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Thursday, September 30, 2010

1 of a Long Time No See friend

Last Wednesday i was thinking to have a hair cut, because i have been 2 months didn't cut my hair but i still got wash it daily with rejoice because i want to rejoice.

Suddenly i thought of my college friend who worked as hair stylist for 6 years, the reason i will think of him is because i met him accidentally in Subang USJ Taipan; so i think it is time to give a try on my friend talent + skill.

So today is another Wednesday, finally he got the time to come over my house because he only got a day off for a week, once he enter my house my snoop dogg barks at him because thats my dog's job, when he cutting my hair i dont have mirror to see myself, the only thing can do is leave the head to him, while he's cutting we have some chit chat with hakka dialect, reason is: he is a sabahan who came from Sandakan.

I haven't met him for 3/4 years, this friend remind me the 1st year of my college time, he only studied of the 1st year then he left us to do a hair stylist. last time we were quite good friends, u know what? bird together frog together, we were dump shit HAHAHAHAHA, he is not a funny guy but he had brought me a lot of crazy laughters, we are a group of 3 but we go solo now.

After done my hair we went out to have a tea ice drink outside my house, what I found is my friend has changed, last time drive kancil but now drive TRD VIOS, he decided to get marry next year on Nov 2011, last time my friend got a lot of hatred which u cannot comment or advice on him, he will mad at u if u say about him, can say he is a bit immature when he was in the college. He says he used to call me out with him on Saturday but i turned him down because i want to find Chivas, did I? I don't really remember. He told me he has been reading holy bible lately which is quite a surprise to me & i don't remember he's a christian, what he said is almost same like my mom, be a good man, work hard & dont be calculative, whatever good things u do will be recorded on sky above, dont over expecting people to reward u back, thats the way u will feel more relief. (thats what he told me)

The saying is good, i quite agree as well. I used to watched a movie "Constantine" by Keanu Reeves, the movie got the value i like, it is do all the good things before u leave.......


Sunday, September 26, 2010

The steps

Some ladies may like to marry a rich man, even uncle or old uncle or cannot erect also never mind cos we got viagra today but sometimes is dangerous for our heart to take it haha, as long as they got money in the bank.

Marry rich ppl is good, i also agree, cos u can join the luxurious group everyday just worry about LV, worry about Gucci, worry about chanel, u think u got share on LV or Gucci or chanel?? haha u are just a purchaser, i saw many of them like lost focus of their life, i think the most important in their life is LV, LV is the thing they need to achieve everyday. When they walk out of the street they want to let people know that "im fine & looks pretty fine" & i am under luxurious group HAHAHA.

I remember my aunt says the most important is find a partner who is hardworking & responsible to the family thats enough, i like that she is so straight to the point, n the meaning is there. no matter girl or boy want to marry a rich partner they just want a "short cut" in life....
But do u realize what u cut out is the most challenging & most interesting golden moment of your life, ordinary ppl has to face their challenges & how they fight for every single tiny things, that is a historic for them to remember, even u share to your friend is also a exciting story to tell. u use your own hand to achieve the things u want, u will feel happy.

Some poor people use to cheat, but is no good, sometimes i think do poor people really must cause this kind of sins??? i cannot feel them cos im not inside their shoes, but i can tell cheating money is no good no matter how poor is your situation.

Some people they became rich.. everyday also can buy LV, but they never truly happy, what they do is just telling peoples im happy everyday, they will never feel happy because they dint really use their own hand to achieve anything, sometimes will feel very empty, if want to fill the emptiness they will go to buy LV hahahahha, Sometimes life will be a bit boring when every things come so easy, u will suddenly feel lost n donno what u really interested in, what is your hobby or what is your talent all also lost, its call total lost.

Eventually rich ppl may accidentally become poor, poor ppl may become rich, who know the future???

Date of calender is just a number to me.

I just called my mom on 25/9/2010, she feel kind of surprise why i will call her on 7pm cos they are still in a Saturday sunset mass..

My mom return call at 8pm,
I: daddy's birthday isn't 23rd of Sept
Mom: yes.
I: that mean i missed the birthday wishes again.
Mom: yeah, i guarantee u will forget so i ask daddy isnt only ivan dint call u on the birthday
Daddy: yes, but its alright..
Mom: ivan will only remember after passed 3 or 4 days from the birthday.

I don't know why i cannot remember peoples birthday, i think have to save it to my cellphone calender, last week my sister birthday i also almost forget, luckily ken check facebook while we having late dinner, then my sister asked y u are the latest? actually is i have forgotten as well HAHAHA.

