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Monday, October 24, 2011

Right track at the right situation

"Kiss Goodbye" was a 2006 Chinese song, actually this song is very commercial love song but i dont care, this is my favorite chinese love song. When this song release, i was in Tawau with my parent, living a simple kind of life. Sometimes i will on this song just to listen how it goes, but when the last day i going to leave Tawau, i was sitting inside the car with my parent, suddenly the radio station play this song-kiss goodbye, is really the the right song at the right situation, at that moment the air is full of emotional & i was trapped inside this song no 1 can ever rescue me, it really makes my tear drop of because im leaving Tawau & my parent within this 12 hours, my heart feel so heavy plus with this kind of emotional song is playing to my ear, thats why this song is something different & important to me, maybe the radio play this hundred times a day but it's really a right track for that kind of situation. The 2nd time i heard this song on radio is at 1am in the morning around Kelana Jaya, i was sitting inside my best friend's new car, that moment was so quiet, is very suitable to have some pillow talk (kidding). Again the radio coincidence play this song as well, it reminded me of that day, i told my friend this song used to make me cry because of that kind of situation. Hopefully im dint scare my friend because after that he seldom find me anymore.... Maybe my friend thought that im some kind of jackass.

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