Poland Krakow

Monday, June 4, 2012

We have to go back in time.

The Show is awesome

The Dog is moody

This is how they roll till 4am in the morning while working days

This is how my friend like to flaunt his body like Mr West haha.

Last Sat schedule was so tight. We went watch Movie in the afternoon but movie session was my friend's idea, we watched the MIB3 movie. It's been a while i dint comment about any movie in my blog because i dont like to, hehe. This movie for me is not so good & not so interesting but the problem is i like it. This movie takes 1 & half hour to finish, but the last 15 minutes make me rate it as a movie i like. The final part's action was like mmm~ average only but when the kid-james appeared that moment was very touching it reminds us our father, sometimes we may blamed our father wasnt always there for us when we needed him, but we never know how our father died or sacrificed for us. I like James keeps the tiny clock which given by his father until today, Finally he knew how hero the way his father was & what his father did was all for him. A movie takes 3 hours is useless, just give me 15 minutes to love that is more than enough.

Night time the singing show was awesome. How I wish i can sing like them. They sing My heart will go on, Can u feel the love tonight & circle of life really can kill me.
1 word for them- Extremely good vocal.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stay In Love

My friend said u wont see me smoking at the Sunway Traffic light anymore. Is hard to believe my friend had come & gone so fast. I was quite happy to have some drinking session & singing session in this 2 weeks. My friend is dealing with some relationship problem once again, so he's in trouble & dilemma. All of his relative & family keep telling him what to do. I think because they are very concerning about him. Some of my family & friends say I'm very judgmental, yes I agree that's what I am. I might be wrong but i judge thing with what i see & what i feel not because i hate them or specially love them. For this case i dint give any judge because i dont have both side information at all. I just said let the adult man to do the decision, i dont want lead an adult direction because he is already wise enough. i said u have already got the answer in your heart who u gonna choose, if this will be wrong just go a head on to wrong. Because mistake makes a people tougher than ever. "Mistake is the key to success" this is very famous in chinese word. Is normal to go wrong but make sure u make a come back which is stronger than before. Sometimes is very hard to fall in love when somebody keep telling u what to do just like its very difficult to fall in love when the war is on because the air is filled with sins, gas, tears & hatred. Its really a very deep wisdom to stay in love when the love is wasnt there anymore.