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Friday, September 17, 2010

late night singing on 15/09/2010

Last night i was having dinner with vienz outside my old house pjs 10/11c.

Suddenly ken called me & ask where am i having my dinner due to i post facebook status to Tan Fong yen i going out for dinner.

then ken want to drink beers so he ask me to go over Sunway Ming Tien to have 1 bottle of beers randomly he got the feeling of going to a late night singing session in Sunway Karaoke, i also donno y nowadays ken like to drink quite frequent. So that night we are Lady Antebelum, girl 2 men.

We sing a lot but also drink a lot, i have recorded a lot of videos, but too much to upload to my youtube page, so this is part of the videos that i have uploaded, the quality wasn't good to see but is good to listen, we don't have camera so we just use Nokia to capture the Rock moment.

Ken riddin solo

This 1 is Rock & Amazing

i very very love this song since i was 19 years old until today still spinning this track, this track really recall back a lot of wonderful memory when i was still a young boy.

This song is requested by vienz hahahhahaha is 1 of my favourite,

video direct by: vd
present by: ken n ivan

http://www.youtube.com/user/MrIvanho5#p/u (all the new & old videos) view it here cos i not enough viewer please give full support HAHA.

what i found out is usher-omg is good to sing HAHAHAHHAHAHA. We sang until 4 am even they shut down the machine i still want to sing acoustic inside the No.27 room, sing J bieber-baby, i sing until i lost my breath too long hours of screaming & shouting moment hahahahha.

After sing session we go to darussalam ss15, supper till 5am, i donno why my friends order so many food & even want to eat ice cream, end up the bill is RM40, it was crazy.


  1. hahahaha...good stuff! too bad i didn't brought my camera la but this one also last minute plan but still it was fun. ken really open a concert for us that night! every songs also he wants to perform hahaha. i really dunno why our late supper turned out to be expensive man! that darus cheat our money wan...

  2. now every mamak which is slighly renovated, u better dont order food.. all are con places

  3. next time can u invite peng & me to see urs singing..

  4. yee, yes, find 1 day all of us go to sing