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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Journey To The Christmas

I had written this in season of Advent. Lately I was busy finding a new career and settling some of the breath taking bills. I wanted to post this on the silent night but I didn't make it on time. I think this will be the final post for 2012.

A Humble Confession
In this Advent a man mentioned to me: Direction and vision. He said he will pray for me so that I can find my direction and vision, these two words are serious and stress words for me haha. Sometimes I just too busy with the current task but never think of my direction and vision, I must pray for wisdom so that I can see far and plan my life properly. Sometimes we just busy with earning money but never have time for our own future plan, sometime I don't know I am escaping or I still haven't figured it out, really have to work it out very immediately due to we are racing with time.

Journey To The Christmas
A year is coming to an end. We have walk through the whole year to reach the day where the Christ was born, this journey is not easy, everyday we have to work very hard to follow him and keep our faith with Christ. Through the year, we met a lot of temptation, we met challenge and fight, we are being tested; we have failure and tears, we are being insulted or accused. But thanks god today we are still together with the family members reunited in the church where the Christ was born. The Christ reborn again in our heart it is some kind of renewal to our faith. No matter how wrong we are, we still always got the option to choose God because we will always forgiven by God no matter how great is our sin. He never give us up, when I heard this I was so touched suddenly I realised I was never taken for granted by God. Father reminded us to precious our love one precious the 1 who sit next to you. All this while, the wound, the hurt, the insecure, the loneliness and emptiness let Jesus heal you because with our own power is not strong enough, so just leave it to God and trust in him. Christmas is a holiday for everyone. It's also the day the Christ was born. The most important is a time for us to gather with our family members. Really thanks God today, we are still together as solidarity

Let's conclude this with a good question
How to love? We must trust, transparent, open, true, honest, to our loved ones or spouse.