Last year December even more terrible. i think my mom birthday is on 8th Dec, then i cant remember is 8th of 18th Dec, then 8th is over, my mom ask me randomly:

Mom: when is my birthday
I: Er should be 18th, it is next week, still got few more days to go.
Mom: ok. so u celebrate my birthday with me on 18th..
I: no problem

Actually the birthday is already over.
They really got the greatest son on the earth.

Flo Rida in Sunway Lagoon for the Arthur's Day

i just went to a concert on 24th of Sept, actually is Arthur's Day, i dont care about Arthur i just want to see my Flo Rida.. i like Flo Rida songs ever since his 1st album, like the way he rap. On that day actually featuring local artists & 3 US artists, US artists are Colby O Donis, Sean Kingston & Flo Rida, but the main spot light of cos is the Flo Rida.

i missed kopi o (colby o) cos i reach at 8:30pm, kopi o performance is over, i think kopi o like to dance & he can dance well too, from what i see at the ending show. i just get to see Sean Kingston, Sean Kingston performance is no good.

Eventually 10 pm Flo Rida came out to hit the ground, Flo Rida really make me wanna say OH MY GOSH, his rap is exactly what u heard from the radio, he is good in manner & nice character always with smiling & sparkling teeth on, he very precious his fans... he did a triple good jobs.

Im Sweat Because of Flo Rida HAHAAH actually is raining heavily so every1 is dancing in the rain like what "step up" movie did.

This 2 fotos i steal from my friend cos i dint bring camera cos i dint know Flo Rida is so sexy in real person HAHAHHA

This is the Foto that Flo Rida comes to our zone... WOW 6 step more i can already breath the same air with Flo Rida HAHAHAHAHHA.....

thanks Vivien brought me here to see my super star, i will return favor 1 day.

Friday, September 24, 2010


I have watched this "Notorious" movie story about the B.I.G rapper, i have just watched last night on Astro HBO, know this is not a new movie, but is consider very new to me because i still havent watch Transformer & Avatar. hahahahahha

i dint expect this is a interesting movie but i was wrong, this is 4 thumbs up. In this movie u dont expect got handsome Leonardo, Ashton kuthcer or Katy perry. The whole movie is black, all the black nigga, i also donno y i can sit there to watch for 2 hours, there must be something in it.

This movie is about B.I.G, his real name is christopher, his mom called him Christopher pool cos in his mom's heart he always a small beloved kid.

B.I.G's life is quite a mess when he was a teenage boy, sell drugs just because of wanting fast money, but he had make it big b4 he die, he also realized the importance of family value. His rap is for us to remember, we still listen some of his rap music on the radio sometimes.

B.I.G's friend always ask him to change the world, but he always reply: thats no need to change the world, the only thing u can do is change yourself.
(the only man can change the world is Eric Clapton, cos he sang it to us)

What i like about this Movie is the Moral value they put in & the feeling it gave me is very strong, actually i like movie which give strong feeling,

The part B.I.G convicted by police, he called his mom from the jail but his mom refuse to take him out from the prison cos his mom wanted him to learn the lesson, his mom ask him to close the eye & say a prayer through the phone. (this is an impress part for me)

Another part that impress me is the 2 words, which is: "Thanks god".
In the funeral B.I.G's mom flashback there was a time that B.I.G (her son) was having lunch with her & B.I.G's friends, all of them is about to start the lunch but his mom suddenly stopped everyone because she want to start a prayer b4 the lunch begin, but B.I.G just surprisingly sign the cross & said: "Thanks god", friends asked: thats it?? he said: yeah. His mom said: this is the greatest prayer that he ever had........

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Believe the unseen

Nowadays, we only believe in what we really saw it, believe in what we really heard it, the best is the scene plus the sound is what we 100% believe in; whatever also need evidence, hold a A4 paper say this is black & white, are u listen to Micheal Jackson too much? But what he sang is about color & races, not the A4 evidence, i think we get him wrongly hahaha. Sometimes they just like to make things complicated & call it this is professional, this is what city peoples practice.

Last month my friends came from Sabah//Tawau, then i brought them to shopping, the way they shopping is so simple, as long as there are the color & the size they want, they will buy it, they wont care about the design & brand too much. i start to wonder why can he be so simple? i'm the same factory from tawau too, why i have already changed, am i forgot the simple things in life? A man said: Set branded goods to the lowest so that u can feel happy easily. The Other thing he said: The biggest enemy is yourself, just beat it.
The Man is: Jet Li

Actually this is the main purpose i write this, i drag a bit too far, this is the continue of paragraph 1. 2 days ago i called my mom, we just have some normal talk hows life, hows dog, hows father, hows job, whos alive, whos gone, The main thing she want to remind is practice your piano. After some long conversation i'm about to put down my phone, finally she said: whatever happened i also will help u, i am always here for u (she said it joyfully), i am feeling a bit difficult but touched; help people with a joyful heart is incredible, believe in me without seeing me or without hearing the reason i give, that is really a very blessed people.

