's Wedding Night 1st Oct 2011

The videos of us. Dedicate to CD25. Cheers~
Its been few years i dint see my college mate in real person, normally just check out their facebook photos. Last night i went to Ah Huan Wedding dinner. Ken wanted to wear a coat because he said not much occasions he can wear it, so u can see the photos we are wearing it for the whole night & looks like celebrity haha. After wedding dinner, since everyone is already on form, i organised an after party at room no.9 Red Box Garden to have some rock show. I think whole night me & ken like doing a host, cos im the 1 to suggest so dont want to let them feel cold n boring. but i donno why suddenly we talk about some love topic outside the toilet, my best friend really gave me a lot of golden advises plus Lisa & Amy also gave good advises as well. Oh No~ last night i have said out my top secret to them, i also donno y. Its like some kind of pillow talk, i am still laughing when i think about last night, maybe is classmate so is legal to share my story HAHA very regret now.. After Karaoke we went to Mamak under Mid Valley thats the place we pillow talk session 2. but at last Ken talk until dont want to go home. I already flown my eye brown cos i was very very very tired. At last i left 1st but i donno where to find my car, luckily they came in a secs & we can go to get the car together because we all parked at the same place. Eventually overall is a very awesome night.


  1. Hahahaha, never knew that you could sing and host so well, also never thought that you write blog frequently too. Frankly, I felt shamed that know you so little in the past years.

    Maybe I should stop being emo. But, thanks for all the joyful moment in Huan's wedding night. Those jokes, videos, photos, K session and all the tremendous cheer and laugh that you and Ken has brought us that night.

    A very remarkable night for CD 25~! :oD

  2. I dont mind peoples laugh at me but the most embarrassing thing for me is: if i cannot sing it well. Although i not the best. haha.

    I write blog is because i don't want to miss out what i remembered. Sometimes is just some experiment.

    Emo??? Common. Open up your heart.

    Eventually i am very happy for your appreciate & complement. Thanks n i enjoy that night very much as well. We Hong Heng Sdn Bhd never entertain our friends cincai.HAHA

  3. Ivan & Ken

    Thanks organized such a beautiful nite for us... Everyone was enjoyed that night... Well, I kinda like the idea of pillow talk... I think we should organize more 'talk' show while everything still here... If not it will be difficult to meet up again...

    LiShien, no more emo from now... Getting 30y.o soon... Must enjoy yourself before too late... as you know you will step in to another new life soon... So must appreciate and enjoy your current status... Hope you know what I mean..

    Again, thanks god that makes us gather again after 5 years (after graduated) and nice to know everyone live well and have a good live now...

    Once again, cheers to all my dear friend!! And may god blessed everyone of us...