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Friday, August 27, 2010

movies & a music

Lately i have watched Toys story 3, this movie was the top of my list since i was a kid until now episode 3 they still giving me surprises, touching story & very impress feeling, a very must watch movie.

I have watched Inception as well, the movie is not bad, for my opinion is: this movie used a lot of Superstar like: handsome men, stunning ladies this is the 1st advantage, maybe many people will love this movie because of the Whole wide world know who is Leonardo Dicaprio & the rest actor also u had seen them many times before.
(thanks my friend brought me to this movie, i very appreciate. & i know she very love this movie especially the handsome young man inside the movie HAHAHHAHA)

Just like if Eminem dont feat Rihanna in that new no.1 track, will u still in love with that song? i also cannot guarantee myself, if without Rihanna, u will only love it because u are a Eminem's listener; the slim shady guy, & who always mention about marshall.

I would respect movie like Avatar, this the movie make the actor shine, is not because of some well known actors. until now i still haven't know the name of the main character but his face definitely in my mind.

Step up 3, after i watched this movie the movie still keep on reappear on my mind, the way they dance was really very impress, before i watch i already very high expectation on this movie, this movie dint make me down, good choreography, good soundtrack good move, 10 thumbs up for this movie.
(thanks my friend brought me to this movie)

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