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Friday, August 27, 2010

quote your quote

dont drink & drive, the beers might spill. inside the car
qs = Quality scan

i donno why this kind of silly words are always around me, but i love it anyway.

movies & a music

Lately i have watched Toys story 3, this movie was the top of my list since i was a kid until now episode 3 they still giving me surprises, touching story & very impress feeling, a very must watch movie.

I have watched Inception as well, the movie is not bad, for my opinion is: this movie used a lot of Superstar like: handsome men, stunning ladies this is the 1st advantage, maybe many people will love this movie because of the Whole wide world know who is Leonardo Dicaprio & the rest actor also u had seen them many times before.
(thanks my friend brought me to this movie, i very appreciate. & i know she very love this movie especially the handsome young man inside the movie HAHAHHAHA)

Just like if Eminem dont feat Rihanna in that new no.1 track, will u still in love with that song? i also cannot guarantee myself, if without Rihanna, u will only love it because u are a Eminem's listener; the slim shady guy, & who always mention about marshall.

I would respect movie like Avatar, this the movie make the actor shine, is not because of some well known actors. until now i still haven't know the name of the main character but his face definitely in my mind.

Step up 3, after i watched this movie the movie still keep on reappear on my mind, the way they dance was really very impress, before i watch i already very high expectation on this movie, this movie dint make me down, good choreography, good soundtrack good move, 10 thumbs up for this movie.
(thanks my friend brought me to this movie)

Story about William Yap at gate 5

26th Aug 2010 / 1:30pm / KLIA / level 5th-Departure Hall

That Day i went to KLIA in an afternoon, because my sister transit in KLIA for 2 hours so i gonna take some seafood from her which is packed by my mom, so i meet my sister in KLIA Mc Donald; surprisingly a 80+ years old woman come to my sister said that she is lost, she said she is catching for a flight now, but he don't even know who brought her here & she don't have any name or number for us to contact her son/daughter.

Me & my sister has decided to bring her to the information counter to make announcement to someone who concern, i was wondering how can this old woman can be so forgetful until who brought her here she also cannot remember, but suddenly her brain started to spin like a CD, she told us her son's name is William Yap, she also told us she has been staying in hospital couple of weeks b4 this for a head surgery, this is why she cannot recall back her memory.

Eventually the announcement was made but we still dont see any 1 coming to her, i was thinking she gonna miss her flight on the other possibility is: her son dont want her anymore then i may need to send her to old folks home to enroll for the Merdeka intake so that she can resume the rest of her life over there; while we are waiting my sister discovered there is a piece of paper on her right chest pocket, when we open up there a mobile number, my sister called & it is her son who are waiting outside gate 5, so we send her to gate 5, her son was waiting for her & they are not catching a flight at all they are just drop by to send somebody, from what i see is William also an matured man which around 50 - 60 years old.

i was a bit impatient about this incident but at last our mission is completed, i have done another good things the heart also feels better now.

My sister ask me what if i was in William's age & my mom is lost as well, what would u do? i don't know what to answer on that time, but after i think over & over again; i got the answer now, on that time i may need someone like 26th Aug 2010's another different young Alison & Ivan to guard the old me.

What u give, u get back.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

my flavout song & video

i like Flo Rida from his 1st song until now...
the opening of this song really makes me awake & i like the style he rap

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday morning

every sunday i also got the feeling by quit drinking alcohol, i will only got this impact on sunday, u know the reason y.