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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How sexy goes wrong

How u define the word sexy. Sometimes i dont very understand about the word sexy. For me sexy is some hot fit body which can arouse u or the girl wear very less clothes. Nowadays whatever shit also can combine with the word sexy.
My friends say this is a sexy song. I have no idea what is a sexy song. If i ask maybe they will think im very outdated. So better act like i know what is a sexy song.
Girls like to say the guy is very sexy. For me guy is normally called handsome in my dictionary, if u said he is sexy i will think of did he wear anythings very short or wear a deep V like JLo??? Haha i have no ideas hows a sexy guys look likes.
Sexy voices- My childhood friend who didnt see me for many years, 1 day he came to pick me up, He said: Hey. Your voice turned to sexy after dont hear from u so long. I was wandering what he's trying to tell? It makes me think did i sound like moaning ???
Sexy color- What color is sexy anywhere? isnt red?
Even the word "sexy love"- Can I call a fat girl "sexy love"??? sometimes I will laugh if u named something like this. I know this mean "sexy darling" if i not wrong.
Can I say my dog is very sexy because I've helped her to wear a bikini today.
what a about I have a very sexy sex last night because my room pasted Jessica Alba poster on the wall.
what about the weather is very sexy today because I've been boner whole day.

As a conclusion. Isnt that necessary to become sexy. Lean your head against the double layers pillow & think twice about this question tonight.

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