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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Because it is u

Some of my friends like to tell me they are very initiative in working, everyday tell me what job what job they done, then some will tell u what shop they opened & what car they are driving now, please dont tell me this i am not interested at all.

I am not your staff, not your manager, not your boss, so please dont tell me about your job, i know its part of our life but if u everyday also mention about work the life can be so boring.

I know u is because it is u not because u are very efficient not because u are very rich, not because u are extraordinary.

I would like to listen how are u lately, hows your life lately, isnt good or bad, please tell me something more inner, dont always tell me bout the cover story cos it dont have any details at all, cover story is just a stranger.

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