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Friday, July 27, 2012

How fast can u handle ?

I was in a scene. I was in a very high speed. I was chasing a car. I was a camera to chasing myself inside the dream, but many times i dint make it in the end because it was too fast. Sometime dreams are strange n i cant explain. I remember a girl told me before, She said if the god want her to die she got no choice. I was not satisfied with her answer. I was thinking the matter is not the god's decision, the matter is "are u ready to go"? Maybe some kind of fear in me makes me dream about this. Sometimes i just hope god will slap me hard so that i will awake from my addiction & temptation. Of cos it is impossible. The dream makes me thought of if god ask me to go. I will tell him no. Please dont, I still havent settle my debt. I havent ready I havent repent i scared i cant enter heaven's gate that is the biggest fear in life. With all kind of excuses. Quote from Mother Teresa: God will not want your success but he will only want your faith. Eventually, please make yourself ready.

The Show July 2012

When I say the movie was good, someone ask me what's so good about that movie, What message they want to deliver, what moral value they implement, what have u learn from that movie. The answer for me is: I know nothing about movie haha. Lately i have watch 2 movies. The 1st 1 was spider man. I was expecting it will be the movie i like but that movie was just fine. I think maybe is a bit teenage lifestyle, if i was a teenage im sure i will like it very much. The movie too much drama but at the end Peter finally remember to buy the egg that means he dint take responsibility for granted anymore.

The 2nd movie was batman, I watched that movie on the 1st day. Because i want to check out what this creative movie director can do for this 4 years huge come back. I know his movie was always deep n mystery & that is what i've been looking for. The movie was a bit too long. After the show finished i was like, thats it? Finally i have finished a 3 hours movie, feel so tired man. Cant say its totally action at all, still the same style, will be a lot of talking scene. i dint really like the movie immediately. But after i have couple of few drinks, i found that i keep thinking of what they said in the movie. I live the conversation inside the movie because it is deep & it makes u think over & over again. For the role of Alfred is very special, i like they way he very cruel to Bruce because he want him to gain back to spirit to fight again. The word is awesome: Go out & get a life. I like Alfred waited so many times in the Coffee house just because he hope some miracle will happen, the spirit he never give up on Bruce that is touching. They said dont save the world because u are the hero, save the world because u are just a ordinary people, its everyone responsibility. Catwoman asked Batman to escape with her by saying u have give giving enough to them but he replied: no. Is not enough, like the way he keens to contribute more. The Last scene i love the most is Bruce has finally appeared in the coffee house, he life is better than before with a partner Selina. When the shows end i forget to clap my hand which some of the peoples clap haha...

Additional: One of an old mega block buster movie Titanic. I kinda like the movie as well i also dont know why. Someone told me the reason was because those days every youngsters were crazy about big ship, but that was just kidding. The truth is everyone loves this movie because the handsome man sacrificed his life for the 1 he loved. Everyone falling in love & talks about love but no one sacrifice for love that is why everyone is breaking up eventually.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dream the dream

Im the guy who dont like to dream. Lately i was keep awaking in the middle of the night. Because the dreams make me cannot sleep well it also makes me feel tired. Lately I dream of I was in my hometown primary school. I was with my classmates we are ready to take a government exam. This Exam level is higher than Form 6. So should a Form 7 exam. N the classroom building was like so futuristic, My architect knowledge is ZERO but i was surprised why i will have this kind of concept building in my mind. Which is an Aquarium school which got 5 levels, all the walls are make by glasses except the floor is concreted. Above the Main entrance to the top of the building is filled with water n u can see the oxygen keep flowing up. How amazing it is. The scene that time was a clear blue sky plus the blue water inside the class.

Last night my dream more crazy. Even inception movie also defeated. It featured so many friends n also singer as well. I was sitting in a van with my company colleagues. Suddenly we like arrived a Japan's place which got snow. U can also see peoples ice skiing. & what my colleagues was doing is mop the ice floor because they want to test n buy a new mop. Is Stangesman. I saw a fountain which looks very japanese but it is a natural water fountain which came down from the mountain. After that we went into a house. I was sitting next to J park the korean singer there are some friends around as well. The phone rang n i picked it up, someone is looking for Ah yee, i know that is J park's call but he feel very embarrassing n refuse to answer, he shake my hand n said peace. N then the people call again, someone answered n pass it to him. Jay get very angry this time because the guy in the phone called him white. He keep scolding how can u define me with colors, Jay said: can i call u black?? while he was scolding on the phone, what i want to do is find a toilet to past motion. So i went into the toilet i still can see thr mirror & Jay was still scolding there. Eventually i woke up n i really need to past motion immediately.

