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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Believe the unseen

Nowadays, we only believe in what we really saw it, believe in what we really heard it, the best is the scene plus the sound is what we 100% believe in; whatever also need evidence, hold a A4 paper say this is black & white, are u listen to Micheal Jackson too much? But what he sang is about color & races, not the A4 evidence, i think we get him wrongly hahaha. Sometimes they just like to make things complicated & call it this is professional, this is what city peoples practice.

Last month my friends came from Sabah//Tawau, then i brought them to shopping, the way they shopping is so simple, as long as there are the color & the size they want, they will buy it, they wont care about the design & brand too much. i start to wonder why can he be so simple? i'm the same factory from tawau too, why i have already changed, am i forgot the simple things in life? A man said: Set branded goods to the lowest so that u can feel happy easily. The Other thing he said: The biggest enemy is yourself, just beat it.
The Man is: Jet Li

Actually this is the main purpose i write this, i drag a bit too far, this is the continue of paragraph 1. 2 days ago i called my mom, we just have some normal talk hows life, hows dog, hows father, hows job, whos alive, whos gone, The main thing she want to remind is practice your piano. After some long conversation i'm about to put down my phone, finally she said: whatever happened i also will help u, i am always here for u (she said it joyfully), i am feeling a bit difficult but touched; help people with a joyful heart is incredible, believe in me without seeing me or without hearing the reason i give, that is really a very blessed people.

Finally i want to say: thanks god to have my kind of mom.


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