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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Show July 2012

When I say the movie was good, someone ask me what's so good about that movie, What message they want to deliver, what moral value they implement, what have u learn from that movie. The answer for me is: I know nothing about movie haha. Lately i have watch 2 movies. The 1st 1 was spider man. I was expecting it will be the movie i like but that movie was just fine. I think maybe is a bit teenage lifestyle, if i was a teenage im sure i will like it very much. The movie too much drama but at the end Peter finally remember to buy the egg that means he dint take responsibility for granted anymore.

The 2nd movie was batman, I watched that movie on the 1st day. Because i want to check out what this creative movie director can do for this 4 years huge come back. I know his movie was always deep n mystery & that is what i've been looking for. The movie was a bit too long. After the show finished i was like, thats it? Finally i have finished a 3 hours movie, feel so tired man. Cant say its totally action at all, still the same style, will be a lot of talking scene. i dint really like the movie immediately. But after i have couple of few drinks, i found that i keep thinking of what they said in the movie. I live the conversation inside the movie because it is deep & it makes u think over & over again. For the role of Alfred is very special, i like they way he very cruel to Bruce because he want him to gain back to spirit to fight again. The word is awesome: Go out & get a life. I like Alfred waited so many times in the Coffee house just because he hope some miracle will happen, the spirit he never give up on Bruce that is touching. They said dont save the world because u are the hero, save the world because u are just a ordinary people, its everyone responsibility. Catwoman asked Batman to escape with her by saying u have give giving enough to them but he replied: no. Is not enough, like the way he keens to contribute more. The Last scene i love the most is Bruce has finally appeared in the coffee house, he life is better than before with a partner Selina. When the shows end i forget to clap my hand which some of the peoples clap haha...

Additional: One of an old mega block buster movie Titanic. I kinda like the movie as well i also dont know why. Someone told me the reason was because those days every youngsters were crazy about big ship, but that was just kidding. The truth is everyone loves this movie because the handsome man sacrificed his life for the 1 he loved. Everyone falling in love & talks about love but no one sacrifice for love that is why everyone is breaking up eventually.

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