Sometimes i still will dream about im going to high school later in the morning isnt strange, i think i need to see psychology to explain about my dreams, dream is making peoples insane.

How sexy goes wrong

How u define the word sexy. Sometimes i dont very understand about the word sexy. For me sexy is some hot fit body which can arouse u or the girl wear very less clothes. Nowadays whatever shit also can combine with the word sexy.
My friends say this is a sexy song. I have no idea what is a sexy song. If i ask maybe they will think im very outdated. So better act like i know what is a sexy song.
Girls like to say the guy is very sexy. For me guy is normally called handsome in my dictionary, if u said he is sexy i will think of did he wear anythings very short or wear a deep V like JLo??? Haha i have no ideas hows a sexy guys look likes.
Sexy voices- My childhood friend who didnt see me for many years, 1 day he came to pick me up, He said: Hey. Your voice turned to sexy after dont hear from u so long. I was wandering what he's trying to tell? It makes me think did i sound like moaning ???
Sexy color- What color is sexy anywhere? isnt red?
Even the word "sexy love"- Can I call a fat girl "sexy love"??? sometimes I will laugh if u named something like this. I know this mean "sexy darling" if i not wrong.
Can I say my dog is very sexy because I've helped her to wear a bikini today.
what a about I have a very sexy sex last night because my room pasted Jessica Alba poster on the wall.
what about the weather is very sexy today because I've been boner whole day.

As a conclusion. Isnt that necessary to become sexy. Lean your head against the double layers pillow & think twice about this question tonight.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

What is Father's day // Can anyone tell

I thought I have missed the father's day again. I cant believe today is the actual day. Sometimes my mom complains about my dad and I just wish that I won't repeat my father's weakness. But the truth is so sad.. The way I smile, my smiling wrinkles, my gesture, my hobby and my lifestyle are totally 100% match with my father, that is why I always smile when I was tipsy. My father like to sing which is so I am. Really like father like son. Sometimes is hard to escape my father's blood haha. I always want to thank my father, although I did it before. I still remember my father was here in KL for 1 year to do some renovations for our house so that we can have a place to put in our home. Actually I don't really know he likes here or not, from what I see he is quite enjoy in KL. After many months, I called my father's number, you know what, his dialing tone has changed to "Daniel Powter- Next Plane Home". Then I realised my father should be home sick, because my father has left his home for too long and he just don't know when he can go back due to the work is still incomplete. It's normal to miss home but also a great bonding time for us to be together in KL. Sometimes together we do have conflicts that is for sure, if you got no conflicts with your love one it means u are not even close. But these kind of conflicts make us go far. If we live by ourselves, we will be very comfortable and free because we are living in a box alone, watch our own channel, play our own music, but God wants us to live in a community thats how we can share to each other, learn from earn other and care for each other. There was a time the thieves broke into our house. We had lost many precious belongings. My father blamed on us because of this embarrassing incident. All of us felt very down at that time. Anyway things had happened, blaming is not a solution. Sometimes I wish to tell people who is in a hard time, you have a bad day but this bad day wouldn't last long it may only takes you 1 to 2 days because nothing last forever including the problems. All we need to do is overcome these hard times. Say prayers and seek for help are a must. Sometimes our dad does something wrong but he must have done something right as well. Father is really our "the one" we cant exchange. Sometimes we hope that our dad is the man which we saw on TV, someone big. Sometime peoples will blame on their father because they are over rely on their father's money. But when you look into the mirror and compare with your father's up to date appearance. You will realize you are the young man to fight for the goal is not that upper mid age retired man. It is time to take the lead and be a breadwinner. Eventually, it is about time to show gratitude to your old man. Be the son he wants you to be so that he can stay rich in happiness. A very Happy Father's Day to you all. Fin.