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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Drinking with the enemy

There are many categories of friends

some friends may just want you to drink drink drink, they wont interested with your life or your situation, sometimes i feel bored with this kind of friends they will only call u when they needed u to accompany them, i used to dislike them, drinking with them just like drinking with the enemy, cos u know they wont concern or interested with you, but after i think over & over again, actually having time with them can be very interesting too, how interesting is for u to create & your control, i dont need to show them the sour face cos this is also the part of my life, so its unnecessary for me to do this sour face, all i can do is "curve smile" like the magazine taught me cos the happiness is always mine, but if I can make some1 happy that will even better, life is yours, dont let anyone hold u down.

spread the joy also a kind of charity which money cannot buy.

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