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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flo Rida in Sunway Lagoon for the Arthur's Day

i just went to a concert on 24th of Sept, actually is Arthur's Day, i dont care about Arthur i just want to see my Flo Rida.. i like Flo Rida songs ever since his 1st album, like the way he rap. On that day actually featuring local artists & 3 US artists, US artists are Colby O Donis, Sean Kingston & Flo Rida, but the main spot light of cos is the Flo Rida.

i missed kopi o (colby o) cos i reach at 8:30pm, kopi o performance is over, i think kopi o like to dance & he can dance well too, from what i see at the ending show. i just get to see Sean Kingston, Sean Kingston performance is no good.

Eventually 10 pm Flo Rida came out to hit the ground, Flo Rida really make me wanna say OH MY GOSH, his rap is exactly what u heard from the radio, he is good in manner & nice character always with smiling & sparkling teeth on, he very precious his fans... he did a triple good jobs.

Im Sweat Because of Flo Rida HAHAAH actually is raining heavily so every1 is dancing in the rain like what "step up" movie did.

This 2 fotos i steal from my friend cos i dint bring camera cos i dint know Flo Rida is so sexy in real person HAHAHHA

This is the Foto that Flo Rida comes to our zone... WOW 6 step more i can already breath the same air with Flo Rida HAHAHAHAHHA.....

thanks Vivien brought me here to see my super star, i will return favor 1 day.


  1. ya...you can treat me eat steak in fridays on my birthday....if you can remember when my birthday is lah hahahaha...

    always bring your camera to concerts, cos you never know you might touch the superstars there hahaha...like flo rida, we almost can touch him but that stupid guy dunno why wanna put his bloody hands up and blocked us from seeing flo's sexy body!

  2. yeah.. facebook will inform for ya birthday then can drink beer inside friday, yeah!!!

    i cannot forget Flo Rida is in front of me, some more is my superstar, i feel so numb, dont know what to do at that moment, just can think of, i wanna i wanna touch u.. i was tempted to touch HAHAHAHA