Finally i want to say: thanks god to have my kind of mom.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday sunset mass

Last Sunday 12/09/2010

Last sunday a friend want to look for me on the sunset time, but the time i was about to go for a sunset mass at St ignatius, so he said he want to follow me to the church isn't ok, i said for sure is ok; he said: but i forgot to bring my bible, i replied: there is no bible needed just bring your heart is enough hahaha.

I think this is the 1st time i bring my non Catholic friend to my Catholic church, feeling good & i get to explain what is the purpose to say prayers, sometimes they never come they never know what is the purpose of going to church.

i think 1 faith 1 direction is enough. Dont give yourself too much choices, u may lost without direction at the end.

Friday, September 17, 2010

late night singing on 15/09/2010

Last night i was having dinner with vienz outside my old house pjs 10/11c.

Suddenly ken called me & ask where am i having my dinner due to i post facebook status to Tan Fong yen i going out for dinner.

then ken want to drink beers so he ask me to go over Sunway Ming Tien to have 1 bottle of beers randomly he got the feeling of going to a late night singing session in Sunway Karaoke, i also donno y nowadays ken like to drink quite frequent. So that night we are Lady Antebelum, girl 2 men.

We sing a lot but also drink a lot, i have recorded a lot of videos, but too much to upload to my youtube page, so this is part of the videos that i have uploaded, the quality wasn't good to see but is good to listen, we don't have camera so we just use Nokia to capture the Rock moment.

Ken riddin solo

This 1 is Rock & Amazing

i very very love this song since i was 19 years old until today still spinning this track, this track really recall back a lot of wonderful memory when i was still a young boy.

This song is requested by vienz hahahhahaha is 1 of my favourite,

video direct by: vd
present by: ken n ivan

http://www.youtube.com/user/MrIvanho5#p/u (all the new & old videos) view it here cos i not enough viewer please give full support HAHA.

what i found out is usher-omg is good to sing HAHAHAHHAHAHA. We sang until 4 am even they shut down the machine i still want to sing acoustic inside the No.27 room, sing J bieber-baby, i sing until i lost my breath too long hours of screaming & shouting moment hahahahha.

After sing session we go to darussalam ss15, supper till 5am, i donno why my friends order so many food & even want to eat ice cream, end up the bill is RM40, it was crazy.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Because it is u

Some of my friends like to tell me they are very initiative in working, everyday tell me what job what job they done, then some will tell u what shop they opened & what car they are driving now, please dont tell me this i am not interested at all.

I am not your staff, not your manager, not your boss, so please dont tell me about your job, i know its part of our life but if u everyday also mention about work the life can be so boring.

I know u is because it is u not because u are very efficient not because u are very rich, not because u are extraordinary.

I would like to listen how are u lately, hows your life lately, isnt good or bad, please tell me something more inner, dont always tell me bout the cover story cos it dont have any details at all, cover story is just a stranger.

Drinking with the enemy

There are many categories of friends

some friends may just want you to drink drink drink, they wont interested with your life or your situation, sometimes i feel bored with this kind of friends they will only call u when they needed u to accompany them, i used to dislike them, drinking with them just like drinking with the enemy, cos u know they wont concern or interested with you, but after i think over & over again, actually having time with them can be very interesting too, how interesting is for u to create & your control, i dont need to show them the sour face cos this is also the part of my life, so its unnecessary for me to do this sour face, all i can do is "curve smile" like the magazine taught me cos the happiness is always mine, but if I can make some1 happy that will even better, life is yours, dont let anyone hold u down.

spread the joy also a kind of charity which money cannot buy.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the 4 talkers

Last Sat 4/9/2010

Normally every sat i will be in Sunway Kim Gary but last week i make my day a bit special, i went to Kepong Jusco, to find my 2 good friends Lam Kar Young & ah Ching; Lam Kar Young buy me lunch, feel so glad hahaha.

I reached there at 2:30pm cos LDP road was congested but my friend - "kingdom of late" arrive on 4:30pm, then the 4 of us went to Old Town, we sit outdoor under a shiny weather, we from day light talk until night light which is 4:30pm talk until 8:30pm, after that we walk to a bak kut teh which we have eaten before but the bak kut teh wasn't yummy anymore, but the whole session is happy.

I arrived home at 11pm, 12.30 i arrive MV G6, drink with my friend ah peng & teresa, nothing special on that night just have some light drinks n see ppl dance, listen to music, thats it